How To Text an Aquarius Woman (Capture Her Attention)

How To Text An Aquarius Woman

While you may use trial and error methods when texting women from other zodiac signs, you should avoid doing such with an Aquarius woman because they are way too different from the rest. Everything about Aquarius women is complicated and requires a delicate approach.

You might tell other women a particular thing, and they would find it amusing, but if you tell an Aquarius woman that same thing, she might get provoked by it.

Hence, it is essential to be very careful when dealing with them, especially over text, because you won’t be able to pick up their reactions quickly.

How do you text an Aquarius woman if you don’t want to risk messing things up with her?

Always go straight to the point because Aquarius women don’t fancy having baseless conversations through text. Ensure that your message is brief and intriguing. It will also help if you let her decide the pace of the conversation, as that would make her feel in control.  

But there are more tips on texting an Aquarius woman. Let’s get started.

5 Tips on Texting an Aquarius Woman

5 Tips On Texting An Aquarius Woman

Learning how to text a woman may seem a little odd to some people who believe that these things should come naturally. In reality, no one is an island of knowledge, and we all learn daily. People are different, and as such, they require different approaches.

What works for a Leo woman may not work for a Libra woman, and while what works for a Sagittarius might work for a Pisces, it might not work for an Aquarius woman. Emphasis on an Aquarius woman because the women born under this zodiac sign are mostly always unconventional.

When you are trying to text an Aquarius woman, you need to put effort into studying her personally and her zodiac sign. It might seem like a stressful thing to do, but it will eventually pay off.

If you want to text an Aquarius woman without risking the possibility of messing everything up, you can use the following tips we have carefully curated.

1. Be Precise

While it is advisable to get acquainted with people before letting your intentions known, the reverse is the case for Aquarius women. If you text an Aquarius woman to get to know each other or to exchange pleasantries, she might end up not replying to your message.

Hence, you should always ensure that your text contains all the vital information you want her to know. When you do this, not only will it impress the Aquarius woman, but it will also prompt her to respond to you quickly.

Her response will be influenced by how she feels about you but regardless, you will get a reply.

2. Be Smart and Amusing

Aquarius women are alluring and unique, and as such, they get chased by many people who crave to have them as partners. It is only logical to know that someone like this will get loads of messages daily and would probably shrug off most of these texts without reading them to the end.

Due to this possibility, you have to find a way to stand out from the rest because Aquarius women are easily attracted to unique people like them. You can do this by infusing humor into your text but be careful not to overdo it, as that might also put her off.

3. Make Her Feel in Charge

Knowing how most men behave, there is a high possibility that most of them get to text her in an assertive and commanding tone, which is one of the things that Aquarius women hate the most.

If you approach her like this, not only will she not grace you with a reply, but she might also block and delete your number from her phone.

To stand a chance with an Aquarius woman you want to text, you must be delicate with your approach.

Give her the feeling that you are handling her the opportunity to be the ship’s captain and watch how this ship will sail very smoothly the way you want it.

However, you should indicate that you are doing this out of courtesy and not because you are weak.

4. Initiate Intelligent Conversations

Aquarius women are naturally complicated, so you will always have to discover more about them. With every surface you scratch, there are many more to go. As stated earlier, you can not directly go and start asking an Aquarius woman these questions because she will not indulge you with the answers.

The solution to this little problem is using tricks to learn more about her. Initiate conversations that are intelligent enough to make her engage in the discussion.

Ask interesting questions to make this carefree woman air her mind and opinions. You can find out more about her kind of person through these conversations.

5. Don’t Choke Her

In whatever you do with an Aquarius woman, endeavor not to cross the fine line between keeping up with her and disturbing her. If she is compelled to choose, an Aquarius woman will choose her freedom and personal space over almost everything and everyone.

It is okay to want to show that you care while texting an Aquarius woman but don’t ever make it seem like you want to control or monitor her movement. Doing this will only make her cut you off and never give you another chance to come into her space again.


The most crucial factor you need to consider when you want to text an Aquarius woman is that she is an unconventional type, and all the tricks that work on other women will not work on her. You don’t need to do any merry-go-round to impress or get her attention.

Go straight to the point but add some humor to your texts to stand out from the rest. Don’t pressure her into having a conversation with you. Instead, make her feel in charge.