What Not To Do During Venus Retrograde

What Not To Do During Venus Retrograde

If you know anything about the alignment of the stars, you might have already heard of Mercury Retrograde.

But did you know that other planets can go into retrograde as well? The Morning Star Venus, the planet of Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty, and art, is no exception.

Because the planet is moving backward from our perspective, we Earthlings feel like we’re moving much quicker than usual to Venus. Venus Retrograde is the time to reflect on our values, material and intangible.

Ideally, we should not undergo any physical transformations, beauty procedures, major financial investments, splurging, or legal affairs. If something involving your romantic affections or social graces feels off, try to think it over before getting back with an ex or jumping into a new love affair.

Find out what else you shouldn’t do when Venus is in retrograde below!

What Happens During Venus Retrograde?

What Happens During Venus Retrograde?

Retrograde means to “move backward,” and this is what we see Venus as when it is in retrograde. If Venus is in retrograde, it appears from our perspective here on Earth that it is moving backward.

Venus enters into retrograde about every 18 months. Venus stays in retrograde for about six weeks.

You may experience issues with your marriage, relationships, and even beauty, especially if you are a woman. Venus Retrograde brings back past lovers, ex-friends, and other forms of partners. 

Venus Retrograde reminds us to reevaluate our principles and goals.

It is also best to refrain from drastic physical transformations or makeovers when Venus is in retrograde.

What Does Venus in Retrograde Affect?

What Does Venus In Retrograde Affect?

When in retrograde, Venus, ruled by Taurus and Libra, can affect many things related to the 2nd and 7th Houses of astrology.

The 2nd house’s keyword is values. It deals with the material possessions and personal principles we deem important for our security. The 2nd house deals with earning capacity and profit or loss from our work. It is also the house of material debt and investments.

The 7th house’s keyword is cooperation. Ruled by Libra, it deals with anything to do with partnerships–business and personal alike. This includes marriage, legal contracts between two parties, our public persona, and how the public perceives us. Venus Retrograde reminds us to be careful and reassess our relationships and anything related to finances and contracts.

Venus, as the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is also a patron of women. It is a worthwhile opportunity to reflect on your sexuality and health if you are a woman.

What Not To Do During Venus Retrograde

For many, the retrograde periods of Venus are more of an inconvenience than anything else. And for a good reason! The planet of love has its own unique way of keeping us on our toes.

With Venus in retrograde, finances, relationships, beauty, and health are all areas you should consider with caution. Consider the repercussions of taking action before a decision is finalized.

Beauty and Health

Beauty And Health

The goddess Venus loves anything beautiful and artistic. And makeovers are a form of art!

Venus Retrograde is not the most suitable time to visit the spa, salon, or other beauty clinics. Of course, this means avoiding hair transformations (like dyeing your hair an adventurous color or getting a completely new cut) or undergoing cosmetic work or plastic surgery.

However, Venus Retrograde may be an incredible time to indulge in self-care as we reexamine our innate beauty, both in mind and body. Draw yourself a simple bath or shower at home. It’ll do wonders to your mood!



Venus Retrograde makes the ruling of the 2nd and 7th houses muddled, including anything to do with your values, self-worth, relationships, and even legal matters. It is advised not to take significant decisions related to these things when Venus is in retrograde.

If you are a practicing witch, love spells may not work as well during Venus Retrograde so hold off until the planet is back in proper motion.

Expect to also experience misunderstandings with your partner. Be careful of the romantic and sexual experiences you may get yourself into.

So the next time your ex suddenly contacts you after a long time of not speaking, or you suddenly feel the urge to talk to a past lover again, check if Venus is in retrograde first.

At the very least, Venus Retrograde presents this as an opportunity to perhaps not rekindle an old flame but begin the process of healing old wounds. It is a great time to have closure and forgive your past.

Take this as an opportunity to also work on yourself and understand why you are attracted to the same man or woman time and time again. Understand what aspects of your relationship are causing distress and if those things can be changed.

And if that relationship can’t be changed, maybe it’s time to let go or look for a healthier way to love yourself. Venus retrogrades generally offer us opportunities for self-discovery, so use this time wisely!

Legal and Financial Affairs

Legal And Financial Affairs

Venus Retrograde is not an ideal time to make hasty decisions regarding financial and legal affairs.

So it may be prudent to hold off on signing that lease for the apartment you’re only 70% sure of until Venus is back in direct motion. This will help avoid buyers’ remorse. After a month or two, perhaps a better listing may present itself!

It is not a wise move to invest in anything financially significant or take on debt during Venus Retrograde.

This also relates to shopping and the tendency to overspend. Venus is quite a generous planet, so our urge to splurge (no pun intended) is actually heightened during this time.

Before you purchase that quite expensive micro-trendy item, think it over. It may be better if you take a break from shopping for now. Your wallet will thank you later.


The planet of love going into retrograde is a time for us to reassess our one-on-one relationships, both professional and personal ones. The most meaningful relationship we must cultivate is, of course, with ourselves.

Reconnect with your feelings, let go of emotional baggage, and re-learn the art of being yourself.

Venus rules beauty, so when in retrograde, it impacts things relating to physical transformation. You may experience issues when visiting the spa, hair salon, cosmetic surgeon, etc. In fact, it’s not a great time to get a completely different haircut or change your appearance.

The Venus Retrograde can also impact relationships; people may experience misunderstandings with their partners. The Venus Retrograde may offer an opportunity to look back at past relationships and find closure.

Alternatively, if you are single and looking for love, this may be the perfect time to take a break from dating and focus on yourself instead.

Be sure to check which sign the retrograde takes place in, as this could also affect your emotions. For instance, if Venus is in retrograde in Gemini (which will be in transit in 2023), your issues with your significant other or business associates may be due to miscommunication and technology-related situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Venus Retrograde cause breakups?

Because Venus Retrograde can muddle up our romantic lives, this may also cause issues or breakups for couples already on the rocks.

Similarly, if your relationship is going strong, Venus Retrograde might actually help your relationship prosper through working on your individual self-esteem and understanding each other’s love language better.

Does Venus Retrograde bring back exes?

Venus Retrograde is when your ex may try to contact you again. Some astrologers believe that past relationships can make a return or that current relationships can become wobbly.

If your ex tries to contact you, try to think it over: is it a good time to get back together, or is it better to seek peace and healing instead?

Who does Venus Retrograde affect?

Venus Retrograde affects people with strong Taurus and Libra placements.

On the other hand, they say that people with their natal Venus in retrograde or any planet in Rx have a much easier time when the said planet has a retrograde transit. This is because having their natal Venus already in Rx gives them an inherent understanding of Venus’s nature when in retrograde.