10 Easy Steps To Make an Aquarius Woman Chase You

How To Make An Aquarius Woman Chase You

Aquarius women are charming and sweet. I mean, their free spirits and confident demeanor, and pretty faces are attributes some of us guys and girls can do anything for, right?

Now there’s this lady you’ve got your eyes on, you’re completely head over heels, but she’s proving to be a tough nut to crack. Relax, king or queen! We’ll go over the simple-but-effective steps that will get her love-struck and make her chase after you.

To make an Aquarius woman chase you, you will need a lot of patience, dedication, and a high level of understanding. An Aquarius woman will chase and crave you if you are willing to put in the work and be humble.

All zodiac signs have their peculiarities. However, I have focused on Aquarius because it is probably the most mysterious of them all. This article has identified ten easy steps to making an Aquarius woman chase you.

Be Patient

Getting an Aquarius woman’s attention alone requires a lot of composure, patience, and calmness. So to make her chase you, let her set the pace and time of communication and dates. Remember, you want her to chase you and not the other way round. Aquarius women tend to care more about their careers than their personal connections, so don’t be discouraged when she turns your date down many times.

Although Aquarius women are freer with Libra, Gemini, and Aries, making an Aquarius woman chase you is not a day’s job.

Discuss Ideas and Innovations With Her

Discuss Ideas And Innovations With Her

As visionaries, Aquarius women are deeply interested in science and technology because they want to make the world a better place. Moreover, they are intelligent, so they can hold a conversation about anything and like to solve practical problems. Hence, you have to engage her mind and make her develop a keen interest in you by discussing ideas, innovations, and inventions no matter how crazy or stupid they might look. They are weirdos, after all.

Give Her Plenty of Space

To make an Aquarius woman chase you, you need to give her plenty of space. Don’t try to control or suffocate her because that will be a red flag. Freedom is fundamental to them even when they’re in serious relationships. So you have to let her have her space and not be overly obsessive.

Avoid Discussions About Yourself or Achievements

Do not be egoistic, never. Thinking an Aquarius woman will chase you by appearing bossy or immodest will only ruin your chances of getting to see her again. They are unimpressed by vainglory and appearances; she will appreciate it more when you don’t appear unnecessarily petty and proud.

Let her be in charge of the discussion and only contribute as a spectator or mere observer when you have to.

Give Her Maximum Attention While With Her

Give Her Maximum Attention While With Her

Be with her when you are with her. Aquarius women have a bit of narcissistic tendencies and will not tolerate being taken for jokes or ignored. So, you have to give her undivided attention whenever you are with her.

You don’t get to see her a lot, so you have to make the most of the opportunity and make it worthwhile for her. That way, you will come across as kind, considerate, and caring, and trust me, those are characteristics shell be ready to drop her guard and chase after. 

Never Force Information Out of Her

An Aquarius woman is naturally secretive and doesn’t share her information recklessly, especially when they are not one hundred percent comfortable with you yet. They take a while to get used to new people because they don’t want to get hurt.

So, you want to be careful with how much you probe her and avoid being nosy. Don’t appear desperate or impatient in getting to know her.

Let Her Appear the Most Intelligent in Discussions

Massage her ego. Aquarius women assume they’re the smartest people in every room. So anytime you are involved in a discussion with her, be cautious and avoid heated confrontations with her. Just agree and corroborate her point always. Chasing you is just a block away.

Be Generous With Compliments

Be Generous With Compliments

Even on days when she does not look top of her beauty game, make her feel like the eighth wonder of the world.

Aquarius women are strange, and they pay attention to the trends. So they enjoy it when someone appreciates their dressing. Besides, they don’t want to waste time with shallow people who care too much about appearances.

Give Her Surprises

Aquarius women are unpredictable, and they enjoy hanging out with other unpredictable people. Being caught by surprise will make their day. So, you can make an Aquarius woman chase you by doing things she doesn’t expect or pulling up crazy surprises continually. Aquarius women love being caught unexpectedly by something new and exciting.

Let Her Know You Talk to Other Women

An Aquarius woman doesn’t get jealous when she hears her boyfriend or husband talking to other women. In fact, she’ll be happy to know you are not unnecessarily picky with her and show that you’re not desperate or anxious about her. It will stimulate her mind towards chasing you before another person does. Jackpot, right?

An Aquarius woman will chase you effortlessly when you are unique, passionate about a cause, respectful with her space and time, and clever with your comments about her. Chasing you is just on the way.

Things You Should Know About Aquarius Women

Aquarius women are generally brilliant, passionate, charming, and quirky. The four types of Aquarius you can meet in your life are:

The Mingler

This kind can be met at a bar or wedding as they make their way across the room, greeting others. 

The Futurist

This Aquarian loves innovation over every other thing.

The Contrarian

This Aquarius is principled and morally upright but with some iota of wickedness.

The Voice Of A Generation

This type of Aquarius tends to be politically engaged and actively involved in family matters.


Everyone deserves the love they want, but nobody deserves the mental and emotional stress of chasing a woman. Nothing frustrates more than a one-sided love. So, use these tips and win to get your desired Aquarius woman to chase you.