What Are Pisces’ Biggest Weaknesses?

What Are Pisces’ Weaknesses?

Pisces are very intuitive, and their strength lies in their perception and psychic abilities. They’re in tune with their surroundings and the energy around them. They can get very emotional, so they’re extremely empathetic. People love this about them.

It’s like they can feel what you’re feeling and can relate to your feelings better than anyone else. They’re also artistic, and there’s no limit to their creativity. They put their emotions into their work and know how to express themselves artistically.

However, like all zodiac signs, Pisces have their weaknesses. So what are they?

Pisces are overly sensitive, irresponsible, and unreliable. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and are too trusting. Pisces are also always trying to escape from their problems and reality.

Continue reading to know more about Pisces’ weaknesses.

What Are Pisces’ Weaknesses?

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Pisces is often associated with mystery, dreams, and deep emotions. People born under this sign are known for their kindness, loyalty, sensitivity to others’ feelings, and creative imagination.

However, like all zodiac signs, Pisces have weaknesses that they must learn to overcome.

1. They’re Escapists

Pisces are often emotionally attached to things and feel so much. As a result, they try to run away from these emotions in any way possible.

When Pisces start to use drugs or alcohol to try to escape their emotions, they become addicted, and it takes a toll on their health and relationships.

When they understand that they can’t run from their emotions and accept everything about themselves, they’ll feel and act so much better.

2. They’re Moody

Although they’re mostly optimistic and look at the bright side of life, they’re always flip-flopping between one emotion or another.

You never know precisely how a Pisces feels because even they don’t understand themselves. They’re horrible at accepting criticism, and they take minor things very seriously.

They can be happy one minute and sad the next. They’re that spontaneous. In relationships, they’re difficult to tolerate because of their moodiness.

It’s okay to express emotions, but it’s essential to learn how not to be controlled by them, a lesson most Pisces have a lot of trouble learning.

3. They’re Gullible

Pisces think with their hearts instead of their heads. This often puts them in situations where people take advantage of their good disposition.

They can be easily manipulated into believing other people’s lies and will often fall for outright scams. Scams are particularly noteworthy in this aspect as Pisces, eager to see the world with rose-tinted glasses, will fall hard if you catch them in a good mood.

Sometimes, Pisces fool themselves. They’re so eager to see the best in the world that they’ll close their eyes to the most obvious signs that something is wrong even when they know better.

4. They’re Lazy

While it’s true that Pisces work incredibly hard to achieve their goals, it’s also true that they don’t dedicate that kind of energy to other parts of their lives.

Yes, they can invest hundreds of hours in their work or even charity, but they can leave their homes or any other aspect of their lives messy in the process.

When it comes to relaxing at home, Pisces should receive the couch potato award. They take forever to complete their chores, or they procrastinate until someone gets fed up and does it for them.

Sometimes it’s an unconscious choice. Most times, it’s well-planned.

Pisces know that there are some things others will do for them if they wait long enough. This explains why Pisces generally don’t like being single.

Yes, they can cook and clean when they have to, but why do it when others can do it for them? Another trick Pisces use is doing what they’re supposed to do but doing it badly. Now no one can complain that they didn’t do what they were supposed to, and no one will ask them to do it again.

5. They’re Too Idealistic

There’s nothing wrong with being idealistic, and we should strive to make the world a better place. Pisces’ problem isn’t that they want to improve the world, but rather, they don’t see the world as it is.

They act like they already live in the world they want, not the world everyone lives in. They can be easily fooled when someone tells them what they want to hear, and many Pisces don’t actually do anything to improve their circumstances.

They believe that if they complain about it hard enough, things will magically improve.

6. They’re Irresponsible

Like the lazy aspect of their personality, when it comes to things Pisces don’t like, they refuse all responsibilities. If it’s not something they’re deeply involved in, they’ll refuse to engage in the problem or situation.

And if the problem leads to complications, they’re fond of shifting the blame to other people. The way Pisces see it, they’re already involved in important things, so they should focus on those things and not on trivial things like whose turn it is to wash the dishes.

Arguing with a Pisces who neglected responsibility often leads nowhere because they’re skilled at shifting blame and refusing to acknowledge their involvement.

Their evasiveness also applies to their romantic relationships, as their dislike for confrontations means they’ll avoid talking about problems or even avoid their partners if something is going on.

7. They’re Indecisive

No matter how big or small the decision is, a Pisces will find it hard to make. They overanalyze things and second-guess themselves. Even when it seems like they’ve finally made up their minds, they change the decision last minute.

In their relationships, they often let their partners make decisions for them and get disappointed when they make the wrong choice. They make their indecision other people’s problems.

8. They’re Bad Communicators

It’s not that Pisces have a problem letting you know when they’re upset, they often hold the irrational and idealistic view that their partner will simply get them. Then they get mad when that doesn’t happen.

They don’t communicate with words, rather, they use clues and signs, then they hope their partner will decipher their message.

They don’t do this to annoy, instead, they do this because they genuinely believe their partners should be able to understand them without words.

Final Thoughts

Pisces are wide-eyed idealists that feel good about helping people and want to make the world better. However, their idealism makes them live in a fantasy and be gullible.