How Rare Is Pisces? (& What Makes Them Unique)

How Rare Is Pisces?

If you are the last-born zodiac under the fantasy of two fishes, congrats! You can flaunt your rarity and uniqueness from now. Pisces marks the final constellation in the zodiac spectrum, running from mid-Feb to mid-March.

Being the oldest of the zodiac tribe, Pisces enjoys a place of maturity and distinction. These fellows enjoy a special cosmic wave that grants them a balanced empathy.

The ruling planet of Pisceans lets them enjoy a bunch of perks; illusions, fantasies, magic, charm, and whatnot.

Is the Pisces rare, or it’s just a myth?

Pisces is not rare in existence. However, this zodiac sign possesses unique traits that give Pisceans a sharp edge over others. Such people are blessed with an artistic sense, refined musical taste, and supernatural intuition. They are incredibly empathetic and mutable.

In this article, you’ll explore the rarity of Pisces and their unique traits. So, let’s dig out the house of the fish duo‌!

Are Pisces Actually Rare?

Are Pisces Actually Rare?

There are a variety of opinions about this query. You will find a contradiction between stats and common sense. Research says only 5.2% of the world’s population is Pisces.

Some astrologers dictate the reason for this as the length of February month and eventually the half of March. According to them, few people are born because the lesser days declare them rare.

But that is not the case in reality. You’ll see every other Piscean around you. Even it would be fair to say that no zodiac sign is rare. However, Pisceans are unique. They possess specific characteristics that set them apart from other zodiac signs.

Here are several reasons that make Pisces distinct from the entire astrological tribe.

Top 6 Traits That Set Pisces Unique

Top 6 Traits That Set Pisces Unique

The symbol and ruling planet of Pisces regard them as distinct individuals. Unlike other cardinal signs, the water element lets Pisceans explore the ocean of fantasies.

Do you wish to discover your unique Piscean traits? Let’s find out!

1. Refined Taste in Music

Music is an art, and who doesn’t fall for this art? Anybody can love music, but not all hold exquisite taste.

Among all zodiac signs, people from Pisces own a refined and classical taste in music. It’s not wrong that they have their set standard.

They find solace in classical and old music in the world of people jamming on hip-hop. Their souls are nostalgic, and the decades-old rhythms allure them. So they use music to connect to the past. Pisces being offbeat, have a taste for conventional things.

Some music genres that Pisces people cherish are:

  • Indie
  • Emotionally deep ballads
  • Opera
  • Soft Rock 

2. Aesthetically Artistic

It’s true to the core that Pisces is the most artistic of all zodiac signs. These people out stand in each area of art. They don’t consider art for art’s sake; instead, they use art as escapism.

Using the medium of creativity, they fly from the worries of this world.

Now, you can’t pass without crediting the ruling planet! Yes, the planet Neptune influences creativity, dreams, and escapism. It blesses the Pisceans with a mysterious energy that makes them unique.

Do you notice the ethereal fish symbol of Pisces? This duo of fishes symbolizes the Pisceans’ instinct for exploration. They are dreamers and can’t sit back without exploring the horizon!

3. Incredibly Empathetic

It is the best trait of Pisces that makes them matchless. They are deeply emotional and incredibly empathetic.

If people of this zodiac see someone grasping the straws, they can’t help empathizing with them. Pleasing others is their primary motive.

If you are looking for a shoulder to cry on, Pisces are a perfect place. It is, too, a gift of Neptune that these individuals are the “empath of the cosmos.” You’ll always find them feeling profoundly intuitive and condoling others. 

4. The Most Mutable Sign

Since Pisces come at the end of the season, they are well aware of the change coming ahead. They mark the end of winter and are ready to alter the course.

Hence, they can adapt themselves to any situation.

Many people misunderstand them as the ones lacking emotions. But it’s nothing but a dead wrong concept. Instead, these people are the psychics and mind readers. Pisces is also called the “healer” as the most mutable sign.

Often, they are compared with the Scorpios, which are the exact opposite extremes.

Why Pisces is the MOST Psychic Sign

5. Human Lie Detector

Lying is typical behavior that leads to delusion. Many people are habitual liars, but Pisces can detect lies uniquely. They are thoughtful and knowledgeable. So, you can’t play smart with them.

People from Pisces trust their instinct and look for red flags in a person’s behavior. Some of these signs are:

  • Repeating the questions before answering them
  • Speaking in sentence fragments
  • Grooming behaviors like brushing hair or pressing lips

After figuring out the red flags, they follow the brilliant intellect. They quickly map out an order of things to detect the liars.

  • Trace the pauses
  • Watch out for lousy timing
  • Look for the sincerity of emotions
  • Being attentive to the repetition
  • Examine the body language

6. Supernatural Intuition

Each zodiac sign is gifted with a set of strengths, but the powers of Pisces are unique. These powers give them an exceptional edge over the other signs. People from this sign own a high bright imagination that flows limitlessly.

Their dreamy nature lends them the ability to connect with the past.

Pisceans have an uncanny sixth sense which never fails to work. Having a natural affinity for magical things, Pisces own a supernatural instinct. Some astrologists even refer to them as “mystical teachers.”

Supernatural intuition is unique to this zodiac, and no other sign shares it with them.

Final Thoughts

Being the oldest of all zodiac signs, Pisces enjoys the unique traits that make it rare. Marking the end of the season, Pisces own unconventional and uncommon instincts. They hold an eagle eye, which makes them human lie detectors.

Mysticism, empathy, and art – that’s how Pisceans are! If you know a Piscean friend who got these traits, hold on to them tightly. They got super empathetic hearts!