How To Apologize to a Virgo Man

How To Apologize To A Virgo Man

It is expected that we make mistakes in relationships as nobody is perfect. If you have found yourself in a situation that has hurt your Virgo man and feel bad about it, the best thing to do is apologize.

Apologizing is never easy as we must step over our ego and admit we have made a mistake. It is tough if we have hurt the other person and are unsure how they will respond to our apology.

Apologizing to a Virgo man can be especially difficult because Virgos can be extremely sensitive and judgemental. You have to be mindful of that when apologizing to him.

The best way to apologize to a Virgo man is by being mindful of his character. Try to look at the situation from his perspective, be honest, and listen to him when he is talking. Validate his feelings and take credit for your mistakes. Make a promise to him and to yourself to learn from them, and your relationship will improve tremendously. 

Before you apologize, you should think things through, and it should be clear to yourself what you truly want to say. Never use your apology as a way to manipulate or get something from him, as this type of codependent behavior can spin both of you into karmic cycles of unhealthy relationships.

When you want to apologize to your Virgo man, your safest bet is going through this 10-step plan. This way, you will be able to save your relationship, reverse the damage you’ve done, and possibly, even bring the two of you closer than before.

10 Step Plan to Apologize to a Virgo Man 

The sensitive nature of Virgo men makes it difficult to find the right approach when apologizing. There are, however, things you can do that will help him see your genuine intentions, forgive you more easily and let go of the mistake you have made. 

1. Think Things Through

Think Things Through

Before you talk to your Virgo man, you need to think things through and decide for yourself what it is that you want to tell him.

Why did you do what you do? How do you feel about it? What do you wish you would have done differently? Is this the first time you behaved this way? Answering these questions to yourself before you talk to your Virgo man will help you a lot when apologizing.

2. Look at the Situation From His Perspective

Think about the situation and how it made him feel. How does he feel now? Has he complained about your behavior in the past? Does he feel hurt?

The better you understand your Virgo man, the better your apology will come across and touch your Virgo man’s heart in the right way.

3. Be Honest

Be Honest

When you approach your Virgo man to apologize, he will feel your intentions and know if you are genuine or not.

If you explain your perspective to him without lying or making yourself look better, he will be open to your apology. If he feels you are not genuine and are trying to manipulate him, he will be hurt even more than before.

4. Stay Calm

It is natural to get emotional when discussing this type of sensitive matter. However, to get the Virgo man to hear you out and understand you, you have to stay as calm and reasonable as possible.

If you appeal to his rational mind rather than allowing things to get heated, he will have less desire to insult or attack you in response to your hurtful behavior. 

5. Listen to Him

Listen To Him

The most important thing to do when talking to a Virgo man is to validate his feelings and emotions. Give him space to say all he has to say and hear him out. Don’t say he doesn’t feel what he feels.

If he has wrong assumptions about your motivations, you can tell him that later by explaining how you genuinely feel. But first, hear him out. Keep in mind that validating his emotions as something that is ok for him to feel doesn’t mean his assumptions about you must be true. 

6. Admit Your Fault

Admit that you didn’t act according to your highest standards and that you are not happy about your behavior.

Instead of minimizing the situation, saying it wasn’t that bad or that it wasn’t as bad as he thinks it was, you should admit directly that you made a mistake and are not happy about it. Otherwise, that can’t be considered an apology.

7. Don’t Look for Excuses

Don'T Look For Excuses

Regardless of what you did and whether it was intentional or not, admit that you made a mistake and take credit for behaving this way. Don’t try to blame someone else or the circumstances. Otherwise, you will sound like an unreliable person.

Your Virgo man will appreciate it when you have the backbone to take credit for your mistakes.

8. Show Him You Care

Communicate clearly that you are upset about your behavior, understand why he is hurt, and show him you care. Let him know that you have learned the lesson and intend never to repeat the same mistake.

Show him you care about him and his feelings and let him know you desire to be a trustworthy person to him. 

9. Show Him Your Love

Show Him Your Love

Virgo men are very loving, and if you have a special place in his life, he likely wants to forgive you and keep you in his life.

Give him space if he asks for it, but don’t be afraid to show your gentle and caring side in this situation. Show him your care and love. You can even give him a small present as a symbol accompanying your apology.

10. Learn from Your Mistakes

Any issue and mistake in relationships is an opportunity for us to get to know ourselves and the other person better. When you apologize, listen to him openly, own your mistakes, and clearly explain your thoughts and feelings, it will bring you closer together.

When you have made a mistake, instead of beating yourself up for it, learn from it and don’t repeat it. Your relationship will flourish as a result.


Apologizing to a Virgo man can be difficult due to his judgemental nature. You might feel that he won’t understand you. However, keep in mind that Virgo man is also very loyal, if you are important to him, he wants to understand you and be close to you, instead of holding a grudge.

Don’t be afraid to take the brave step of apologizing, follow these steps and you and your Virgo man will get through any issue and understand each other even better as a result.