What Happens When You Ignore a Pisces Man?

What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Man

There are several reasons why people ignore each other when relationships and emotions are involved. Some are more justifiable than others, but overall, choosing to ignore someone with the hope of them missing or chasing you may not always be the best option.

As much as it can work in situations involving some zodiac signs, it might backfire with others. You might want to find out what happens when you ignore a Pisces man.

To answer that question, you must provide answers to some other questions, such as why you are planning to ignore him and how long you intend to do it. By answering these questions, you can figure out the possible outcomes before you embark on it.

If you are planning to ignore a Pisces man because you want him to give you more attention, you may encounter one of these two possibilities. Your plan might work, as he might chase you relentlessly until he gets you, or he might give up on you completely.   

Read on if you plan to ignore a Pisces man to understand how he might react to your behavior.

How a Pisces Man Will React if You Ignore Him

How A Pisces Man Will React If You Ignore Him

One of the oldest tricks in the book that many people have used and still use today to get the attention of someone they love or have a crush on is nonchalance.

By acting like you don’t care about someone, their interest in you may become heightened, and they will put more effort into chasing you.

However, this trick may not always be productive in all cases. On the contrary, you might ruin your chances of being with them or sustaining the relationship when you try to ignore them.

The probability of the result you will get varies from one individual to another. Sometimes, the outcome can be determined through the zodiac sign of that person.

If you ignore a Pisces man, his reaction might be in the form of any of the following.

Backing Off

Using the ignoring tactic for a Pisces man is something you need to think through thoroughly before you embark on doing it. It will help if you take time to study the man to know if he is a sensitive type.

Pisces men that are sensitive always avoid anything that could cause them pain or expose their vulnerability. If he notices you are giving cold shoulders without any valuable reason, he might proactively start readying himself for a breakup.

Suppose you feel that ignoring him is the only option on the table, despite knowing how sensitive he is. In that case, you will need to be emotionally intelligent and highly observant every step of the way. You can subtly take note of his every reaction.

Once you notice that your plan is making him drift further away instead of compelling him to chase you, you should abort the mission immediately before it becomes too late.

Yearning for Your Attention

The good thing about ignoring someone that loves you wholeheartedly is that the person would start to cherish the attention they get from you more than they used to.

You would always be on their mind, and they would constantly endeavor to do anything to get your compassion. Since this is your original plan, you can quickly use that to your advantage but ensure you don’t let it drag on for too long.

A Pisces man that is not overly sensitive and paranoid about getting hurt will do all that he can to fix the relationship, especially if he knows he has done anything that must have triggered you into ignoring him.

Nonetheless, suppose this goes on for too long. In that case, he will eventually burn out his patience, and the natural sensitivity of Pisces men might rub off on him and make him exit the relationship before the situation starts to bruise his ego.

Starts Ignoring You Also

Of all zodiac signs, Pisces men are the ones that enjoy being alone from time to time. When a Pisces man is in love, he will engage in all the activities that lovers do, such as being clingy, public displays of affection, and stuff.

Nevertheless, he would still crave some alone time once in a while, and that’s not because he doesn’t love you. It is just the type of person he is.

As such, if you try to ignore a Pisces man who has wanted to be alone for a while, he might not react to you ignoring him. He would use the opportunity to enjoy his solitude, but breaking up with you would not even be an option.

When you are ready to patch things up, he will gladly accept you back, and if you don’t attempt to rectify things, he will approach you when he is done relishing his solitary moments.

At this point, if you still have not achieved your goal of ignoring him in the first place, then your Pisces man might have to go for either one of the two previous options, i.e., backing off or chasing you.

However, there is a high possibility that the latter will be his decision since he must have taken his time to reflect on every action that has led the relationship to that particular point.


Most decisions we make in life are full of risks because there are possibilities of multiple outcomes, yet we always aim for the best only.

Suppose your relationship with a Pisces man has gotten to a crossroads, and you are sure the only option to try is to ignore him and get him to chase you. In that case, you can go ahead with it but be careful and observant, so you won’t end up making the relationship even worse.

Take enough precautions and hope that your plan will turn out fine because sometimes, Pisces men are too sensitive for things like this, and if he takes it unkindly, that may be the end of the relationship altogether.

However, there is also a good chance you will achieve your targeted goal if you are cautious.