Why Are Virgos So Hard To Love and Date?

Why Are Virgos So Hard To Love?

Love is a natural sensation that can occur without any reasonable explanation. Sometimes, you might ask two people who are genuinely in love with each other to tell you what triggered them to fall in love with one another, and they would not be able to pinpoint any specific reason.

As much as this circumstance is natural, some factors make it transpire more quickly than in other situations. Falling in love with people born under some particular zodiac sign is relatively easy. While the others, like Virgos, make it so hard to love them.

Virgos are the most reliable zodiac signs, making them top tier on the list of people to marry. However, beneath all the goodies lie some flaws that make them hard to love. If you have ever been in a relationship with someone obsessed with being in control or highly judgmental, you will understand why loving a Virgo is not as easy as it is with other star signs.

This article contains everything you would like to learn about why Virgos are so hard to love.

Reasons Why Loving a Virgo Is Difficult

Reasons Why Loving A Virgo Is Difficult

Being in love is a rare and exciting feeling that most people crave to have at least once in their lifetime. However, being loved back is almost as important as loving someone because unrequited love is a terrible thing that no one deserves to experience.

One of the consequences of unrequited love is the inability to believe in love anymore. Once you experience such, you might find it eternally challenging to trust anyone with your unrestricted emotions.

There is no joy in always being the one doing all the loving while you get the bare minimum from people. Nevertheless, some people make it very difficult for anyone to love them because of some of their attributes and actions.

Most people born under Virgo fall into this category because of some characteristics peculiar to their zodiac sign. Although these traits may not be found in every Virgo, the likelihood that you will find the following attributes in many of them is high.

Judgemental Attitude

One of the biggest problems most people have with Virgos is their judgemental attitude. They always believe they are the perfect set of people and that their opinions on things are superior to everyone else’s.

While their suggestions might start as being subtle and acceptable, they would get to a point where you might start feeling uncomfortable about them. They always want to give their opinion about everything.

When you start refusing to consider their opinions about even things that concern you personally, Virgo might start criticizing you heavily. These criticisms may be based on your way of doing things or your appearance and outfit.

As much as they might be doing this out of love for you because they want you to match up with the image or idea of what seems perfect to them, their action does not appear to be any less annoying.


This flaw can also be associated with Virgos’s constant urge to have their opinion override that of everyone around them.

To avoid the back-and-forth of trying to convince people to do things their way, Virgos will always strategically aim to place themselves in decision-making positions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a circle of friends or an intimate relationship. Virgos will always want to be in charge.

Being in a relationship with such a person will most likely not be fun because sometimes, you will probably want to call the shots in the relationship. Having your opinions dismissed or overridden all the time is enough to make you get bored of the whole relationship.

It could be helpful if you talk to your Virgo partner about it, but if they are not willing to change, no one will blame you for finding it difficult to love that kind of person.


This factor is also one of the essential things that make people start doubting the genuineness of their relationship. When your partner is always reluctant to perform simple actions that they are supposed to, it could mean they don’t love you enough.

For some other signs, this assumption might be valid, but that’s not the case with Virgos.

If you understand Virgos very well, you will know that they are not the type that will embark on any action whatsoever without doing due diligence. Before a Virgo makes any move, they would first consider the pros and cons of the action.

This procedure may seem to their partners like they are being too indifferent. While this may not entirely be blamed on Virgos, it is one of the factors that make people find it hard to love them.   


If you are the type that can cope with people that are anxious all the time, then you may not have any problem with this particular attribute.

However, if you quickly become anxious just by being around someone who suffers from anxiety all the time, you will most likely find it difficult to cope with loving or dating a Virgo.

Virgos constantly worry about their next move, and they barely take time to live in the moment or celebrate their wins. The moment they achieve a milestone that they have been struggling with for a long time, they will immediately start worrying about the next milestone.


Everyone wants to be loved, and everyone deserves to be loved, but individual attributes make it easier to love some than others. When someone possesses lots of positive traits, it becomes very straightforward to love and have a successful relationship with them. 

Virgos have a lot of good attitudes that make them desirable, but some of their flaws are tremendous, and as such, being in love with them may not be as easy as it should be because you would have to condone lots of their excesses.