How Long Does a Leo Man Stay Mad?

How Long Does A Leo Man Stay Mad?

A Leo’s anger is quick, like how the flame comes on when you light a stove. Leos can be calm one minute and lose it the next. If you’re in the line of fire when a Leo man gets angry, you’ll get burned badly; his body gets hot, and he can go through the roof.

So, if you’ve got a Leo man angry, how long will he stay mad at you?

The answer ranges from a few days to forever, depending on the gravity of your offense. If you cheat on a Leo man or betray him, he may not hesitate to cut you off for good.

Let’s dig into everything you need to know about Leo’s anger and how to handle it.

How Does a Leo Man Act When He’s Mad

How Does A Leo Man Act When He'S Mad

Here are some ways how Leo men act when they’re angry.

They’re Loud

Leos won’t necessarily fling tables and furniture when they get mad, but the whole room would feel it. Leos tend to raise their voices like they’re trying to make a statement and aren’t scared to make a scene.

They’re self-conscious but not self-conscious at the same time. To them, any attention is enough, and they love it when all eyes are on them. They aren’t like Cancers or Pisceans that avoid conflict or try not to get eyes on them.

They Try To Remain Composed

As I said, Leos don’t support violence. They try to hurt you with words instead. Angry Leos always care about how they look when angry.

They won’t hit you, and they like to go out in style, so you sink your face in your palms and regret what you’ve done. So they can be a tad dramatic and slam doors or strut out of an event.

They Don’t Keep Things In

Angry Leos would tell you everything they’ve ever wanted to tell you and not hold anything back. Unlike water signs, fire signs like Leo are pretty expressive.

They’ll pour everything on you and let you think about the next course of action because they want you to be ashamed of what you’ve done and regret it.

They May Hurt You

No, not physically. These lions are masters at understanding what makes you tick and coming at it with carefully picked words.

You’ll find them swearing and using big words to try to hurt your ego, especially if you’ve really messed up. If you try to insult back, you’re only making things worse.

In an argument, Leos like to show their dominance. They’ll try to shut you up with every word you hurl at them, and they’ll increase the magnitude of their insults if you aren’t giving up.

Don’t think Leos won’t attack you personally. They’ll do anything to make you feel inferior and sorry for what you’ve done. Your job, personality, parents, friends, and lifestyle are easy targets in a squabble with a Leo.

Although, Leos tend to attack other people personally just to hide their insecurities. You’ll be too busy trying to unpack all the words a Leo has hurled at you that you won’t be brave enough to attack their own flaws.

They’re Petty

Leos would do anything in their power to ensure you get hurt the way you hurt them. So if you wonder why that Leo is slandering you on social media, this is the reason.

They’re petty both online and in real life. So if a Leo gets annoyed, don’t be shocked if he collects that gift he gave you on your birthday.

When Leos act petty, don’t try to argue or even act petty yourself; it may sound cliche, but be the bigger person.

They Put All the Blame on You

It’s difficult for Leos to admit they’re wrong or see their fault. Their egos won’t let them. When you try to show them how wrong they are, they think you’re trying to attack them and take it personally.

They also put all the blame on you even if they’re to blame. In an argument with a Leo, avoid blaming them for anything, or they may go out of control. It gets worse when you blame them for things they didn’t do. Their feelings go from anger to resentment really fast, and they may never forgive you.

How To Handle a Leo Man’s Anger

How To Handle A Leo Man’s Anger

When a Leo man gets angry, here are a few ways you can handle the situation.

Let Him Cool Off

In the heat of the moment, you may be tempted to utter a few words or even get violent with a Leo man, but the best way to handle the situation is to do nothing.

You may be asking why you shouldn’t defend yourself; the truth is you’ll only be making things worse. Sadly, you’ll need to be the better person in an argument with a Leo man. Give him some time and space to cool off.

If that Leo really loves you or values your relationship, he’ll come back to hash things out. Leos are loyal, and they know how important friends and family are. However, don’t expect an apology because you may not get it.

Let Him Know What He Did

When he comes back, let him know what he did and how it made you feel. If he overreacted, talk about how he could have reprimanded you differently.

If he was at fault, now’s the right time to let him know, and not when you were arguing. Leos may act like they aren’t listening, but they’ll definitely consider your complaints.

Give Up

If you cheated on a Leo man or broke his trust, keep in mind that you’ve lost a relationship. If he comes back, lucky you, but don’t expect him to.

Leos cut people off without remorse, and they often don’t want to go back on their words, so don’t push them to forgive you.


A Leo man is usually chill and social, but when you get him mad, he’ll stay mad at you until he’s ready to forgive you. Remember to give him space and explain how you felt when he comes back or give up on the relationship.