What an Aquarius Man Needs in a Woman

What An Aquarius Man Needs In A Woman

Perhaps you’ve started dating an Aquarius man, and you’re wondering what it takes to keep him, or you just have a crush, and you want to get his attention. Either way, you’re in the right place.

Aquarius men tend to be realistic when choosing a partner. They gravitate to women they know they can get and seek to make their lives better. So what does an Aquarius man need in a woman?

An Aquarius man loves an assertive, self-reliant, and sincere woman. His perfect woman isn’t too emotional but logical. Since Aquarius men are also creative and focused, they love intellectual women.

Below is a thorough list of the qualities an Aquarius man wants in a woman.

8 Traits an Aquarius Man Needs in a Woman

8 Traits An Aquarius Man Needs In A Woman

When it comes to relationships, Aquarius men seek someone who is understanding of their need for freedom and independence while still being emotionally supportive and accepting of them.

In order to have a successful relationship with an Aquarius man, it is important to understand what he needs from his partner.

Here are some of the key qualities that an Aquarius man looks for in a woman.

1. Be Self-Reliant

Like their Aries and Capricorn counterparts, Aquarius men value independence. To impress an Aquarius, you need to be a go-getter woman who knows what she wants out of life. They like women who value their freedom and don’t need to depend on others.

An Aquarius also often requires space to work on their goals. They want a partner that makes it comfortable for them to do their thing and follow their dreams.

You may find an Aquarius man not speaking to you for a long time. This isn’t because they aren’t thinking about you. They just need their alone time. Instead of being clingy, let him come to you, and don’t be too available.

2. Be Mysterious

Don’t be too predictable. When an Aquarius man meets you for the first time, he may not talk as much as you expect. This is because he is very observant. He wants to know what makes you tick. To make him even more attracted to you, return the energy.

Aquarius men are stimulated by surprises and unpredictability, so try to keep him in the dark for as long as necessary. But not too long.

Don’t talk about yourself too much during conversations, and ask him questions. He’ll try to ask you questions first, but as I said, be mysterious.

He is naturally curious, so let him enjoy breaking down your walls and getting to know you.

Aquarius men are also eccentric. They love weird things and love women that love weird things even more. Be interested in their weird hobbies or interests, and they’ll vibe with you more that way.

3. Be Rebellious and Daring

Don’t be afraid to take risks around an Aquarius man; he lives for the excitement, and he loves a woman who dares to be different. He wants someone who’s not scared to go against the status quo and uphold her beliefs.

He also wants a woman who doesn’t let herself get stepped on. To win his heart, you need to be assertive and strong.

You should also have an open mind, neglect what society thinks is right, strongly believe in your opinions, and show how far you’re willing to go for them.

4. Be Intelligent

There’s a difference between being smart and intelligent. You get smart through learning and gaining knowledge, but intelligence, on the other hand, is more innate. Intelligence is your ability to learn and implement.

Aquarius men are suckers for women who think intelligently. You should be able to find new, ingenious ways to solve problems and have meaningful conversations.

Also, don’t be afraid to talk nerdy with him; he enjoys it. Be showy of your knowledge of science, history, arts, or any other topic, but talk too fast, and you’ll ruin the conversation.

You need to be able to talk at the right pace and even hold back on certain details.

As mentioned earlier, Aquarius men are realists. They don’t like women based on superficial qualities like looks but rather on what they have upstairs.

5. Be Funny and Humorous but Don’t Force It

Who doesn’t love someone with a great sense of humor? Be someone fun to talk to, but don’t force it. Be your most authentic self and let the conversation flow naturally. Aquarius men appreciate authenticity.

Dark humor, puns, jokes, and witty remarks mean so much to the average Aquarius man. Be goal-oriented, but at the same time, don’t take everything too seriously.

6. Be a Best Friend

There’s a thin line between friendship and a romantic relationship so you should be able to act like a friend when needed. Aquarius men aren’t only looking for romance, they want friendship too.

Show your caring side and be the best friend you can be. If you aren’t dating yet, you don’t need to dive into a relationship right away. Spend some time in the friend zone because it’ll help you understand your potential man.

Try to be easygoing with an Aquarius man. In other words, don’t make it seem so obvious that you’re into him.

Be that someone who gets him like no one, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend through the highs and lows. With time, he’ll develop feelings for you then you’ll define your relationship.

7. Be Sincere

Aquarius is one of the most sincere and straightforward zodiac signs. An Aquarius man says whatever is in his mind most times, and he’s very upfront about everything.

This toxic sincerity can come off as sarcastic or impolite sometimes, but that’s how he’s wired. So to win his heart, you also need to be as truthful as possible.

8. Don’t Be Too Emotional

If you’re a drama queen, don’t fall for an Aquarius man mainly because he thinks with his head and not his heart. He is driven by reason, and he makes logical decisions.

Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to get vulnerable with him from time to time, but it shouldn’t get too much. Big gestures, drama, and overly emotional conversations don’t sit right with the typical Aquarius man, so try to rationalize your emotions (if that makes sense).

He’d also have a hard time opening up to you and expressing feelings, so you need to accept him the way he is.


Before you get into a relationship with an Aquarius man, be his best friend first. In the relationship, be focused, make intelligent decisions, be honest, be independent, be lively and energetic, be logical, and don’t be afraid to take risks, and you’ll win his heart in no time.