How To Get a Cancer Woman To Chase You (Surefire Ways)

How To Get A Cancer Woman To Chase You

Cancerians are represented by a crab in the zodiac. So, you can guess from it that these signs must be hard to approach, keep to themselves, and inside that hard shell, keep a loving and caring nature, similar to the soft interior of the crab.

Getting a Cancer woman to open up to you and love you is quite a dilemma if you are not prepared. But Cancerian women like to chase their partners, not the other way around. By knowing this, you are already setting off on the right note.

How to get a Cancer woman to chase you?

To get a Cancer woman to chase you, take the first step, but remember not to be pushy. You also have to be patient, avoid last-minute plans, fulfill your promises, show off your snuggly side, let her lean on you, and show your care for her family.

Further in the article, we will look at the above-mentioned tips more in-depth. Let’s dive right in.

Take the First Step

Take The First Step

Cancer women are notorious for their homebody nature and like to stay at home rather than go out. It highlights how they tend to keep to themselves and put their guard up for the most part. They feel safe in such an environment because of their shy nature.

Gather your courage and be the first to initiate a talk. It does not mean you should start with cheesy pick-up lines or be too flirty. Remember, they are cautious and do not like someone invading their space.

Introduce yourself politely and take a casual approach, rather than going for a flirty or arrogant approach.

Editor’s Note

To catch the interest of a Cancer woman on the first try, show her that you like to have a serious relationship and do not take well to one-night stands. But remember not to be an open book, only enough information to keep her curious.

Be Patient

Patience is the key to the Cancer woman’s heart. Because they avoid being the center of attention, they try to avoid any personal questions if you ask them right off the bat. If you keep pushing them for answers, it makes them uncomfortable, and they cut you off.

Give her as much time as she needs to open up to you. Even if after some time she does not want to discuss something, tell her it is okay, you understand her problem, and appreciate how she tried her best.

Show Off Your Homely Side

Cancerians love to be comfy in their home and like spending more time there than going out. You can get a Cancer woman’s attention if you show off that you have a similar disposition to her.

Show off your cooking skills by inviting her to dinner, tell her about the time you fixed something in your home, show off how organized you are and keep things clean inside your living space, etc.

All these characteristics are very appealing to a Cancer woman, and she will find you comfortable to be around. They love to pursue hobbies that require them to stay at home, so if you have a passion for cooking, drawing, or something similar, you can show off that.

By opening up about your skills and how you also love to stay at home like them, you are subtly hinting at your vulnerabilities, which makes you attractive to a Cancer woman.

Let Her Lean on You

Cancer women are known for their caring side and are supportive of their friends, family, or loved ones. But they also need someone to be there for them, so be the support that they need.

Lend them an ear and hear out what they want. Cancer women may have a tough time figuring out what they want to do or achieve, but let these zodiacs know that you are there for them and will be on their side no matter the choice.

She will appreciate your support, but remember, to let these hard-shelled zodiac signs open up, you need to show your vulnerable side first.

Avoid Last-Minute Plans

Cancer women become frantic if you inform them of an outing on the spot. They plan things and prepare themselves mentally before pursuing any activity or going out.

So, making last-minute plans will make you seem like you do not appreciate them.

They will forgive you if it ends up happening coincidentally, but not if it keeps repeating. Plan things out with them, and show that you are putting an effort to make your time together great. It will make your Cancer woman look forward to every meeting and activity you plan.

Fulfill Your Promises

One thing to be aware of if you want to get a Cancer woman to chase you is to keep your word. That is, if you promised her to do anything, made plans with her about an outing/activity, or promised to buy something for her, do it without forgetting.

Cancer women want their partners to be reliable and trustworthy. Fulfilling your promises is super crucial for catching your Cancer woman’s attention.

Show Your Care for Her Family

Cancer women rank pretty high among the zodiacs that show unconditional love to their friends and family members.

Being respectful towards her friends and family and looking out for them will make you attractive to a Cancerian woman. You can make plans with their family members or hang out together with their friends.

You can also introduce her to your family. It will show your care for her and assure her that you want a serious relationship.

Cancerian women not only love their family but also like to plan for a family of their own. So, appeal to her by showing this side of yourself.


All in all, if you want a Cancer woman to chase you, you have to take the initiative but start slow.

Move forward with a patient approach, be honest and accepting of your capabilities, keep your word, be supportive of your Cancer woman, and last but not least, love her unconditionally.