What Is Sagittarius’s Spirit Animal? (With Meanings)

What Animal Is A Sagittarius?

There are several reasons people try to find out the spirit animals associated with their zodiac signs. The most common is that they want to find out about some of their attributes. Spirit animals help to unravel the mystery behind some behavior that people unconsciously exhibit.

People born under the Sagittarius sign are cheerful, outgoing, charitable, and energetic.

While you may not understand why you, as a Sagittarius, act the way you do, paying attention to the attributes you share with your spirit animals may help shed more light on the core of these attributes.

Figuring out which animal best represents a zodiac sign does not require rocket science. All you have to do is first understand the characteristics of that zodiac sign, and then you can cross-reference it with that of the animal that shares very similar features with the sign.

So, what animal is a Sagittarius?

The animal that best represents Sagittarius is none other than the Centaur itself, which is the official symbol of Sagittarius. Other animals that can also pass as Sagittarius are the owl and moth.

Read until the end to learn more about the animals that best represent Sagittarius.

3 Animals That Represent Sagittariuses

After carefully analyzing the similarities between some animals and people born under the Sagittarius sign, the following animals are the ones that best represent them.



A centaur is a mythical creature that contains half the body of a horse and half body of a man. It is the official symbol of Sagittarius. In the emblem, the centaur is presented as an archer because it wields a bow and arrow.

Apart from just being the glyph of Sagittarius, the centaur best represents Sagittarius because of its raw, unusual appearance.

Sagittarius people are mostly known for always being unique in their approach to life and, sometimes, appearance and outfits.

Also, the arrow that the centaur wields in the symbol is aimed high at the stars, which indicates how high the aspirations of Sagittarius are. The galloping speed of the centaur represents Sagittarius’s undying love for adventures.

The appearance and movement of the centaur also depict the rawness of the Sagittarius, as they are not the type that will hold back on their opinions or lifestyle due to societal constraints.

A Sagittarius person will gladly let you know their stance on everything, regardless of how it might make them come across.



Just like the centaur, owls also significantly represent the uniqueness of Sagittarius. It is difficult to spot an owl and mistake it for another animal.

Its appearance is different from the rest, and that’s equally how Sagittarius always stands out from the rest of the crowd. Similar to the owl, Sagittariuses are not afraid of being different, even if it means going against societal values.

Another Sagittarius attribute that is present in an owl is their ambitiousness.

Sagittarius and owls appear calm on the outside, but internally, they’re always plotting how they can attain their ambition. Their aspirations are always important to them, and these aspirations are always very high.

The owl is blessed with the gift of clear-sightedness, and it uses this gift to assess the world’s view from a perspective that is way different from that of other birds.

Similarly, Sagittarius people are endowed with a gift of foresight. They can naturally discern people’s true intentions just by observing them.



Moths are nocturnal animals, but despite this, they are always fascinated by lights. Once they sight lights anywhere, they will ensure they go as close as possible to it. This exact characteristic is present in Sagittarius.

Regardless of the situation, a Sagittarius will always look to stay positive and yearn to find themselves in the light or be the light.

When faced with situations that could cause others to be discouraged, a Sagittarius will always find a way to focus on the bright side. They always like to stay in a  positive environment with people who have optimistic thoughts.

However, the same way moths die when they get too close to the light is how a Sagittarius can meet a bitter end due to their overtly optimistic attitude. Life is not a bed of roses or a movie; there has to be a balance.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to come to terms with the reality of things. Sagittarius always choose to let their optimism cloud their judgment and consequently cause them to be hurt.


The concept of spirit animals is no longer an unfamiliar concept among people. Many people now spend time finding which spirit animal is associated with their zodiac sign.

If you are one of such and your sign is Sagittarius, your main spirit animal is the centaur, as it is the official symbol of Sagittarius. Your other spirit animals include owl and moth.