What Are the Spirit Animals of Scorpio?

What Are The Spirit Animals Of Scorpio?

If you are interested in astrology, you probably take an interest in other esoteric systems of knowledge. We all have spirit animals that help guide us through life. As a Scorpio, what would your spirit animal be?

Scorpios are known for intense transformation. The snake often sheds its skin to step into the new. The butterfly completely dissolves itself to transform. Both of these are spirit animals of Scorpio. The lemur can bring a sense of fun and adventure into your life. 

In this article, I will discuss the traits of Scorpio and the mythology surrounding spirit animals. I will talk about three spirit animals commonly associated with Scorpio’s sign. 

Traits of Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. It is the eighth sign of the zodiac. In modern astrology, it is ruled by Pluto. In ancient astrology, it is ruled by Mars. If you were born between October 23 and November 21, you are a Scorpio.

As a Scorpio, you may appear calm on the surface, but underneath there is always a tumult of intense emotions. You have a reputation for being secretive and mysterious. You can also be bold, creative, passionate, and very loyal. You love intense transformation, and yes, you have a high sex drive. 

Spirit Animals 

Spirit animals exist in many spiritual traditions and ancient cultures. A spirit animal is a guide from the supernatural realms. They offer you protection and can help you through challenging situations. They can help you to shift your perspective on life. 

Spirit animals are most commonly associated with Native American shamanism. Native Americans would often connect to their spirit animals during dream time. It is believed that you have one or several particular animals connected to your soul. 

Spirit animals are very popular with modern-day Wiccan, pagan, and New Age communities. You can find your spirit animal through meditation practice. You can also do shamanic journeying, where you are assisted with the sound of a repetitive drumbeat. 

The Spirit Animals of Scorpio

We will look at a few animals that would be commonly associated with the sign of Scorpio. 

1. Snake


Snakes are highly regarded in many traditions and cultures. They are powerful symbols of transformation, rebirth, fertility, creation, and immortality. If you are feeling stagnant in life, you may need to let go of an old part of yourself. 

The snake will encourage you to shed your old skin and step into the new. Scorpios can be very stubborn. This can sometimes make you resistant to change. The snake spirit animal will push you towards your own rebirth. 

Scorpios will always emerge stronger after each transformation. It is built into their structure. The snake will help you to face your shadow and truly delve into yourself. You could try meditation and journaling as a way to aid this process. 

2. Butterfly


Is there any animal that represents the process of transformation more than the butterfly? Just like a caterpillar completely dissolves to become a new animal, so it is in the life of a Scorpio. You are constantly going through a metamorphosis. 

This spirit animal symbolizes the different cycles of life. It can guide you through your processes. The butterfly will encourage you to find joy in transformation – something that perhaps doesn’t come so easily.

The butterfly will lead you to trust yourself and honor your own feelings. If you accept this guidance, you can unlock a lot of potentials. Even if the butterfly isn’t your spirit animal, you can still draw a lot of inspiration from them. 

3. Lemur


As a Scorpio, you can seem very serious. The lemur is a spirit animal that will lead people on an adventure and bring a sense of fun. Lemurs hug very often. They do this for social bonding and to stay warm. 

As a Scorpio, you can be a bit of a loner. The lemur will guide you to find comfort in and trust others. Scorpios are also known for being manipulative and having a strong sense of vengeance. The lemur will help remedy this by bringing light and positivity to your life. 

In Summary 

As a Scorpio, you have an intense inner world and are always seeking transformation. The snake can help you shed your old skin and step into the new. The butterfly can help you to find joy in transformation. The lemur can bring a sense of adventure and fun into your life.