12 Tips To Get a Sagittarius Man Back

How To Get A Sagittarius Man Back

Sagittarius man is a passionate lover who wants nothing more than to sweep you off your feet and carry you away into the sunset. He is a natural flirt, and his easygoing, carefree nature has likely won you over.

He loves adventure and new experiences, and he wants to share that with you. He’s also very honest, so you can always expect him to tell you exactly how he feels.

However, this does mean that the Sagittarius man can sometimes be blunt and insensitive. If he’s not careful, he can easily hurt your feelings without meaning to. He’s also known for being a commitment-phobe, so he might not be the best partner for a long-term relationship.

If you have been dating him and things have ended, you might think of ways to get him back.

If you want to get back with the Sagittarius man, focus on living your happiest, healthiest, and most successful life. When you focus on yourself, he will likely want to be back in your life. Be honest with him and keep things light and fun. Give him time and space to consider things independently.

Remember, if things end, there is usually a reason for it. It is tempting to imagine that the other person can change, but usually, it is not the case. It is often said that rejection is a form of divine protection.

Before trying to get the Sagittarius man back, consider your reasons for this desire. Do you believe things will be different this time? Are you ready to change and improve yourself? Are you likely exhibiting co-dependent patterns?

Before you try to get back with him, spend some time reflecting by yourself and journaling to discover your true intentions and motivations. Once you’re ready, below are 12 tips to get a Sagittarius man back.

12 Tips To Get a Sagittarius Man Back

12 Tips To Get A Sagittarius Man Back

The change in a relationship begins with a change in your mind. When you change how you look at things, the things you are looking at change! To make things different this time, you need to bring more clarity to your mind and understand yourself better.

When you are sure of your reasons for wanting to be back with him, here are some powerful tips that will help you get a Sagittarius man back!

1. Let Him Have Some Space

The Sagittarius man needs his freedom, so don’t try to tie him down. If you give him the space he needs, he’ll be more likely to return to you. The more time and space you give him, the more likely he will miss you and want to be back with you.

He will likely run away if you rush things and try to get back with him before he is ready. Men need time and space to process their feelings. When you allow him to be on his own, he will likely draw new conclusions about your relationship with you and see you in a more positive light.

2. Don’t Be Clingy

One of the reasons why the Sagittarius man might have left you in the first place was because he felt suffocated by your clinginess. If you want him back, give him some breathing room, and don’t be too needy or dependent on him.

Let him see that you can live without him and have your own life outside the relationship. It will make him see that you are an independent woman who is worth his time and attention.

3. Be Confident

The Sagittarius man loves a confident woman who knows what she wants in life. If you want to get back with him, ensure confidence in yourself and your ability to win him back. He wants to be with a woman who is sure of herself and her worth.

He is attracted to women who know their minds and are not afraid to go after what they want. When you are confident, he will see you as a challenge and be more drawn to you.

4. Focus on Yourself and Enjoy Your Freedom

The best way to get a Sagittarius man back is to focus on your own life and enjoy your freedom. It doesn’t mean you should start dating other guys or sleeping around. It simply means that you should live your life so that he can see that you are happy and fulfilled without him.

When he sees that you don’t need him to be happy, he will want to be back in your life because he knows you are a catch!

5. Don’t Try to Change Him

One of the worst things you can do is try to change the Sagittarius man. He’s happy with his identity and doesn’t want to change for anyone. So, if you try to change him, he’ll get annoyed and leave you for good.

Instead of trying to change him, focus on changing yourself. If you can show him that you’ve changed for the better, he’ll be more likely to give you a second chance.

6. Flirt With Him

Flirting is a great way to get the Sagittarius man’s attention and make him want you back. Flirting with him can excite him, and he’ll want to win you over. Especially if you were too serious in your relationship, being a little playful can change your relationship dynamic.

He loves the challenge of the chase, so keep him guessing and never let him have too much control over the relationship. Don’t start to manipulate and play too hard to get, but a little flirt can go a long way with your Sagittarius man.

7. Be Honest With Him

The Sagittarius man appreciates honesty, so be honest with him about your feelings. Don’t try to play games or manipulate him in any way. He’ll see right through it, and it will only push him away.

Be sincere in your affection for him, and he’ll be more likely to reciprocate your feelings. If you have got hurt by him, you should tell him directly instead of trying to act passive-aggressive or hoping he will guess how you feel.

Men and women often see the world differently, and men can’t guess how you feel unless you tell them directly. Be open to him seeing things differently and having different interpretations and opinions of what happened.

8. Don’t Be Mean

Even though the Sagittarius man can be a bit of a player, he doesn’t like it when his partner is mean to him. Treat him with kindness and respect if you want to get back together with him.

Regardless of what happened in the past, don’t lower yourself, and don’t act mean and rude. Don’t try to take revenge on him or make him feel guilty for what he did. It will only push him away and make him less likely to want to be with you.

9. Appreciate His Independence

The Sagittarius man values his independence above all else, so show him your respect and appreciate him as he is.

Don’t try to control him or tell him what to do. Let him live as he wants to, and don’t try to change him. When you give him the space he needs, he’ll be more likely to return to you.

10. Don’t Rush Things

The Sagittarius man is a bit of a commitment-phobe, so don’t try to rush things. If you want to get back with him, take things slow and let him come to his own decision about the relationship.

He needs time to think things through, and he doesn’t like to be pressured into anything. So, if you try to force him into getting back together with you, it will only make him pull away further. Be patient and let him come around in his own time.

11. Be Patient

Sagittarians can be very indecisive, so it might take your man a while to decide to get back together with you. Just be patient and wait for him to come around.

Don’t push or force him, as that is a big turn-off. In the meantime, focus on living your best life and enjoying your freedom.

12. Show Off Your New Life

One of the best ways to make a Sagittarius man want you back is to show off your new life. Let him see that you are happy and doing well without him. You can post your photos on social media and show off your new hobbies and how much fun you are having with your friends.

When he sees that you don’t need him to be happy, he’ll realize what he’s missing out on.


Sagittarius men can be awesome partners, even though long-term relationships with them can be challenging and demanding. Have full trust that it will happen if it is meant to be.

Even if things didn’t work out the first time, they might work out this time. Consider your behavior and attitude, and see if you have made mistakes instead of trying to change him. If you feel he didn’t treat you right, consider if you want to get back with him.

If you are used to being treated poorly, you might have a problem with co-dependency. In this case, raising your self-worth and self-esteem is the best thing you can do!