How To Make an Aquarius Man Jealous

How To Make An Aquarius Man Jealous

Being in a relationship with an Aquarius man can be exciting and satisfying because of their free-spiritedness and ability to keep the spark of the relationship alive for as long as they want.

But on the downside, the Water-bearer is notoriously difficult to read, and his aloof demeanor can be maddeningly frustrating for those trying to get close to him. But don’t despair – there are ways to make this elusive sign sit up and take notice. The answer lies in jealousy.

So, how to make an Aquarius man jealous?

Have a good time without him – an Aquarius man will start to wonder what you are doing and who you are with. Act nonchalant – if you act like you could care less about him, it will make him want you more. Be mysterious – don’t let him know everything about you, make him work for it.

Read more on this article if you are interested in learning the unique ways you can use to get an Aquarius man to become jealous.

How To Make an Aquarius Man Jealous

Usually, it is always easy to make your partner jealous in a relationship. With Aquarius men, it becomes a hectic and vigorous activity because it is tough to decipher what an Aquarius man is feeling on the inside.

You would have to work with a lot of guesswork, and coupled with the fact that you will have to make it as subtle as possible because Aquarius men detest when someone is trying to make them feel jealous.

They see such a move as an act of deception, and depending on the situation, this move might ultimately cause them to lose interest and trust in you completely. Therefore, it is essential to create a cautious strategy that you can use to get an Aquarius man to be jealous without him knowing what your play is.

Let’s see how to do it strategically:

1. Act Nonchalant About Him

Act Nonchalant About Him

An Aquarius man might be yearning to have your love and attention on the inside but will fail to express their feelings to you. Instead, they could act like they don’t care much about you.

This move is their go-to strategy when they love someone, and they are scared that the feeling may not be mutual and that they could get rejected. That is why they act like you are not that important and always lure you into making that bold move to approach them.

The best strategy you can use to get an Aquarius man to be jealous is to use the same tactic against him. This counter move will have him feeling confused and unprepared for his next move.

Making an Aquarius man feel like you are nonchalant about him and his activities will drive him to seek your attention even more than before because he wants to figure out what is wrong.

2. Create an Aura of Mystery

Create An Aura Of Mystery

When the relationship gets to the stage where everything has become a routine for you and your Aquarius man, he might eventually get bored and then ask for a break from the relationship, which might be temporal or permanent.

To prevent this from happening, you can give him something to worry about by acting mysteriously from time to time.

Give him the impression that you are hiding something away from him and ensure it is something that he can not unravel quickly. The harder he tries to unfold this faux mystery you have created, the more he would find himself craving for you.

When this happens, and you refuse to give him both the attention and the answer he seeks, your Aquarius man might become jealous that you are drifting away from him.

3. Have Fun Without Him

Have Fun Without Him

Most Aquarius men love when their women are highly independent because they often prefer being alone. When they are not getting enough space to enjoy their solitude, they may become fed up with the relationship and start losing interest in the whole thing altogether.

The best approach you can use in this situation is to create lots of fun activities that you can be doing without him.  

At first, he might act like he doesn’t care about it, but he will eventually start feeling the heat when you do it consistently. Especially if you enjoy these recreations with the same set of friends and you make sure he gets to see the pictures or videos of these events.

At some point, he would want to be a part of this fun, but if you refuse to bring him along, he will start overthinking things and might finally become jealous.


A little bit of jealousy in a relationship proves that both partners care about each other and that their love for each other is genuine.

When you notice that your partner barely gets jealous about you or anything you choose to do, this might make you start doubting the genuineness of their feelings for you, and rightly so. When this happens, you might start looking for a way to confirm your doubts by intentionally getting them to be jealous.

As simple as this might be for most Zodiac signs, it is entirely different for Aquarius men.

If your man is born under this Zodiac sign and you want to attempt to get him jealous, there is a high possibility that you would arrive at the wrong conclusion because these men can mask their true feelings and present an impeccable act of pretense. Hence, you will need to be subtle and strategic about doing this to get an honest reaction from them.