Decoding Virgo Men: Do They Like To Be Chased?

Do Virgo Men Like To Be Chased?

Virgo men are known as the perfectionist of the zodiac circle, and their practical mindset further highlights this character. However, people with this zodiac sign also have a kind and caring nature and love to help people they know.

When in a relationship, Virgo men are known for taking things slow. It is because of their orderly personality, and they dislike getting out of routine. It may result in maintaining the status quo for a very long time with this zodiac sign.

But things don’t end there because if Virgo men feel you are the one for them, you will see a completely different side to them, as they will come right out and say it straight.

It brings us to do Virgo men like to be chased.

The straightforward answer is no. Virgo men like to take things very slowly while diving into a relationship, so if you try to chase them, they will feel pressured or feel you are too impulsive or emotional.

But after knowing your Virgo man, you can chase him subtly by forming an emotional connection, catering to his intellect, and letting him lead.

The article will discuss why Virgo men don’t like to be chased and how you can pursue a Virgo man without ringing any alarms on his side. So, continue reading to get an in-depth view.

Reasons Why Virgo Men Don’t Like To Be Chased

Reasons Why Virgo Men Don’t Like To Be Chased

When it comes to Virgo men, several reasons turn them off if you try chasing them. They have a traditional mindset, which attributes a more masculine character to these people, and Virgo men hate changing their set routines, so they take it slow to adjust themselves.

That’s why; if you try to chase him or cling to your Virgo man, it will only lengthen the distance between you two. Following are some reasons and further details on why Virgo men don’t like to be chased.

They Like To Take Things Slow

Virgos fall into the category of zodiac signs who like to take things slow. Also, taking things at a slow pace helps you make a steady and grounded start, but in the case of Virgos, planning things out and ensuring everything pans out like their plans is more significant.

That’s why; suddenly transitioning from their routine or having an unknown variable causing a disturbance in their orderly lifestyle makes them run away. So, if you try to chase a Virgo man out of the blue, he will put more distance instead of taking it in a positive light.

They Feel Overwhelmed

Another thing to keep in mind is the weaknesses of Virgos. People with this zodiac sign are overthinkers and want to stay in control, especially when it comes to relationships.

Chasing your Virgo man will make him avoid you, as consistency and a slow pace is something they want, but if you put him on the spot, they will get overwhelmed by trying to find a logical solution.

Contrarily, allowing your Virgo man to control the direction of the relationship and set the pace will help you attract his attention.

They Will Feel You’re Too Passionate

Virgo men like someone who sees eye-to-eye with them, meaning someone who is practical and doesn’t decide things impulsively or in the heat of emotions.

It doesn’t mean you should never take the initiative. Taking the first step from time to time won’t do you any harm, especially if you keep things brief. However, if you are always the one to do that, your Virgo man will find you too emotional.

He will still consider you clingy or needy even if you aren’t too passionate and chasing him to show interest in him. It is one of the warning signals, as Virgos don’t like needy people and take it as an indication to steer clear of them.

Also, for people with this zodiac sign, having control of their lives is of utmost importance, and by you chasing him, he will feel that you are trying to control his life, which will nip the bud before it even blooms.

How To Capture a Virgo Man’s Interest

How To Capture A Virgo Man’s Interest

The above reasons may make you want to wait to let the Virgo man take the lead and pursue you, but it isn’t as straightforward. You need to show your interest in the relationship to assure your Virgo man; otherwise, they are quick to move on.

These signs need to be subtle, but if you feel the relationship has become stagnant, it is one of the signs that your Virgo has become too used to the routine and needs a push to move forward with the relationship.

Following are the ways you can use to pursue your Virgo man:

Connect Emotionally With Him First

Virgos are among the emotionally distant zodiac signs, as they prefer logic above feelings. That’s why; it won’t come as a surprise if you find it difficult to find an emotional connection.

While Virgo men make relationship decisions based on practicality, if you establish an emotional connection with your Virgo man, you can rest assured he will fall head over heels in love with you.

Cater to His Intellect

Virgos are among the most intelligent zodiac signs, and when it comes to their intellect, Virgo men want someone they can talk with openly.

However, people with this zodiac sign don’t take criticism well, but sharing the topic of their interest and having the know-how to converse deeply about it will make you rank pretty high, in his opinion.

Ask for His Help

To cater to the sympathetic and masculine side of your Virgo man, try asking for his help in various matters. They like helping others, and it is a subtle way for you to make your way into his heart without fearing any red flags.

Also, the icing on the cake is if you compliment your Virgo man about a problem he helped you with, it will make him feel good about himself, as people with this zodiac sign are hard on themselves.

Rather than going for compliments about his looks and style, these work the best, and you can make him feel attracted to you without even him noticing.

Editor’s Note

A Virgo man may seem complicated at first, but you need to understand the right push-and-pull strategy to make him fall for you.


Before closing, Virgo men like to pace things slowly in the relationship and want to be the one in control of it; hence, they don’t like to be chased. They feel overwhelmed if you chase them and consider such women possessive, overdramatic, and too much for themselves.

On the other hand, to capture your Virgo man’s heart, it is best if you establish an emotional bond with him. Also, you can cater to his caring, intellectual, and masculine side by asking for his assistance or showing off your independent and intelligent side.