How To Make a Pisces Man Chase You (Surefire Tips)

How To Make A Pisces Man Chase You

Do you have a crush on a charming Pisces man? Do you want to make him fall head over heels for you?

Well, it isn’t a hard nut to crack! Being a water sign, a Pisces man is ideally romantic. He is imaginative, a dreamer, and fantasy prone. So, making him fall in love with you isn’t challenging.

You might know how to captivate his interest, but the real thing is making him stick around you so that he won’t ghost you away. Become a type of woman he wants to pursue. Make him chase you!

So how can you make a Pisces man chase you?

Light up his aura with the ambiance of love and being romantic. You shouldn’t always be available to him; instead, stay a little mysterious. Give him space to escape into his world of fantasy. Lastly, show your loyal self, and your Pisces man will end up chasing you!

Let’s explore the 7 amazing tips for turning a Pisces man’s head and making him chase you.

7 Tips To Get a Pisces Man To Chase You

7 Tips To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

If you’re hoping to catch the eye of a Pisces man, it’s important to know how to make yourself stand out from the rest.

Here are seven tips to get a Pisces man to chase you.

1. Romanticize His Heart With Love

A guy from Pisces is ideally romantic. He will surely fall for a girl who is romantic too!

Create an aura of romantic air filled with the warmth of love. Reciprocate his romantic gestures whenever you two are together. For this, you can create an artful ambiance.

Light some candles and give him the gifts. The gift doesn’t have to be necessarily expensive and glamorous. Just give him something thoughtful or which is meaningful to both of you. He likes to dig deeper into the mysteries of love.

He’ll end up chasing you because you both share the aura of romance. You can check out the following adorable ways to show your romantic side to a Pisces man.

  • Indoor candlelight dinner,
  • hide a love note in his pocket or wallet,
  • gift him a framed picture of you two,
  • compliment him.

2. Flaunt Your Open Mindedness

You might not know before, but a Pisces guy is pretty open-minded, welcoming new thoughts.

He is good at considering both sides of a debate and is never harsh or judgmental. He looks for a partner he can completely give himself up to without being criticized.

He has to feel that he can do and say anything without fear of judgment. Don’t pull him up all the time or restrict him.

Instead, create a warm sphere of friendship where you both can openly display yourself.

Let yourself be vulnerable and refrain from making any judgments.

When you go with the flow and be open-minded, you’ll stand out among the typical women. Hence, your Pisces guy will start considering not losing you.

You’ll become his ultimate asset, and he’ll follow you!

3. Stay a Little Mysterious

A little bit of mystery is fun and charming. It can’t be called mind games or manipulation. It is just giving Pisces man some space to work for you, get to know you, and figure you out.

The human mind loves a good mystery! It’s a natural tendency of humans to fill the gaps and know more.

So, be a little unavailable and inaccessible. You can leave your answers a little short and vague. Leave space for him to ask more questions and keep peeling off.

When you are not giving your entire self away to him, your Pisces guy will wonder to know more about you.

He’ll try it to fill in the blanks. It will make him think a lot more and ultimately pursue with more enthusiasm.

Remember that a man can only invest in you if he has the space to pursue you.

Editor’s Tip

If you spell out everything at once or are always available at the door for him, you are displaying desperate behavior. Make him feel like he is winning a prize!

Do you want to be a mysterious girl but don’t know where to start? If yes, then the following video is full of tips to make you look mysteriously attractive.

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4. Be a High-Value Woman

Remember, make him chase you without being manipulative or playing mind games. Don’t let your needy self stick out, begging for love!

This concept is all about believing in yourself and recognizing your worth. Pisces man doesn’t chase a needy girl. He always looks for a high-value woman. It is what you need to focus on more than getting him to track you.

So, the secret to being a high-value woman is to decide what you are in reality based on your perception of self.

Determine your worth and ignore the extrinsic factors that hinder your confidence. If you haven’t determined your worth yet, fake it until you make it.                                 

Act like a confident high-value woman, and you’ll eventually become so. Just acting like a confident lady and going through the motions can unfold things for you.

Yes, it’s the perfect way of making a Pisces man chase you!

5. Show Him Your Decisive Nature

Since the men of this zodiac sign are so open-minded and caring, making choices is pretty hard for them. It seems impossible for them to choose between two options, either it’s about the top they wear or the purchase they make.

You’ll get your Pisces guy’s attention by being decisive and helping him decide the things, whether big or small.

Don’t be a dictator, but when he’s uncertain about what to do, help and support him.

If he can’t select an item at dinner, make a subtle recommendation based on what you know of his preferences. He’ll find you a perfect puzzle for him and will appreciate your decisive nature!

6. Let Him Escape

Among all zodiac signs, Pisces is the biggest escapist.

It is often said that Pisces dive deeper into the world of fantasy when they want to escape. Yes, it’s true! They sometimes have the urge to ghost you away because they need time for themselves.

At this point, you have to let him know you understand him. Give him space where he can freely express himself. He is a dreamer. Let him run wild into his fantasies. It would be a phase where he can rejuvenate himself.

Guess what! You get a bonus point here. When you let him escape, he’ll miss you. When he misses you, he’ll chase you!

So, be a queen and let your king escape until he chases you to his kingdom.

7. Express Faithfulness

When a Pisces man chases someone, he wants them for the rest of his life. He makes a committed and faithful partner and wants the same in his partner in exchange.

However, know the difference between being faithful and acting faithful!

You can show your faithfulness in appropriate situations. For example, you can take your man’s side when he has disputes with others. Stand up for him and always have his back by demonstrating that you are a faithful person to rely on.

In a world of betrayal, he’ll catch you faithfully and find you captivating.

Yes, he’ll eventually chase you until he wraps you up in a relationship!

Final Advice

Falling in love isn’t enough. To double the aura of love, make your guy chase you.

Don’t act like a desperate girl; instead, be a woman Pisces man pursues by himself. Outstand from the clump of typical women who beg for love.

Now that you know enough about how to make a Pisces man chase you, unfold the mystical world of love with your man!

Go ahead and shoot the love. Happy adventure!