How Do Libra Men Handle Breakups? (The 3 Stages of Breakup)

How Do Libra Men Handle Breakups? (The 3 Stages Of Breakup)

The Libra man is a heartless romantic who would do anything for the people he cares about. He’s a people pleaser, so he often compromises to make his loved ones comfortable.

As a sign of balance, a Libra man value fairness in a relationship. If he’s doing more or bringing far more to the table, he’s going to break up with you. At the same time, if he feels you’re doing more to keep the relationship together, he’ll suggest a breakup.

So if a Libra man breaks up with you or you’re the one who broke up, how will he handle it?

He’ll fade away slowly or try to save the relationship. He’ll get sad, but he won’t show it. He’ll accept it and then overthink.

Let’s dive into all the different ways a Libra man may act before, during, and after a breakup.

How a Libra Man Acts Before a Breakup

How A Libra Man Acts Before A Breakup

Before you both seal the deal, there are some signs a Libra man would flash that he’s about to break up. Here are some of them.

He’ll Use the Fade-Away Method

If he’s the one breaking up with you, then a Libra man can use the fade-away method. This method is essentially reducing interactions and slowly disappearing until it’s clear that the relationship is broken up.

Although not the noblest move, Libras do this because they’re scared to confront their partners, and they don’t want to hurt them more than they already have. They can start from ignoring texts and calls to blocking you.

You may not know what you did, but if he’s done this, the best you can do is move on.

He’ll Test the Waters

If a Libra man sees that the relationship just isn’t working anymore, he may suggest a breakup just to test your reaction to the idea. If you agree to it almost immediately, then you’ve made his job easier, and he may or may not be happy about it.

If you tell him you can make it work, however, he may stay and try. But most times, when he’s already suggested a breakup, it’s inevitable, so it’s best to call it quits as soon as you can.

How a Libra Man Acts During a Breakup

How A Libra Man Acts During A Breakup

After you both have decided to break up, a Libra man may not want to accept the situation, especially if you’re the one that broke up with him. Here are some ways he may act.

He’ll Try To Save the Relationship

Libras like to think every conflict can be resolved or every situation can be salvaged. They’re the sign of balance, after all. They think they can resolve the conflict without anyone getting hurt, but that’s not how life works.

After you break up with a Libra man, he may make some last-ditch attempts to win you back: apologies, grand gestures, etc. However, this only happens if he feels you’re worth having back.

If he’s the one who broke up with you, he may still apologize, but only because he wants to keep his options open. He’ll suggest you both remain friends because he’s not the type to cut ties.

He’ll Hide His Emotions

All Libras aren’t the same, some are stronger than others, so some may cry in the face of adversity, but most won’t. However, all Libras are masters at hiding their emotions.

During a breakup, a Libra might act apathetic, but he’s hurting inside, and he’s thinking about how lonely he’ll get. They cry and get nostalgic and sad but not when other people are around.

What you’ll never see a Libra doing, however, is overreacting. Libras are as calm as they get. Unlike signs like Leo, they don’t get vengeful, resentful, or petty during a breakup.

He Accepts It

If you’re not worth fighting for or you’ve hurt a Libra man pretty bad, he’ll accept the breakup. He might even take some of the blame and talk about how he could have done better just to make you feel like it’s not your fault, even if it clearly is.

He’s considerate, so he tries to do everything he can to make other people feel good.

How a Libra Man Acts After a Breakup

How A Libra Man Acts After A Breakup

After you’ve both gone your separate ways, below are some ways a Libra man may act.

He Overthinks

Libras weigh the pros and cons of every decision they make. They’re analysts who have a lot going on in their heads every time.

After a breakup, a Libra man would do a review of the relationship in his head. Whose fault was it? Where was he at fault? What could he have done better?

He tries to pick up a few lessons from the relationship so he’ll know what areas he needs to work on in his personality and what he can do better in his next relationship. This analytical behavior helps a Libra man grow constantly.

He Moves On

A Libra man isn’t one to sulk forever. After his analysis of the relationship, he’ll start putting himself out there and meeting new people again.

He doesn’t like to be alone for too long, so you may even see him dating someone else shortly after your relationship. Don’t think he’s trying to hurt you or make you jealous, he’s just seeking a companion.

He Doubles Down on His Goals

After a breakup, you may see a Libra man being busier than usual. He’s not trying to use work to fill the void, he’s just had an epiphany and decided to chase his goals harder.

Libras are suckers for self-development and growth, so they don’t want to feel less after a breakup. They put more energy into their work and try to win more.

He Puts Himself out There

Libra men are optimists, so they may interpret a breakup as a chance to have fun and meet some amazing new people.

They’ll storm parties, start going to the gym and do things they didn’t do in their last relationship.


If a Libra man doesn’t want to hurt you with a breakup, he may ghost or suggest it jokingly to see your reaction. During a breakup, he’ll try to get you back if you’re worth it, hide his emotions and accept it. After a breakup, he’ll analyze what went wrong and move on.