How To Deal With a Sagittarius Man in a Relationship

How To Deal With A Sagittarius Man

Dealing with a Sagittarius man requires a lot of tips from people who have dealt with them or have been dealing with them for a long time because people born under this sign may seem complicated to many.

However, if you understand their core attributes, it will become significantly more straightforward for you to handle a Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius men are perfect if you are looking for a partner who will never let you experience any dull moment. These men are known for their upbeat lifestyle and their love for spontaneity.

Nevertheless, there are still several factors you need to understand about a Sagittarius man if you want to handle them without much hassle.

How exactly can you deal with a Sagittarius man?

The best approach you can choose when dealing with a Sagittarius man is to give him all the freedom he requires. Dealing with a Sagittarius man will require you to have enough tolerance for his bluntness and excesses.   

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4 Best Ways To Handle a Sagittarius Man

4 Best Ways To Handle A Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are one of the most distinguished people of all the Zodiac signs. Their attributes and lifestyle are mostly different from most of the others.

They are so unpredictable, which makes it difficult for many to know how best to handle Sagittarius men.

However, if you dedicate time to learning how a Sagittarius man wants to be handled, you will bring out the best in him and enjoy one of your most exciting and entertaining relationships ever with him.

When a Sagittarius is at his best, he could make one of the best partners that anyone would ever wish for, but if the case is reversed, you might find it very difficult to stay with him in a long-term relationship.

To enjoy a Sagittarius man, you must first  find the best way to handle him, and this includes the following:

1. Give Him Space

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when dealing with a Sagittarius man is not giving him enough space in the relationship.

While you may consider it a harmless and loving gesture, a Sagittarius man will see it as you keeping him in a box.

This ill feeling will have a Sagittarius man feeling like a prisoner, and the only thing on his mind would be to escape from you and the relationship.

At the very first chance he gets, he will bolt and never look back.

However, if you give him enough opportunity and freedom to do whatever he wants, no matter how far the Sagittarius man wanders, he will always find his way back to you.

Giving him the space he so yearns for might starve you of his attention for a while, but it will be worth it because that’s the main factor that brings out the best in Sagittarius men.

2. Be Adventurous

Sagittarius men are known to be highly adventurous, and they like it when their partners are equally adventurous. If you can match their energy for going on these adrenaline-boosting activities, the Sagittarius man will find it easy to get along with you.

If you are not the type that loves going for adventures, you might find it challenging to deal with a Sagittarius man because you will not be able to understand why he enjoys some of his favorite activities.

You might also want to hinder him from going on these adventures sometimes, which would only make the Sagittarius feel caged.

The moment a Sagittarius man feels like he is not free to do the things he enjoys doing, his default response would be to take a quick exit from the relationship.

Tasting the freedom outside would most likely make him never return. Hence, you should find a way to match his adventurous spirit and enjoy fun activities with him.

3. Be Tolerating

The spirit of tolerance is one of the critical factors you will need if you want to cope with a Sagittarius man. They are mostly blunt with their opinion and will always tell the truth, regardless of how much it will hurt you.

If you are the type that gets angry quickly, you might have to work better on your anger because if you don’t, you might regularly find yourself getting mad at a Sagittarius man over his statements.

The truth is that they are usually too honest and not emotionally intelligent enough to hold back on some things.

Likewise, Sagittarius men tend to step on people’s toes with their never-ending urge to be sarcastic. Their stubbornness also does not help their situation because they will hardly accept their mistake when they are wrong.

4. Be Spontaneous

As stated earlier, Sagittarius men are adventurous, and most will find it hard to get accustomed to habits. When the relationship becomes a routine, the Sagittarius man would likely become bored and sort for fun outside.

If he loves genuinely, he would probably come back to you when he has had his fill of the fun he craves. However, some situations might occur that would deter him from coming back or that would make you not accept him when he comes back.

To prevent the possibility of this happening, always endeavor to find a way to spice up the relationship, so the Sagittarius man would never get bored or too used to your way of doing things.

By being unpredictable, you will make him look forward to spending every day with you for a long time.


Dealing with unpredictable people is always a difficult task because you never honestly know what they want.

This is usually the case for Sagittarius men, but thankfully, there are some strategies you can employ when dealing with them. Such as giving them the freedom to do what they want and having a high tolerance level.