How To Find Retrograde Planets in Your Birth Chart

How To Find Retrograde Planets In Your Birth Chart

If you know anything about retrograde, it must be bad news! Mercury retrograde is commonly the first time we hear that dreaded word that somehow messes with our phones, relationships, and general state of mind.

But aside from Mercury going into retrograde, did you know that your own natal chart can have planets in retrograde too? It simply means that a specific heavenly body was in retrograde at the time of your birth.

So how do you find out if you have a retrograde planet in your chart?

It’s simple! Just generate your birth chart, and it’ll do the job for you. Head over to Astro-Seek to get your own for free. You’ll find an Rx symbol beside your chart, and it’ll have an R beside your planets in retrograde.

Retrograde planets can be difficult to deal with, but knowing your chart has them is only the very first step.

This article breaks down what you need to know about retrograde planets and how they affect your life.

Retrograde Planets in Birth Chart

The chart below is that of actor Zendaya. As you can see, she has a total of four planets in retrograde.

Retrograde Planets In Birth Chart

90% of the time, there is a planet in retrograde. It’s extremely rare to find a chart without at least one or two planets in retrograde, so I’m betting you have an Rx planet in your birth chart too!

What Does Retrograde Mean?

From the Latin word “retrogradus,” retrograde means to move backward. In the most basic sense, a planet in retrograde appears as if it’s moving backward from our perspective here on earth.

The term “retrograde” doesn’t mean the planets are moving backward through space, but ‌it’s a reference to our perspective here on earth.

If you look up in the night sky (through a telescope) and see any of the planets appear to be moving in a back-and-forth motion, then that’s called being in retrograde motion.

Natal Planets in Retrograde

Natal Planets In Retrograde

Every planet can go retrograde except for the sun and moon, which are always in direct motion.

Some people believe that your retrograde planet is a difficulty in expression. However, it’s far from an unlucky placement.

After all, retrograde planets represent a time when a planet has turned its energy inward, shutting off its outward expression.

Many astrologers believe that those with retrograde planets in the natal chart will have a much easier time than those without when said planets enter into retrograde motion again.

Mercury Rx

Mercury Rx

Rules: The voice, communication, intellect, early education, siblings, writing, transportation

If you have this, the way you communicate requires plenty of introspection and research before you’re confident in speaking. This person is able to see many sides of an argument, which makes the native extremely open-minded.

Mercury retrograde natives are great listeners and communicators because they can see all sides of an argument or situation. You may speak in metaphors and intellectualize patterns others don’t notice.

Venus Rx

Venus Rx

Rules: Love, beauty, pleasure, art, social graces, luxury

The way you love and seek pleasure may be unconventional. There may be challenges in expressing affection. This person may prefer to take the sweet and slow route to love and pleasure.

A Venus Rx’s native’s love, when developed, is unique and special.

Mars Rx

Mars Rx

Rules: Energy, sex, physical activity, passion, aggression, and anger.

Someone with Mars in retrograde is not comfortable with confrontation. This is because they have a difficult time understanding their own anger and asserting themselves. May withhold during sexual activities.

Over time, you learn how to express your energy and become more assertive. Because of these struggles, you understand the virtue of patience and harmony better than anyone.

Jupiter Rx

Jupiter Rx

Rules: Good luck, success, optimism, higher learning, philosophical knowledge

Good luck may ‌be deceiving or can come suddenly. The native is highly philosophical, and expansion of beliefs is important to them.

Nonmaterial success is more valuable to Jupiter Rx. They prefer solitude and do not adhere to conventional dogma. This person’s talents lie in self-improvement and inner growth.

Saturn Rx

Saturn Rx

Rules: Discipline, limitations, stability, perseverance

Having your Saturn in retrograde, you may feel inadequate in your professional pursuits when it is undeveloped. You may have difficulty adhering to plans and disciplining yourself.

On the plus side, Saturn Rx natives are unconventionally reliable and wise, regardless of their age.

Any Saturn placement typically mellows down and becomes easier to manage as the years go by.

Uranus Rx

Uranus Rx

Rules: Originality, invention, future, modern science,

The native may have difficulty fitting in or can’t seem to express their originality. There are many unexpected changes in one’s life and may indicate plenty of local and overseas travel. You have the power to instigate freedom and innovation.

Find guidance and stability in your plans for social change lest you risk instability in life.

Neptune Rx

Neptune Rx

Rules: Mystery, imagination, dreams, spirituality, psychic abilities,

Those with retrograde in Neptune have escapist tendencies and may be self-sacrificing. Ironically, they may lack spirituality if blocked but have limitless potential in exercising their psychic powers every day because of their sensitivity and creative spirits.

Be careful of becoming too self-sacrificing and addictions.

Pluto Rx

Pluto Rx

Rules: Beginnings and ends, depth, the subconscious

Deeply introspective and fears self-destruction. Naturally suspicious, those with Pluto Rx are secretive and are uncomfortable embracing their own power.

At the same time, they have a penchant for understanding death, purging old habits, the occult, and all other transformative experiences in life.


Like any other placement, Retrograde planets should be read in context with the rest of your birth chart.

In the end, each placement is just like a beautiful fragrance, with top, middle, and base notes that create a robust blend that varies from nose to nose and evolves over time. So having a retrograde planet in your chart simply means your expression of that aspect is non-linear, not unlike your favorite perfume.

Planets in retrograde can be difficult to understand because they don’t move like regular planets. But, with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to work around their erratic ways easily!

Retrograde planets represent different elements, powers, and challenges to the native that someone with their planets in direct motion may not have. So grab a copy of your natal chart and embrace the unique superpower those retrograde planets give you!