What To Do When a Gemini Man Pulls Away? (Get Him Back)

What To Do When A Gemini Man Pulls Away

Relationships are not always a bed of sweet roses, and as such, there are sometimes that your partner might pull away from you for various reasons.

This effect might be a consequence of your actions or probably just a random phase in the relationship.

If your partner is a Gemini man and you have noticed that he is gradually pulling away from you, you might start racking your head to figure out why.

However, if you don’t know the main reasons why Gemini men pull away, you might find it challenging to figure out why this your partner is drifting apart.

Only when you understand the main reasons why Gemini men pull away can you know how to react to this situation.

This begs the most important question of this article; what to do when a Gemini man pulls away?

When a Gemini man pulls away, the first thing to do is to figure out why he is doing so. After figuring this out, you will create a tailor-made solution for what you suspect is his reason for losing interest in you or the relationship.

This article will give you in-depth tips on what you can do when a Gemini man is pulling away.  

How To React When Your Gemini Starts Pulling Away

How To React When Your Gemini Starts Pulling Away

Deducing the reason behind people’s actions is not always the easiest thing to do. One person’s reason for doing something will not be the same as the next.

Nevertheless, thanks to astrology, we can now streamline some of these attributes to understand why people under a particular zodiac sign act the way they do.

For example, you can now understand why Geminis pull away from a relationship, and consequently, you will find out how best to react when they do this.

When your Gemini man starts becoming distant, you can use any of the following approaches as your reaction.

Find Out Why He Is Pulling Away

This should be your first reaction by default whenever you think your Gemini man is pulling away from you in the relationship. You must find the root of the problem and cut it off to stop it from springing up again some other time.

However, you should not be too surprised if you find out that your Gemini man does not have any reason for pulling away.

Geminis are known for constantly gliding away from a relationship over the flimsiest excuses. They might even do it because of some scenarios they must have created in their head and concluded that it is the reality.

When you eventually discover his reasons for being distant from the relationship, only then can you apply a deserving solution to it.

Nevertheless, it would help if you remember that you may not be able to influence his decisions as much as you would like, especially if you try to force the relationship on him.

Make Him Feel Important

If you are unable to figure out exactly why your Gemini man is pulling away, you might want to try some other approaches to fix things with him.

Him being a Gemini, there is a high possibility that he is pulling away because he feels you don’t need him or he is unimportant.

In this case, you should give him a sense of inclusivity.

Tell him how important he is to you and that if he leaves you, it will create a void you might never be able to fill. Geminis thrive best where they feel wanted.

Their ego would not allow them to dwell for long where they are not appreciated and needed.

Make Him See the Good Things About Himself

It should not come as a surprise to you when you find out that the reason why the Gemini man is pulling away from you has nothing to do with you at all.

They are known for always being too hard on themselves and being their own biggest critics.

He might lose sight of the relationship because of how he feels about himself. When a Gemini man evaluates his achievements and feels he is not doing as well as he should, he will condemn himself in many ways, including believing that he doesn’t deserve you.

Your best bet in this situation is to sing praises of him randomly.

You should applaud some of his recent achievements and let him know that he is doing well for himself.

When you do all of these, his self-esteem will skyrocket again, and he will be back to being the kind of partner you want in the relationship.

Give Him Space

Sometimes, the best solution is to exit a situation that is not going the way you want it to. This exit can be temporary or permanent, depending on the problem and how much you are willing to do to fix it.

If you have tried your best to prevent your Gemini man from pulling away from the relationship and all prove abortive, you might want to try giving him some space to see if it will give him clarity on what he wants.

Constantly forcing him to talk about the situation might lead to further damage, creating an extremely hard-to-fill gap.

As such, you should endeavor not to try too hard. Give him some space, and he might return to his natural self in no time.  


There are various reasons why a Gemini man can pull away from a relationship. The most critical response to such a situation is to narrow down the list of options as to why he is pulling away.

When you figure this out, you can now apply the best solution, which may be to help boost his self-esteem, make him feel important, or decide to give him space.