Pisces Color Palette: Colors That Represent Pisces

What Is A Pisces Color?

Colors impact all our choices. It is interwoven in the dynamics of mankind, influencing decisions from picking those matching clothes, getting a décor for your new home, and even places you choose to visit (or not) based on memories associated with a particular color.

People gravitate toward colors that reflect the thought, personality, and aura they want to feel.

With color psychology and your zodiac sign’s characteristics, you can gain insights into the colors that best match you and why you are likely attracted to them. You also get to know the colors that don’t bode well with you and why that is so. For this post, our focus will be on the Pisces zodiac sign.

So, what are Piscean colors?

Pisces’ color palette is made up of seafoam green, teal, yellow, orange, sky blue, and lavender. As a mutable water sign, these colors hold significant importance to Pisceans because they are strongly linked to the sea and connect well with their emotions.

Now let’s dive deeper, exploring each Pisces color in detail.

Pisces Color Palette

The Pisces color palette is mostly inspired by the colors of the sea and sky. The colors are calm and soothing and can be used to create a feeling of serenity and peace.

The Pisces color palette includes:

1. Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green

It’s only natural that seafoam green, the color of the ocean, appeals to Pisceans. The blueish, greenish, and greyish shade captures the dreamy and almost escapist mood that Pisces individuals often find themselves in.

Characterized by rejuvenation, freshness, and nature, seafoam green reflects the rhythmic boundless energy of sea waves, helping Pisceans unwind and recharge. The color also pairs well with many other Pisces colors.

2. Teal


Teal color is just about the go-to color when Pisceans need luck. It depicts tropical waters lapping along white beaches, evoking a sense of tranquility and self-confidence (something Pisceans struggle with).

The dark greenish-blue color also provides Pisceans the needed boost to communicate their boundaries and be assertive when necessary.

3. Yellow


Although not a color of the sea, yellow is a fine addition to Pisces’ color palette. Yellow is characterized by happiness, energy, optimism, and intellect.

When Pisceans put on yellow, it spawns creativity and positivity, giving them needed rehabilitation when they get overwhelmed by feelings or emotions. Yellow also sparks logical thinking and bolsters Pisceans’ self-assurance in achieving their dreams.

4. Orange


Similar to yellow, the color orange brings to mind feelings of warmth, enthusiasm, vitality, and excitement. These energies are uplifting, bringing a ray of hope to Pisceans when they feel dispirited.

Wearing the color orange promotes self-confidence, arming Pisceans with the needed courage to confront their fears. Orange also evokes emotional strength, stability, and youthfulness for Pisceans, making it a fantastic addition to their color palette.

5. Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Pisceans are, well, Morpheus (just in case Greek mythology isn’t your thing, he’s the god of dreams). Sky blue matches their dreamy nature, and their love for a fluid environment, and is also synonymous with the ocean and sky (which are Pisces things).

Since Pisceans are generally shy and reserved, wearing blue can evoke a sense of mystery and help them capture attention since people are usually drawn to unraveling mysteries.

6. Lavender


This shade of purple or violet is often associated with purity, relaxation, healing, and serenity. It offers a sort of balance, exuding a soothing effect on Pisceans when life gets hectic and bringing out their impressionable side.

Colors Pisces Should Avoid

While there are colors that complement the Pisces personality, there are those that don’t. These non-complementing colors tend to amplify Pisceans’ emotions and induce negativity. Below are some of them.

Dark Red

Dark Red

The color red is associated with evoking strong emotions like love and passion. And since Pisceans feel emotions intensely, the color red is only going to aggravate that, giving Pisceans a hard time wrapping their head around emotions.

Pale pink is an alternative for Pisceans that desire something close to red.



While black is characterized by power, elegance, and mystery in color psychology, it is also known to elicit strong emotions such as anger and sadness. Pisceans are quite open-minded, so a color that strongly evokes such emotions will most likely result in a negative effect. 


The best colors for Pisceans are those that complement their empathetic and receptive emotions.

They are seafoam green (which reflects the limitless energy of sea waves and helps reinvigorate Pisces), teal (which evokes serenity and self-confidence), yellow (which boosts positivity and creativity), orange (which exudes warmth and vitality), sky blue (which works its magic of helping them capture attention), and lavender (which provides a soothing effect).

Dark red and black, on the other hand, are not so excellent for Pisceans since they needlessly amplify their emotions and foster negativity. For Pisceans who like something near to red, pale pink is a suitable substitute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pisces power color?

Pisces’ power color is aquamarine (or seafoam green). Pisceans are invigorated with vitality when surrounded by the color of the sea. You can include a splash of aquamarine in your home décor or wardrobe.