How To Make a Capricorn Woman Jealous (Surefire Ways)

How To Make A Capricorn Woman Jealous

The Capricorn woman is career-driven, organized, and elegant. Capricorn women are not easy to get, so if you’re in a relationship with one, hold her tight. Now, why try to make my woman jealous, you may ask?

Making your partner jealous will make them appreciate your love, and it’s a great way to strengthen your bond.

Making a Capricorn woman jealous isn’t easy, though. She’s not the emotional type who lets her feelings get in the way. She tries to think as logically as possible, and she walks away from relationships that are emotionally tasking.

So how do you make a Capricorn woman jealous?

To make a Capricorn woman jealous, compliment other people, keep your distance, establish deep connections with other people and tell her all about these connections. Don’t take her side in an argument and ask for someone else’s advice instead of hers.

Let’s dive into all the best ways to make a Capricorn woman jealous and crave your attention.

How To Make a Capricorn Woman Jealous

How To Make A Capricorn Woman Jealous

Capricorn women are not easily swayed, and making her jealous will take calculated moves on your part. It is important to know that playing games with someone’s emotions is never the right way to go about things.

However, if you are looking to capture her attention and get a reaction from her, here are some methods you can use.

1. Compliment Other People

Capricorn women want to be praised and appreciated, so showering another person with all the compliments is sure to pinch her. When complimenting other people in her presence, be specific. This will trigger her competitive side.

For example, if you compliment a woman for dressing a certain way, you may notice her dressing the same way. Try not to compliment other people on things your Capricorn woman feels insecure about. That’ll only anger her, and it’ll create problems you don’t want to have.

Another way to make your Capricorn woman jealous is to compliment a past lover. Again, be subtle with this method, you don’t want to leave her feeling insecure, you just want to make her jealous.

If your ex got you a shirt you love, talk about how you liked your ex’s eye for great fashion and watch her get irritated.

2. Distance Yourself

Capricorn women love it when men are all over them, so the key to getting her jealous is to give her some space. I hate to say it, but Capricorns treat relationships like a business. If they aren’t seeing returns on the time and energy they invested, they’ll assume the worst.

That’s right, they’ll assume you’ve moved on, and they may even move on themselves, but you won’t take it that far. Just don’t text first and answer her texts for a while, don’t call and keep your physical distance.

When you both eventually talk, make it clear to her that you were achieving your goals. This will spark her competitive nature, and she’ll get a bit jealous.

3. Make New Friends

Although she may act like she doesn’t care, a Capricorn woman cares about the people you hang out with. Mainly because she wants your attention all to herself. If you’re in public, talk to other people and have meaningful conversations.

Capricorn women love having humorous conversations, so when she sees you giggling with another person, she’ll surely want that for herself.

4. Tell Her About Other People’s Achievements

A hallmark of Capricorn women is talking about their goals and achievements. They like to hear your own accomplishments, but when you start talking about what other people have achieved, you’ll bring out her jealous side.

Your Capricorn woman wants to be the most accomplished person you know. She wants you to brag about her to your friends and not the other way around.

Casually talk about how much your colleague at work has achieved and watch her try to change the topic as fast as possible.

Mind you, don’t talk down on her own accomplishments in the process. Capricorn women can’t stand criticism, so she’ll get pissed at you for it. Compliment other people’s achievements, but respect her in the process.

5. Play Devil’s Advocate

Capricorn women love to argue, it’s the effect of their logical reasoning. But why argue with her to try to make her jealous when you’ll only be curing her boredom? Don’t argue with her privately.

The trick is to take someone else’s side in a public argument. If you’re at an event like a dinner, for example, and she gets into an argument with someone, take the person’s side over hers.

Playing devil’s advocate means that even tho you support your partner, you still argue against her to make her jealous.

She may not say it in the event, but when you’re alone, she’ll ask you why you didn’t take her side. Capricorn women care about their public image, so that’ll make her a bit jealous, especially if the person whose side you’re taking is a woman.

6. Flirt With Other Women

This method works if you’re not yet in a relationship with a Capricorn woman. If you want to get her attention or make her jealous, don’t drool over her, mingle with other people instead.

If you’re already in a serious relationship with a Capricorn woman, she won’t stand to see you flirting with other women because she wants a serious and invested partner. If she sees you flirting nonchalantly, she’ll start assuming things, and it’s not good for your relationship.

7. Celebrate With Other People

Capricorn women love sharing their wins with their partners, so they expect the same. If you want her to be jealous, tell her you told your coworker about your promotion first, and she’ll go green with envy.

She wants to be the most important person in your life, so if you share the big news with someone else first, she’ll feel threatened.

Try not to overdo this, though, if she thinks she’s not important enough for you, she’ll stop sharing things with you, and we know how that ends.

8. Ask Someone Else for Advice

Your Capricorn woman wants you to ask her about everything you’re unsure of– like what to invest in. She’s a logical thinker, so she gives the best advice.

If you tell her you asked someone else for advice, she’ll start to wonder why you didn’t ask her instead.

Final Thoughts

To make a Capricorn woman jealous, compliment other people, give her space, don’t take her side in a public argument, don’t ask for her advice, and share your accomplishments with other people first.

Try not to go overboard because Capricorn women easily get uninterested.