How To Hurt a Gemini Man Emotionally (& Get Your Revenge)

How To Hurt A Gemini Man Emotionally

Hurting a Gemini man’s emotions is not as easy as it seems because the men born under this zodiac sign are highly self-confident. They have mastered the art of not concerning themselves with the opinions of others.

However, they can still get hurt if the attack comes from someone in their inner circle.

A Gemini man’s circle is one of his most sacred things, and he guides it with the highest precaution.

It takes a lot before a Gemini man would grant you access to his personal space. He knows that the more people he lets in, the higher the chances of someone hurting him emotionally.

As such, before you can even consider hurting a Gemini man, you have to ensure that you are among the people he rates so highly.

Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and efforts. If you are already part of this circle, it becomes easy for you to accomplish this task of hurting a Gemini man’s emotions.

So, how can you hurt a Gemini man emotionally?

You can hurt a Gemini man’s emotions by attacking some of the attributes he is most proud of: his intelligence and communication skills. Betraying a Gemini man’s trust is also another easy way to make him feel hurt.

Read this article to the end if you are willing to learn how to hurt a Gemini man emotionally.

5 Strategies To Hurt a Gemini Man Emotionally

5 Strategies To Hurt A Gemini Man Emotionally

Unlike many other zodiac signs, Gemini men are built to withstand any form of attack from people they don’t consider friends and family.

You can keep trying to hurt a Gemini man, and he wouldn’t even pay you attention. The only way to penetrate his armor is by using information he has shared with only his circle.

Perhaps you were in a relationship with a Gemini man, and he hurt you one way or another.

You might want to hurt him back, but you need to understand that once a Gemini man moves on from you, he doesn’t consider you to be in his close circle anymore. That way, whatever you do or say might not hurt him.

However, you can use some of the information he must have shared with you when the going was good. You can also use some of his actions from the time to hurt him.

Regardless of whether you are still in a Gemini man’s close circle or not, you can use any of the following strategies to hurt him emotionally.

1. Attack His Intelligence

A Gemini man’s intelligence is the attribute he cares about and boasts of the most. This is the core trait that helps boost their self-confidence because they believe that their intelligence will always make way for them, whatever the situation.

If you can strategically devise a means to attack his intelligence and back it up with some scenarios where he has goofed in the past, the Gemini man’s ego will be incredibly bruised.

To make this strategy work, you must ensure that you don’t just say it casually because he would shrug it off as just banter.

2. Spill His Secrets

One of the default reactions that a Gemini man likes to use when offended is the silent treatment.

Whenever a Gemini man is mad at you, he will stop talking to you entirely and aim to hurt you emotionally by making you keep wondering how you have offended him.

When this happens, and you aim to hurt his emotions, you should find one or two of your mutual friends and share some of his secrets. After their intelligence, the other attribute that Gemini men care about is their reputation, especially among their friends.

The moment he hears that you are gossiping about him with his friends, he will immediately reach out to you and offer to call a truce.

3. Criticize His Communication Skills

If you intend to hurt a Gemini man during an argument, act like you can not make any sense of what he is saying.

Gemini men pride themselves on being excellent communicators and that they can have a clear conversation even with people that have low comprehension.

Taking away this quality from them by making it seem like they are terrible at communicating their opinion and feelings will have them hurting inside because they will feel like they are not good enough.

One of the biggest insults that impair their ego is being called stupid. 

4. Betray His Trust

It takes a lot to earn a Gemini man’s trust, but when you finally attain it, you hold a powerful card that you can easily wield to hurt him whenever you want.

Possibly, you are in a relationship with a Gemini man, or you both have feelings for each other, but he has hurt you one way or the other, and you want to hurt him back.

You can get back at him by betraying his trust in you in various ways.

It could be by blackmailing him with his deepest secret or cheating on him. It will hurt him even more if you cheat on him with one of his friends, as that will make him lose the trust of 2 people in his circle of few friends.

5. Insult His Friends

As stated earlier, it is not easy to get into a Gemini man’s personal space where he has all his trusted friends and family. For them, this space is like their escape from the worries of life.

For this reason, they love it so much when everyone in this circle gets along very well, like one big happy family.

If you want to hurt a Gemini man emotionally, find a way to create massive chaos among his close friends.

When you insult his friends, the Gemini man will be more hurt than the person insulted because he would blame himself for making the mistake of bringing you into his personal space.  


There are several reasons why people might want to hurt others emotionally, and there are even more ways to hurt them.

To impair a Gemini man’s emotions, you must ensure you are in his close circle of friends and then attack either his intelligence or personality and betray his trust.