What Does a Kite Pattern in Astrology Mean?

What Does A Kite Pattern In Astrology Mean?

When you have any astrological chart, it can form many patterns. One of the rarer ones is a kite, which, no surprise, looks like a kite!

The Kite is the most dynamic of the astrological configurations, and it demands a lot from those who hold it. You have exceptional talent, and anything almost comes too easily to you.

A kite pattern occurs in an astrological chart when there is a Grand Trine with another point or planet in opposition to one of the planets in the Grand Trine and sextiles the remaining two.

The two sextile placements present in a kite, however, make for a more self-aware individual that knows their abilities.

Finally, the opposition is what completely differentiates the Kite from the Grand Trine. But in this case, the tension of the opposition can either topple the stability or allow it to transcend itself.

The management of the focal point becomes the make-or-break challenge for those with a Grand Kite in their charts. To know more about the kite pattern in your astrological chart, keep scrolling!

Parts of a Kite Pattern and Their Meaning

Parts Of A Kite Pattern And Their Meaning

There are different components to a kite pattern. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Grand Trine

A Grand Trine always denotes a talent. There are three planets in the same element, all with a tight orb among them.

The Grand Trine forming all these trines and being so innate and at ease with one another usually make a person too lax in their abilities.

A Grand Trine is powerful, it provides stability and exceptional talent. Such talent is expressed through the most personal of planets.

Typically, a Grand Trine brings ease into the native’s life due to its harmonious nature. But because it is so easy-flowing, the energy can often lead to stagnation since they are all in the same element and possess similar energies.

It’s like a closed circuit of energy that, while self-sufficient, doesn’t have any interest in sharing or improving on this.

A Grand Trine gives everything with ease. But a Kite gives you a talent and a chance to make something great of it.

Two Sextiles

Sextiles, while also harmonious aspects, require effort, work, and patience to achieve full opposition. In a kite, these two segments act as a means of finding solutions to the problems of the closed circuit or Grand Trine.

The double sextile forms the same way, giving a refreshing perspective to an otherwise homogenous element family.


The opposition becomes the planet of release for the individual for the closed circuit of the Grand Trine. The opposing planets must be understood and reconciled. It is in this relationship that the magic of kite formation happens.

Because these planets are on either side of the chart, the individual can sometimes feel like they’re reeling from one extreme to another.

Unlike the Grand Trine, however, the opposition is not self-sufficient. It’s constantly looking for outward validation to help itself grow. It’s not naturally creative and needs something to reflect itself on.

This other-oriented aspect can take the form of interaction through other mediums if you’re a creator. It is the area where you release the energy of the Grand Trine. Having a Kite aspect takes on a 7th House quality in the sense that there is always a constant need for an outlet to expend your energy, values, and beliefs.

You are not just filled to the brim with talent and potential, but you have the desire to share it with the world too.

Oppositions are tricky; depending on a variety of different factors (which we’ll discuss later), they can become the make-or-break aspect of a person’s chart.

An opposition provides tension but can also be an avenue to improve one’s drive. Simply having a Grand Trine does not give one a guaranteed area of release and can become stagnant due to its closed nature and uniform element. But a Kite provides challenge and traction to develop the gifts of the Grand Trine.

Focal Planet in Kite formation

Unlike the square aspect, Lynn Koiner says that the opposition provides a high degree of independence to the individual. It is through compromise and self-reflection can one who has a kite pattern activates the full potential of their Grand Trine.

As said, the opposition creates tension that seeks to be released. It becomes resentment, and it’s often projected onto something external depending on the planet that is in opposition. For instance, you have a Grand Trine in water with the focal point in Saturn. This could mean there is potential for great creativity, but it is held back by an opposing Saturn: fear of responsibility and hard work.

This would mean that both the Grand Trine and opposition share the same polarity, either masculine or feminine. So if you have a kite in your chart with the Grand Trine in water, the fourth point is in an earth sign.

But the Opposition in a kite pattern makes this framework interesting. It gives you not only untapped wealth but also a chance to use these exceptional skills to change the world.

Blessings and Burdens

Having a kite in your chart persistently makes you feel like you have a greater purpose to do, but you’re unaware of exactly how to use your skills for this.

You are always looking for possibilities, a thought you somehow can’t shake off your shoulder… This is dictated by the planets that form the opposition.

Your life is tormented by constant pressure to become perfect. You feel as if this urge is almost insatiable. You understand the value of developing your talents, but you believe that there is always more to explore, more to do, and more to work on.

The opposition can also cause the individual, or a couple, if you’re reading synastry and composite charts, to be confused. While there are clear strengths in the chart, there always seems to be some form of tension, like a running pool of accountability for your gifts.

And with perfection comes an all-or-nothing attitude: the same tension caused by the planets, you develop an either-or response to everything. It’s either you run to your Grand Trine to remain stable or become completely unstable when you put all your energies on the focal point.

The kite native could struggle to make sense of their often contradictory impulses.

Either this configuration will keep you in the closed circuit of your Grand Trine, or you will exhaust all your energies into the focal point, burning you out and wasting all potential.

Destiny of the Kite

Many astrologers associate the kite pattern with destiny. It’s almost as if there is a paradox like a kite flying in the air: is it guided by the pilot or under the mercy of nature?

But I like to look at this configuration like a bow and arrow, with the focal planet as the release point. You are not simply someone flying a kite, you are an archer, and your chart is your bow. It is up to you to determine where your arrow will land.

For your Kite formation astrology, the Grand Trine is an indication of great success. Your struggle has been and continues to be, “How to live with this gift?” You are a spiritual master with gifts far beyond what most could comprehend.

The two lessons you must learn with a kite aspect are momentum and balance, much like flying a kite. You must run a little bit, chase the wind, and exert energy. But you must also learn that not everything is in control and that you still need external help and a greater reason to soar higher, a wind of change, so to speak, to help you fly through the journey of life.

It takes a combination of natural talent, effort, and trust in the unknown to make this pattern work.

This Is The Chart Of Kurt Cobain, One Of The Few Celebrities Who Have An Exact Kite In Their Natal Charts.

This is the chart of Kurt Cobain, one of the few celebrities who have an exact Kite in their natal charts.

Is a Kite in Astrology Rare?

A kite pattern in a chart is rare. Because of its rarity, some astrologers think it’s lucky. And this can definitely be true.

Having all that easy-flowing energy because of the harmonious aspects of the planets can definitely be a great thing, lucky even.

Factors to consider when reading the Grand Kite pattern in astrology:

  1. Planets involved
  2. Signs of the four planets
  3. Element of the Grand Trine
  4. Opposing element and planet
  5. Houses of the planets
  6. Dignities of planets
  7. The aspects must be exact (with a maximum of 2º orb)
  8. Polarity of the opposing planets

Final Thoughts on the Kite Formation

A kite configuration is composed of a Grand Trine with double sextiles and a fourth point that is in opposition to a planet in the Trine.

Kites in astrology are like an active volcano: With the right channels, the eruption is a natural part of life; without them, you’re just sitting on top of an awesome power source. Your kite formation astrology indicates that you have the predisposition to learn and master things.

Because of your Grand Trine, you are talented in an area of your life, but there always seems to be some tension as well. That’s the opposition. Use it to your advantage and exercise your rhythm of talents through that avenue.

A rising tide lifts all boats – develop your gifts and share them with the world.