How To Know if Aries Woman Is Playing With You

How To Know If Aries Woman Is Playing With You

The greatest general attributes of Aries women are also the source of their most significant flaws in a relationship.

An Aries woman is strong, bold, and independent. These are attributes that most men look out for in women, which makes them always want to jump into a relationship with an Aries woman. However, these traits might sometimes make her appear nonchalant, which makes it hard to tell if an Aries woman is playing with you or just being her natural self.

Although Aries women like to act all bossy and without emotions with people around them, when they genuinely fall in love, they put conscious effort into the relationship and do all they can to make you feel loved. 

An Aries woman who is genuinely in love with you will learn about your hobbies, strive to be your closest companion, be obedient to you, and honestly care about you. Once you notice none of these attributes is apparent in the relationship, she is probably playing with you.

Follow us as we unveil some of the characteristics that show that an Aries woman is toying with your emotions.

Factors That Will Determine if an Aries Woman Is Playing You

Factors That Will Determine If An Aries Woman Is Playing You

It is not a rare situation to find yourself confused about where you stand in a relationship with an Aries woman. Most times, Aries women can mask their feelings effortlessly due to their self-mastered independent attitude.

The following characteristics can help you determine if an Aries woman loves you or if she is playing with you.

1. Enthusiasm


Aries women are mostly always focused on the business that pays them and will not bother to put effort into deceiving you if they don’t like you. They would instead channel that energy into other productive activities.

If you notice that an Aries woman is genuinely interested in knowing you, she most likely is not playing with you.

When your Aries woman is curious about your hobbies, goals, and how you like to spend your free time, the chances that you are beyond her nonchalant phase are high.

However, if she doesn’t do this, it might not necessarily mean that she is playing with you, as long as she exhibits her love through other means.

2. Clinginess

To prove that they are entirely independent, Aries women try as much as they can to rid themselves of any emotional attachment or display. This trick further helps them achieve their aim of coming off as a bossy type to everyone.

Nevertheless, when an Aries woman falls in love, she will not be able to keep her guards up anymore, as she will become hopelessly romantic.

Hence, if your Aries woman is the type that always wants to be around you and in your skin, staring cheerfully into your eyes, holding hands regularly, she is definitely in love with you.

3. Public Display of Affection

Public Display Of Affection

If an Aries woman is not in love with you, she would never engage in any act of intimacy with you in public. When Aries women are playing with you, they will ensure that all your activities with them are off the public eye.

For this reason, if your Aries woman has been having public displays of affection with you either in real life or on the internet, she is certainly not playing with you.

It might take a long time before you get to the level where she would do this, but at a point, she’s bound to do it. Aries women love showing off their men for the world to see.

They would seize any opportunity to tell anyone willing to listen about how much you mean to them and how they are happy with your presence in their life.

4. Appreciation

When an Aries woman is in love with you, it doesn’t take much for you to impress her.

Suppose you do amazing things for your Aries woman, and she shows little or no appreciation whatsoever. In that case, she is probably just toying with your feelings because beneath their charade lies a highly appreciative woman.

Every little act of kindness you do for an Aries woman that genuinely loves you will be blown out of proportion by her gratitude. Aries women never fail to heap praises on their men at every opportunity.

If this is not the case in your relationship with your Aries woman, her love for you may be questionable.

5. Obedience


Aries women are very different when it comes to being authoritarian. They hate when people create rules and tell them how to live their lives.

An Aries woman believes she alone is in charge of her life and every activity in her life. She will barely seek advice from anyone or welcome any unsolicited ones. For Aries women, it is their rules, their life.

However, as strict as they could be, they soften up when they fall in love. They become considerate of their partners before making decisions about their lives.

When an Aries woman solicits your advice and goes on to capitalize on it, that is a clear indication that she indeed loves you and respects you as the man of her life.


Being in a relationship with an Aries woman has pros and cons. If you are not strong enough to handle intense and independent women, you should steer clear of Aries women because they are very strict and hardheaded.

Before they fall in love with you, they would test your waters to figure out if you are capable or not.

Eventually, if they find out you are not the type of man they want, they might keep you around for selfish reasons. When they do this, you may confuse it for genuine likeness, but if you are careful enough, you should be able to figure out when an Aries woman is playing with you.