How To Find Your Soulmate Using Astrology

Finding Your Soulmate Using Astrology

Astrology serves as excellent guidance in many aspects of our lives, our most intimate relationships notwithstanding. When we meet someone new, we often share small talk: favorite movies, hobbies, and zodiac signs. But astrology presents many ways of finding out if you want to know whether a new flame could be a soulmate connection.

The 7th House rules one’s partnerships throughout all stages of life and can determine in which circumstances you can meet your soulmate.

Besides looking at sun signs, there are other ways one can find their soulmate by looking at one’s birth chart.

This article shall describe the location and theme of how one meets their soulmate by determining the 7th House Ruler.

What Is a Soulmate?

What Is A Soulmate?

“Say nothing, I understand your silence.” Perhaps no quote is better to describe how it feels to be with a soulmate better than this. 

You know you’ve found your soulmate when you share a deep relationship and connection with them, even from the get-go. You should feel at ease and comfortable with your soulmate, and there is a sentiment that you feel in your heart that you truly belong together.

While all relationships require compromise and healthy communication to work, soulmate connections are said to be easy, typically free of conflict, and one that makes you feel as if you’ve known each other long before you’ve met. 

Some may even say it’s written in the stars. 

Who Is My Soulmate?

By looking at the asteroid Juno in your natal chart, you may find out what your soulmate or future spouse is like.

You may generate your birth chart through Astrodienst. Click on Horoscopes, and under it, select Extended Chart Selection. Enter your birth details (an accurate birth time is necessary to determine your 7th House). Scroll down to the additional objects and select Juno before clicking Continue. 

In Roman mythology, Juno is Jupiter’s devoted wife; hence this is the asteroid of marriage and commitment.

Juno endures the storm and remains through all hardships. This is the sign that you do not necessarily want but definitely need.

The sign of your Juno, like all other placements, is not strictly the sun sign of your soulmate; instead, they may embody the traits these signs possess.

Your soulmate may have the sign of your Juno’s characteristics which they carry gracefully into your relationship.

What Is the 7th House in Astrology?

What Is The 7Th House In Astrology?

The 7th House represents the partnership dynamics one has throughout all stages of life. It is usually where astrologers look when trying to read someone’s luck in love and marriage harmony.  

Why Is the 7th House Important?

Look at your 7th House Ruler to find out where you will meet your soulmate. The descendant is the sign opposite your ascendant and is the sign that you naturally attract.

Because your rising or ascendant sign is the one you intrinsically embody, the sign on the 7th House, its contrast in the chart wheel, shows the characteristics you have repressed.

It is essential to look at the 7th House when looking for your soulmate because this is the sign that helps bring out the unconsciousness in you. For instance, practical Virgo is the opposite of dreamy Pisces, while carefree Libra in the 1st House is likely to attract assertive Aries on the 7th. 

Due to this, when we meet someone who embodies the traits we have left in our subconsciousness, we are intrigued by these people and their opposite traits. These people allow us to feel comfortable with our repressed qualities and help us recognize our shadow side.

Some astrologers also use the sign in your 7th House to know where you will meet your future spouse or soulmate. 

How Do I Know Where My 7th House Ruler Is?

To know your Seventh Ruler, you should look for the sign in your Seventh House cusp and the corresponding planet that this sign rules.

You may find them accordingly in the chart below.

SignTraditional Ruler
Aquarius Saturn

So if, for instance, your friend’s 7th House is in Aries, its traditional planetary ruler is Mars. When you look at their birth chart, their Mars is in the 11th House. Therefore their 7th House Ruler is located in the 11th House. 

Where You’ll Meet Your Soulmate Based on Your 7th House Ruler

Where You'Ll Meet Your Soulmate Based On Your 7Th House Ruler

Now that you know what your 7th House Lord is, it is time to find out the themes where you will meet your soulmate. You may scroll down the list below to find out the circumstances in which you will encounter your future spouse or soulmate depending on your 7th House Ruler.

7th House Lord in the 1st

You will most likely meet your spouse or soulmate by your efforts and by putting yourself out there. Your union places importance on balancing one another out.

7th House Lord in the 2nd

Through luxurious activities or hedonistic means. The 2nd House rules material possessions so you may meet your soulmate through activities like shopping or going out and spending money.

7th House Lord in the 3rd

This is the House of communication, so you may meet your soulmate through the media industry, social media, or any social setting, including parties and even short-distance travel. It may even be through classes, workshops, and other networking events.

7th House Lord in the 4th

Your soulmate is possibly someone from your past or hometown. Someone part of your childhood or young adulthood. You may also meet them through family: in reunions, through a family friend, or introduced by a family member.

7th House Lord in the 5th

You may meet your soulmate in a traditional manner: socializing with people, dating apps. Entertainment also plays a big part, including concerts, events, and parties done in leisure. Any activity that requires pleasurable and fun experiences is where you shall encounter your soulmate.

7th House Lord in the 6th

Because this is the House of service, you may meet your soulmate in a work setting. They may be your coworker, boss, or even meet them through these channels. It could be that your soulmate is also a patron of your business or employment facility.

7th House Lord in the 7th

Your soulmate may be introduced by a mutual friend. Settings include the marketplace, commercial establishments, social settings, etc. If you are an entrepreneur, you may meet them through business deals or contracts.

7th House Lord in the 8th

The 8th being the House of transitions; you may meet your spouse during a significant move in your life or during or after a transformative event. You may also meet them in a taboo setting or places people don’t usually visit.

7th House Lord in the 9th

You may meet your soulmate while visiting foreign lands and different countries. Travel is vital in the 9th House. Weddings, festivities, and higher education are also present when your 7th is in the 9th. 

7th House Lord in the 10th

Being the House of careers, your spouse or soulmate may be in an authoritative position relative to yours. You may meet your soulmate in the professional field or after achieving a significant career goal such as a promotion or higher social status.

7th House Lord in the 11th

Your soulmate is most likely a friend at first, perhaps belonging in the same social circle or you two becoming fast acquaintances. You may meet them during celebrations, networking events, and anything involving friendship as the central theme.

7th House Lord in the 12th

You may meet your soulmate in isolated or foreign lands where you do not know anyone. Specific locations are near bodies of water, deserted places, or anywhere isolated.

Other Considerations

To get an in-depth look at your dynamic with your partner, you may also generate your synastry chart, which creates an overlay of both your birth charts to see how your relationship manifests.

Looking at your synastry chart is another great way to determine whether or not you and your partner share some soulmate aspects.

Accurate birth time is required for optimal reading.

Again, it would help if you also looked at the planets that fall in one another’s 7th House. Personal planets that coincide within your partner’s 7th House and vice-versa show a strong bond, especially if it is the Moon or Venus. 

While the 7th House is a primary placement to look at for compatibility, other love asteroids (e.g., Valentine, Amor) and other planets (Saturn for commitment, Mars for sexual compatibility, Moon for emotional understanding) may also be reviewed to understand what a relationship between two people is like.


Our natal charts map the skies and the movements of heavenly bodies the moment we become our individuals.

As everyone has a unique birth chart, so do we have different ideal partners. If you are interested in finding your perfect partner, the 7th House Ruler determines the circumstances in where and how we meet our soulmates and the underlying themes such an encounter assumes.

The asteroid Juno reminds us of the qualities that a soulmate possesses, not necessarily our preferred features in another person, but unique talents and dispositions that result in that relaxed, harmonious soulmate connection.