What Happens When You Ignore a Virgo Man?

What Happens When You Ignore A Virgo Man?

People always mistake Virgo men for being shallow and predictable. It’s not uncommon to hear someone claim to have fully understood everything about the Virgo man they’re seeing, but in most cases, they’re usually wrong.

Virgo men are multi-layered, and ignoring them can lead to so many reactions you won’t expect. 

You can never really tell if he’ll become distraught and start seeking your attention or if he’ll ignore you too and go on with his life.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re looking for an answer too, and luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

So what happens when you ignore a Virgo man?

When you ignore a Virgo man, he might not even notice, and when he does, he might start ignoring you too. Also, he might decide to chase you and fight for your attention or start having doubts about the relationship.

As we’ve said, Virgo men are multi-layered, and you’ll need more than the above brief to satisfy your query. Read through as we give you an in-depth analysis of the different ways a Virgo man reacts to being ignored.

What Happens When You Ignore a Virgo Man?

What Happens When You Ignore A Virgo Man?

A Virgo man is known for being logical, methodical, and practical. He is often highly analytical and can be quite picky about things. When you ignore a Virgo man, he will likely become very critical of you and your behavior.

If you want to know what happens when you ignore a Virgo man, keep reading.

He Might Not Notice

It’s common to ignore a man to gain his attention, but the average Virgo man is introverted and shy and might not even notice that you’re ignoring him. Most times, they’re not trying to play the upper hand or act mean; they simply don’t know what’s going on.

Virgo men are very emotional and prefer to create strong bonds even with friends. If you ignore him for a while and he doesn’t notice, you might want to reevaluate your relationship with him. This could indicate that he doesn’t really care much about you.

Use it as an opportunity to get to know him more. Ask him out to watch a movie with you, try having deep and personal conversations, and a bond with him.

However, if you feel like there’s an existing bond between you two, you can ignore him for a few more days and see if he’ll notice.

He Might Ignore You Too

Virgo men take friendships and relationships very seriously. They prioritize deeper and meaningful bonds, so they don’t take it lightly when their feelings are toyed with.

If you ignore a Virgo man with whom you share a close bond, he’ll feel very hurt, and in a bid to protect his feelings and save face, he might ignore you too.

Virgo men are introverted and comfortable living solely in their own world. He’ll take up more work, keep busy, and do everything to show you he’s comfortable without your attention.

This is also a result of their low confidence and self-esteem. When you ignore a Virgo man, he might take it as he’s not worthy enough of your attention, and to not embarrass himself, he might decide to ignore you too.

If your Virgo man starts ignoring you, be the bigger person and reach out to him first. Tell him why you were ignoring him and ask why he was too. Virgo men appreciate honesty, and your bond might even become stronger because of this.

He Might Change The Way He Behaves

This is especially true if you’re ignoring him because he did something wrong. Virgo men don’t like to lose people close to them, and if it means changing themselves to preserve the relationship, they’ll gladly do it.

That’s why it is advisable to take the ignoring approach at times. For example, if your Virgo man has a hot temper and doesn’t want to improve even after your pleas, ignoring him can lead to change.

Virgo men value their partners highly; they hate breakups, especially when they are the reason for the breakup. Ignoring him is your way of showing him your worth in his life and pushing him to decide if he’s willing to change to keep you.

Editor’s Comments

If a Virgo man truly loves you, he’ll change or at least make an effort. Virgo men are genuine lovers and always willing to work and fight for their relationship.

He Might Chase You

Virgo men are loyal and passionate lovers. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the longevity of their relationship. Once a Virgo man notices that you’re ignoring him, he will try to reach you and find out what he did wrong.

To make him chase you more, always be busy. Whether it’s work, reading, or gym visits, find a way to subtly show him how busy and complete your life is without him.

Regularly post updates of your activities and interact with friends online, so he knows you’re not giving everyone the same treatment. However, don’t just abandon communication with him completely.

Reply to his texts and answer his calls but keep the conversations light. But when he asks you to meet in person, tell him you can’t make it and that you have a lot to do.

Virgo men love to spend time with their partners, and you’ll notice him working harder to get your attention. He might even send your gifts or randomly show up to offer you help.

He Might Start To Doubt The Relationship

Virgos are overthinkers that like to blame themselves for everything wrong. When you ignore a Virgo man, you are basically plunging him into a well of self-doubts.

You’ll have him saying things like “I messed things up again,” “I am alone again, and it’s my fault.”

Once a Virgo man starts harboring such thoughts, he might stop contacting you. You won’t receive any calls, texts, or visits from him. He’ll completely shut you out of his life simply because he believes you don’t like him anymore.

Virgo men expect their relationship to be built on mutual love and understanding. Ignoring him suggests otherwise.

If you’re in a relationship with him, he might call it off. If you notice he’s pulling out of the relationship and you don’t want that, reach out to him and explain things.

He’ll appreciate it if you told him how you felt but be careful, though, because if the reason for you ignoring him was trivial or joky, he might get offended and even decide he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore.

The Bottom Line

Virgo men are way more multifaceted than people give them credit for. People think they can easily read them, but in actuality, when you ignore a Virgo man, it’s very difficult to accurately predict his reaction.

However, thanks to astrology, there are some things to expect when you ignore a Virgo man.

For one, the shy and introverted earth sign might not even notice that you’re no longer giving him attention, and sometimes when he notices, he might decide to ignore you too.

Also, he might change the way he behaves toward you and start fighting for your attention. Lastly, he might start to wallow in self-doubts and call off the relationship.