How To Get Revenge on a Gemini Man (Beware)

How To Get Revenge On A Gemini Man

Truth be told, revenge is never the best option. But we are all humans, and sometimes we get hurt so badly that we just want to make the person feel the same way they made us feel. Luckily, there are exact ways to get revenge on people based on their zodiac.

Gemini men are very flexible and adaptable. They can easily evolve and change themselves, so hurting them can be very difficult.

They are also one of the most confident signs; bringing them down will take extra effort.

However, they have weaknesses, too, and if you know them, you can hurt any Gemini man and get your revenge.

So how do you get revenge on a Gemini man?

If you want to get recent on a Gemini man, neglect and insult his intelligence, spill secrets about him, and damage his reputation. Another effective way is to ignore him.

But trust us, you’ll need more than that to get revenge on that Gemini man that hurt you. Follow us as we show you ways you can get back at that Gemini man.

Neglect His Intelligence

One of the reasons why Gemini men are so confident is because of their high intelligence. Gemini men are very intelligent, and they know they are. If you want revenge on a Gemini man, diminish his intelligence.

Gemini men love to be the most brilliant people everywhere they go; they love to be the ones people run when to when they have questions. If you can take that from them, you’ll be taking his confidence and self-worth.

For example, you can publicly challenge his opinions or mock them. Another way you can insult his intelligence is by ignoring him when you need help.

Instead of taking an assignment to him, you can take it to his friend or someone close to him. Gemini men possess an uncontrollable urge to be the most intelligent person wherever they go.

You can hurt him by taking away the confidence you and other people have in him. Make him feel worthless.

Damage His Reputation

Gemini men are very social and love to be around people. They also want the people in their life to value and respect them.

One of the ways you can take revenge on a Gemini man is by damaging his reputation. Once he realizes the public opinion of him is bad, he’ll feel very hurt. Find a way to make the people he loves lose their respect for him.

The case will be worse if you damage his reputation with a lie. Gemini men are usually very proud of their choices, so they are likelier to own up and apologize for their mistakes.

But when a lie is a reason people no longer respect them, it’ll hurt them more because they’ll find it difficult to gain back the respect they once had.

Furthermore, a Gemini man will feel hurt that the people he loves believe a lie about him. So you’ll be hurting him in two ways.

Gossip About Him

If you were in a relationship with a Gemini man who truly hurt your feelings, you could get your revenge by gossiping about him. It’ll be more effective if the gossips are true.

While in the relationship, he must have told you some private things, and these things are mostly exclusive because Gemini men don’t easily share their secrets.

If you genuinely want to hurt his feelings and get your revenge, spill these secrets. If they are nasty, you can tell them to his friends and people he cares about, or you can even post them online.

Gemini men value trust very highly, and even when they’re no longer in a relationship, they still try to maintain this trust. If you break the confidence they once had in you and share their secrets with the world, you’ll be hurting them more than you can imagine.

Editor’s Comments

When you spill a Gemini man’s secret, you’ve hurt him by breaking his trust and ruining his reputation in the process. These two things will cause immense pain to most Gemini men.

Don’t Revenge

We know it’s a bit weird seeing this, but one of the most effective ways to get revenge on a Gemini man that offended you is not to get revenge. Give us a moment to explain why this is true.

Firstly, the first three methods are good ways to hurt him and get your revenge, but it’s no secret that Gemini men are very smart. Once they get a whim that you’re trying to take revenge on them, they’ll only enjoy seeing you do it.

Most Gemini men are narcissists and attention seekers; they love to play games with people’s feelings and feel like they always have the upper hand. You trying to revenge will be sending a message that they won, and you’ll end up satisfying him rather than hurting him.

However, if you ignore a Gemini man, you’ll make him wonder why his actions are not getting the reactions he thought they’d get. You’ll make him believe he was the one that got played and that you never needed him in your life.

Gemini men love to feel important and valued wherever they go. Ignoring them after they hurt you will only put them in a state of turmoil where they’ll constantly question their intelligence.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing more painful than getting hurt by someone you truly care about. While some might advise you to let go and heal in private, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to give people a taste of their own medicine, especially Gemini men.

If a Gemini man has hurt you and you want to take your revenge, your first target should be his intelligence. Do everything to diminish his intelligence and make him look stupid, especially in front of his friends.

Also, you can hurt him by spilling his secrets, damaging his reputation, and gossiping about him.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to take revenge on your Gemini man is to ignore him. Don’t do anything to fuel his ego; let him know he’s not worth your efforts, and you’ll make him feel very worthless.