How To Make a Cancer Man Apologize (Do’s & Don’ts)

How To Make A Cancer Man Apologize

Did you get into a squabble with a Cancer man, and now you want him to apologize because you think he’s at fault? You’ve come to the right place.

Cancer men tend to never accept the blame because they think the world is against them.

This water sign is sensitive, so in any argument, a Cancer man makes it seem like the other person has been out to get them a long time ago.

Before you ask, yes, a Cancer man apologizes, and in this article, you’ll learn how to get him remorseful and apologetic in no time.

So how do you make a Cancer man Apologize?

Be gentle with your Cancer man, use first person pronouns, understand his point of view and be empathetic, converse with him in person, pick the right time, give him space and be honest about how you feel.

Continue reading to understand the do’s and don’ts of getting your Cancer man to realize his mistake.

How To Make a Cancer Man Apologize

How To Make A Cancer Man Apologize

Here are the things you can do to make your Cancer man apologetic.

Be Gentle

Force is not the way with a Cancer man. To get your point across, you need to be as calm as the water. Your body language and tone of voice must be calm if you want him to pay any attention to you.

Cancers are reserved and shy, so raising your voice overwhelms them, and regardless of what you’re trying to say, they won’t listen. Try to show little or no emotion when conversing with your Cancer man about what he did.

Being emotionless will ensure he only listens to your voice and won’t be able to use your emotions against you.

Use First-Person Pronouns

If you start blaming a Cancer man for anything, he’ll recoil faster than you say Cancer. These crabs love their shells, so when it’s getting a bit too hot outside, they’ll crawl back into their shells.

In a relationship, this can affect your trust. If you start pointing fingers at your Cancer man, he’ll get defensive, and you won’t get the response you desire.

So with a Cancer man, learn to use first-person pronouns like “I”. “I went to pick up the kids from school today. Would you mind helping me out tomorrow?” Even if he was supposed to go pick up the kids that day, make it about you and not him.

Cancer men care about family more than everything else, so if you make him see how his mistake made you uncomfortable, he’ll be more remorseful.

Converse in Person

Don’t think you’ll get an apology from a Cancer man by conversing on the phone. You need to be physically present so he won’t misinterpret your tone.

Physical conversations do the trick because you both will easily hash out your differences, and he’ll be able to feel how hurt he made you.

Pick the Right Time

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so just like how the moon changes at different times of the year, a Cancer man will have frequent mood swings.

Before you calmly tell him what you’re uncomfortable with, ensure he’s in the right state of mind to listen to you. After a long day isn’t a good time as he’ll be too exhausted to feel apologetic.

Give Him Space

After letting your Cancer man know what you’re uncomfortable with, go about your day as you normally would. Don’t act like you’re waiting for anything. Get it off your chest and move on.

A Cancer man thinks a lot, so he needs time to process and decide the next course of action. Let him realize whether to apologize or not and be on good terms with him either way.

What You Shouldn’t Do

What You Shouldn'T Do

Below are some things you shouldn’t do when trying to get a Cancer man to apologize.

Focus on Getting an Apology

Focusing on getting an apology from a Cancer man is making it clear to him that he’s at fault, and you know Cancers don’t like to be accused.

Don’t be hell-bent on who’s right or wrong. Instead, focus on change. After you’ve told your Cancer man your discomfort, did he make conscious efforts to do better? That’s what you should focus on and not just a few apologetic words.

Force Him To Understand You

You can’t force him to understand you or apologize, and trying to force him will only push him further away from you.

With a Cancer man, your best bet is communicating clearly. Express yourself in the best way you can, and hope he’ll take the initiative.

Try To Make Him Jealous

If a Cancer man wronged you and you’re ignoring him, hanging out with friends, or trying other ways to make him jealous, you’re only wasting your time.

A Cancer man loves solitude. He’s used to being alone, so hanging out with other people to try to make him jealous will just give him the solitude he likes.

Besides, trying to make him jealous is like adding fuel to the fire. It won’t resolve your differences; he’ll only have more reasons not to feel any remorse whatsoever. He’ll go back into his shell, leaving you with no apology or settled differences.

Accuse Him of Being Over Emotional

A Cancer man knows how emotional he gets but hates it when others tell him. He knows he’s sensitive but doesn’t want you to use that fact to win an argument.

Once you start speaking about how emotional he gets, you’ve lost him. He’ll think you’re gaslighting him, and he won’t want to listen to anything else you have to say.

Post Your Fight on Social Media

A Cancer man doesn’t like pettiness. So after any fight, he doesn’t want you posting in the AITA subreddit or in a Facebook group. He’s reserved and values his privacy.

The moment you take the issue to social media, he’ll get furious because he thinks it’s a violation of his privacy. So the best way to settle matters with this crab is direct communication.


A Cancer man will apologize when you don’t force him to. Try to communicate your grievances as calmly as you can, give him space to ponder, and wait.

With time, he’ll realize his fault and apologize one way or another.