How To Get a Virgo Man To Forgive You

How To Get A Virgo Man To Forgive You

The Virgo man is logical, responsible, and resourceful. Although he’s a shy lone wolf who doesn’t like crowded places, he’s an intense lover.

Virgos pay attention to even the smallest details, so you can’t get away with mistakes other people would normally overlook. A Virgo man is stubborn, and one lousy trait he has is blaming others, even if he knows he’s partly to blame.

When you hurt a Virgo man, it may seem like there’s nothing in the world you can do to get him to forgive you. He may forgive you, but he’ll never forget.

So how do you get a Virgo man to forgive you?

For a Virgo man to forgive you, you must put your money where your mouth is. Start with understanding how he feels about your offense, prove to him that you can make amends, and stick to the change.

Let’s take an in-depth look into how you can get your Virgo man to forgive you.

How To Get a Virgo Man To Forgive You

If you have done something to upset your Virgo man, it is important to apologize and try to make things right as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for him to forgive you.

Here are some tips on how to get a Virgo man to forgive you.

1. Be Honest

Be Honest

It’s almost as if you can’t lie to a Virgo man. He’s extremely observant. If you want to apologize to your Virgo man and you start by lying, you’ve set yourself up for failure.

He’ll find out the truth much sooner than you expect, aggravating the situation. It’ll make him trust you less, and you’ll have to do more to earn his forgiveness.

2. Validate His Feelings

Validate His Feelings

Sometimes, you may not even know you’ve done something wrong; you’ll just notice him acting cold toward you.

In this case, ask if something’s wrong. He may not want to tell you at first, but if you persist, you’ll get an answer. Be warned, though, he’s a stickler for detail. When you ask, you may find out that he’s upset because you left the toilet seat down when you finished.

But you won’t know until you ask, right? When he’s explaining what you did wrong, don’t try to argue, it’ll only make things worse. Remember, he’s very sensitive.

Try to understand where he’s coming from and talk in a calm tone. Accept that you’re wrong. I know, what if he’s also partly to blame? Don’t bring it up. It’ll only annoy him.

3. Get Your Details Right

Get Your Details Right

Again, a Virgo man tends to care about the slightest things. For example, if he asks how many people are in a room, and you tell him about 35, then he later counts only to find 12 people, he’ll take offense to your inaccuracy in detail.

So when narrating how you went wrong to a Virgo man, tell him all the details you think he won’t care about. If you left the club at 11:25, don’t say 11:00.

Don’t lie or exaggerate to a Virgo man because he’ll be pissed when he eventually finds out.

4. Bring Something to the Apology

Bring Something To The Apology

If he’s pissed that you took the $30 he kept in his wallet, bring it back to the apology. It’s important to return what you took because that’ll show him that you’re ready to change.

If you ate his favorite doughnuts, get him the same doughnut or another one he likes when coming to apologize. If he’s angry that you took something, don’t come to apologize empty-handed.

5. Show Him You Want To Change

Show Him You Want To Change

The Virgo man hears action instead of words. He wants you to give a very intelligent and reasonable apology. You shouldn’t just say you’re sorry. Tell him what exactly you’ll do to make amends.

Talk is cheap, so don’t go apologizing to a Virgo man without a plan, he won’t forgive you. No matter how long it may take to develop that plan to change, take your time and plan it out before going to apologize to a Virgo man.

In the apology, he will take what you say with a grain of salt. Except you show him how exactly you’re going to make amends, what you’ve started doing to make amends and how you will sustain it.

6. Stick to the Change

Stick To The Change

The apology does not end after you’ve finished the verbal aspect. Get to work immediately. He’s not going to forgive you until he can see some change.

The change can go slow or fast, depending on you. If you cheated in the relationship, only saying you’re sorry isn’t good enough. Prove to him that it’ll never happen again. Tell him your plan, and show him how hard you work to fix your mistakes daily.

7. Don’t Get Emotional

Don'T Get Emotional

If you’re the type to back your apology with tears, it won’t work on the Virgo man. He’s as logical as possible. Virgos don’t like emotional appeal.

He wants a mission, a plan, a goal. Again only apologize when you have a goal. If you cry, he’ll think you’re shedding crocodile tears. But when you map out how you’re willing to change or make amends, it’ll appeal to his logic, and he’ll want to forgive you.

8. Give Him Time and Space

Give Him Time And Space

After you’ve tendered your heartfelt apology to your Virgo man, continue to go about your life normally. Let him stay angry for as long as he wants. You’ll only worsen the situation if you try to control his anger.

Virgo men are overthinkers, so they may need time to process the situation entirely. Give him ample space, and he’ll be the one to come back to you.

He may not say the words “I forgive you,” but you’ll notice that things will go back to normal with time.

9. Don’t Seek His Attention


If you’re hanging out with your friends and posting photos all over social media to make him jealous, you’ve got it all wrong. Virgo men love confident women, not desperate ones. Keep your cool and act normal.

Final Thoughts

It can take some time for your Virgo man to finally forgive you, but rest assured that he’ll come around. Whatever you do, try NOT to lie to him, tell him he’s overreacting, invalidate his feelings, or get emotional.