How Can a Virgo Attract a Sagittarius Man?

How Can A Virgo Attract A Sagittarius Man?

Has a passionate Sagittarius fascinated your soul? Are you a maiden Virgo longing to win the heart of a Sagittarian archer?

Sagittarius is a fire sign, actually a mutable fire sign. He is blunt, independent, and restless. While Virgo being an earth sign, is the exact opposite of Sagittarius. But the euphoria between the two is matchless.

A Sagittarius man and Virgo woman draw each other to a new realm of passion. He might not get into love at first sight, but gradually and affectionately, he’ll give in. Sagittarius man likes the earthy beauty and grace of a Virgo woman.

So, it makes it a lot easier for you to attract him. But which steps to follow? 

Be feminine with your decent looks. A Sagittarian likes freedom, so don’t tie him up in the box. Stay faithful to him; otherwise, you may lose the love of your life. Don’t forget to play it cool by being a little detached. Hang around for adventures and teach him something new. After all, he is a big craver of knowledge!

Let’s get straight into the 7 surefire ways to make your Sagittarius man fall in love with you.

7 Effective Tips To Attract a Sagittarius Man Into Your Life

7 Effective Tips To Attract A Sagittarius Man Into Your Life

Before we jump right into the tips, I want you to know that a Sagittarius man is quite an independent individual. He looks for a confident, independent girl who has a life of her own.

So, you need to be patient while trying to attract him into your life.

1. Look Your Best and Show Femininity

A Sagittarius man is masculine, so femininity will attract him a lot. Dress girly and have a suitable appearance in front of him. Your fab looks will certainly allure him if you are well organized and well dressed. Pick the makeup that dreams up your face.

Show your loving and nurturing side. Let your man know you hold confidence in your appearance and how you think. Don’t mix up femininity with beggarly tantrums. Remember, you don’t have to be a pitiful and helpless woman. Be you, and he’s yours!

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2. Don’t Put Him in the Box

Sagittarius man is an independent and wild child of the zodiac. He follows the concept of “You only look once” and has an attitude toward living life to its fullest. Possessiveness seems hostile to him because it threatens his freedom.

He does whatever he likes and expects you to deal with it. Sometimes he’ll chop off the plan and won’t even care if the next person is ok with it. It’s not that your Sagittarius is selfish; instead, he loves his space and hates it if anyone tries to muddle it.

He’ll escape if he ever feels like you are trying to control him, restrict or put him in the box. So, as a Virgo woman, don’t be over-clingy. Have your own space, and let him enjoy his freedom, too!        

3. Be Honest With Him

Honesty with your boyfriend is the best policy. Hating the liars and posers, he‌ has no space for the hypocrites. Authentic people hold great value to him. So, if he comes to know that you have lied, he’ll never wish to see you again!

Sagittarius’ energy is known as being blunt, and the archer symbol accurately represents him. Once he discovers your lie, he will put on the mask of fiery. And as a Virgo, it’ll become hard for you to handle such bluntness.

To win his heart:

  • Learn the art of tackling his blunt attitude.
  • Whenever you feel like telling a white lie, try to be honest with him.
  • Understand his side too.
  • Don’t take his brutal honesty too harshly.

If you accept him wholeheartedly and know that his bluntness comes from a good place, your relationship will glide smoothly!

4. Have an Adaptable Nature

Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter planet, and Jupiter is associated with growth, healing, and adventures. A person from Sagittarius is always ready to embrace change. Hence, he looks for someone who can expand his horizon, with whom he can learn and grow up.

A Sagittarius man is a person who has opinions. You should be opinionated and ensure that your thoughts are expansive with his views. Be an adaptable person who can easily fit into every kind of situation.

The archer is selective in choosing a partner for life. He doesn’t adore someone stuck and rigid in her ways. So become mutable like him, and you’ll have done enough of the job!

5. Play It Cool With Him

Although he is an adventurous guy, he is a player too! You have to play superb to attract him. Rather than being available all the time, make him crave you. Mark my words; this is the best way to captivate the attention of a Sagittarius!

When texting, don’t send long paragraphs of what you’ve been doing and wanting. Don’t be so available to give your Sagittarius man a chase. It’s acting precisely opposite to the elemental fire sign because all the fire signs want to conquer.

So, if you become meaty, he’ll feel like he’s already won the battle. Hence, playing it cool and being a little unavailable from time to time will make him work for your attention!

Editor’s Tip

When flirting with him, be a little naughty and mischievous. Sagittarius men are attracted to women who can make them laugh and enjoy life! Do it by cracking jokes, being playful, and not taking everything too seriously.

6. Teach Him Something New

Sagittarius guy loves knowledge. His thirst for learning becomes a criterion when choosing a partner. He keeps his heart for the brainy girl who knows things well. Undoubtedly, he is a quick-witted person!

He already possesses a lot of knowledge about different things. So if you teach him something new, he’ll realize that his Virgo is the girl with a sharp mind and who can get along on adventures with him.

  • Talk about your views on different topics.
  • Make him realize that you’re well-read and have a myriad of interests.
  • Encourage his desire for knowledge by visiting new places and trying new things together.
  • You can also exchange books, have stimulating conversations, and engage in deep conversations to win his heart!

7. Be an Adventurous Spirit Like Him

Adventure is something inevitable for a Sagi guy! He is the type of man who bets on the spot. You must not appear fuddy-duddy. These guys are the archetype of the Centaur; they have the upper body of a male and the lower of a horse.

So, a Sagittarius guy likes to roam around. He is attracted by a woman who will take a trip out of the blue. He likes adventure and will find it pretty intriguing if you show your adventurous side.

  • Plan something that you both can do together, and make sure it’s thrilling enough for him.
  • You can try bungee jumping, hiking, or white-water rafting.
  • Sagittarius men are also into gambling, so you can go for a casino night or two!
  • Glamping can also be a good idea because it involves camping but with all the luxurious amenities.


All in all, the Sagittarius guy is a passionate, exciting, and forward-stimulated person. For choosing a life partner, he prefers a determined, adaptive, practical, intelligent, and mentally active woman. Now that you have got the secret of attracting Sagittarius guys, it’s for you to show that a Virgo woman is less than none!

Just go ahead, and display your mettle!