What To Wear To Attract a Cancer Man? (Dress To Impress)

What To Wear To Attract A Cancer Man?

Cancer men are mysterious, sensitive, and emotional. Unlike other signs, Cancers don’t open up easily. They want you to break down their walls, and they want to learn to trust you. If you try to take things too fast with him, this crab will run back into his shell.

A Cancer man isn’t hard to please. He doesn’t want you to worry about what to wear, he just wants you to be comfortable. But still, he likes women that dress feminine. Additionally, a Cancer man values personality over looks.

He definitely cares about looks, curves, and every other thing men care about, but he values personality more. You may not be the best-dressed woman, but you can keep a Cancer man as long as you have an exceptional personality.

However, dressing great can give you an edge in the competition of attracting a cancer man. He may not know how great your personality is until he notices how you dress.

So what should you wear to attract a Cancer man?

Wear soft-textured clothes that make you comfortable. You can also wear colors that remind your Cancer man of the ocean, like blue, silver, and white. Your Cancer man likes feminine and maternal energy, so don’t be scared to show some cleavage in moderation.

Let’s take an in-depth look into what you can wear to attract a cancer man.

1. Comfy Clothes

Comfy Clothes

Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater or beautiful silk dress? A Cancer man wants you to have plenty of breathing room. If you think he’ll be attracted to tight dresses or jeans, think again. He likes soft clothes because he wants to be able to touch you.

In tight dresses, you can’t move around comfortably, and a Cancer man wants to be able to hold your hands, carry you, throw you around and cuddle you. To do this, you have to wear what you’ll feel comfortable playing in.

Of course, you can wear heels on date night or that tight red dress that accentuates your curves. However, you need to know when to wear formal clothes. If you’re meeting your cancer man somewhere casual, go for soft clothes instead.

2. Wear Oceanic Colors

Wear Oceanic Colors

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon. The crab loves to dwell on land but sometimes goes for a swim in the ocean. In the same way, Cancer men love to be reminded of how beautiful the ocean is.

Colors like blue, white, silver, and green make you look natural and attractive to your Cancer man. However, this isn’t necessary. Your Cancer man doesn’t really care about colors. He just wants to see you be yourself. If red is your style, wear comfortable red dresses, and he’ll find you attractive.

Don’t try to change your style to attract your Cancer man. Eventually, he’ll get pissed and start trusting you less when he finds out you were pretending.

3. Show Some Cleavage

Show Some Cleavage

Cancer men are attracted to maternal energy and femininity. They’re usually breast lovers, so a subtle way to attract them is to show some cleavage. Tank tops, sleeveless blouses, v-necks, wear whatever reminds your Cancer man of maternal energy.

When rocking clothes that show your cleavage, don’t let your bosoms roam freely under the dress. Wear a fitted bra to raise them and make them more attractive. You can also wear accessories like necklaces but nothing too flashy.

If you wear an expensive necklace, you’re indirectly inviting people to look at your chest area, which can make a Cancer man feel uncomfortable with you. A simple necklace will do. It’ll bring attention to your cleavage, but not too much attention.

Additionally, there’s a thin line between showing a little cleavage and indecent dressing. Know the difference. The key is to be moderate. Going overboard will have the opposite effect on your Cancer man. Know when to draw the line.

4. Be Casual

Be Casual

Cancer men want you to be natural or at least comfortable around them. You don’t need to pull out your entire makeup box before seeing your Cancer man. If you can’t do without makeup, then foundation, a little lip gloss, and an eye liner are more than enough.

Heavy makeup shows that you’re trying to look cool or perfect around your Cancer man. Light makeup, on the other hand, signifies femininity, naturalness, and comfort. There’s a time to wear heavy makeup, but stuffing your face with makeup every time isn’t going to make your Cancer man attracted to you.

To look even more casual, wear casual clothes. I’m talking about jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and even skirts. Wear what you’d normally wear to hang out with close friends, and you’ll give your cancer man the impression that you’re comfortable around him.

5. Be Well Groomed

Be Well Groomed

If you take a bath regularly, you’re already good in this category. However, you need to be exceptional if you want your Cancer man to fall deeply in love with you. Now, what exactly does being well groomed even mean?

Firstly, your skin should be radiant and moisturized. Get plenty of sleep, so you don’t look tired during the day, and hydrate regularly to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

Your nails don’t have to be painted, but they should look clean and polished. If they are painted, use accessories that match your nails, like bags and shoes. Cancer men usually notice little things like that.

Wash your hair every time you have a bath, dry it, and apply hair-care products. Pack your hair into a bun, ponytail, or any way that’ll make you look clean. Brush your teeth twice daily and chew gum.

6. Wear Perfume

Wear Perfume

This is supposed to be in the grooming section, but it deserves to stand alone because the importance of smelling nice cannot be overemphasized. The female body scent is more intense than a male’s–this can be an advantage and a disadvantage.

If you have body odor, your Cancer man will smell it a mile away. Cancer men are highly perceptive and intuitive. Wear perfume, use deodorants, and all kinds of scented products, but in moderation.


A Cancer man doesn’t want you to care too much about what you wear, but you need to look your best to attract him. Be comfortable in your skin and clothes, be casual, show some cleavage, be well groomed and wear perfume.