How To Know if Aries Man Is Playing You (10 Signs)

How To Know If Aries Man Is Playing You

The dynamic Aries man, a representative of the fire sign, is almost constantly evolving and shifting. At times it can be hard to tell what they are thinking and what is the reason for the sudden shift in their behavior.

How can you know if they are seriously interested in you or if they only want to play you?

Aries men can be wonderful and loyal partners. However, it is not uncommon for them to be players as well. The main things to look out for are inconsistent behavior and unreliability, their inability to listen to you, and getting defensive or even aggressive towards you.

Aries men can suddenly shift their behavior when they have been struck by inspiration and have decided to shift the direction of their life. They might very likely intend to take you into the new part of their life together with them.

However, if they show one of these signs below, chances are he is just playing you.

10 Signs Aries Man Is Playing You

10 Signs Aries Man Is Playing You

It is a heartbreaking experience to discover that the relationship you have opened your heart for has been a game for the other party. To prevent this from happening, keep an eye out for these red flags.

If you don’t notice any of them in your relationship, you can take a deep breath – most likely, your man is honest and loyal to you!

1. He Is Inconsistent

Being inconsistent might seem like the natural state of an Aries man; however, deep down, he knows what he wants.

Ask yourself, how do you feel being next to him? Do you think he enjoys your company and wants to have you in your life even when you are not around? Or is he shifting from hot to cold immediately?

2. He Is Only Interested in Sex

It is common for men to desire a no-strings-attached relationship. However, if it is not satisfying for you, you should be honest with yourself and consider if this is something that works for you.

As you are reading this article, most likely, you are interested in something more serious and committed.

3. He Is Not Listening to You

He Is Not Listening To You

It is typical for an Aries man to be quite stubborn, and it might be difficult to persuade him. However, if he is serious about you, he will be interested in your thoughts and feelings.

Suppose you feel like he is disregarding your truth and feelings, to the point of you feeling disrespected. In that case, unfortunately, it is a sign he is not interested in a serious relationship with you.

4. He Manipulates You

Aries men are often believed to be among the most trustworthy. If you feel that your Aries man is using something you have shared with him against you and manipulating you, it is a fool-proof way to know he is playing you.

You should never feel manipulated in a relationship. A loyal Aries man will almost always be straightforward with you.

5. He Doesn’t Introduce You to His Friends

Even if Aries man loves to maintain mystery in certain areas of his life, he also loves to show off.

If you are significant to him, you won’t have to ask to be introduced to his friends and family.

If you begin to suspect that he is hiding you from others, the chances are that he is not that serious about your relationship.

6. He Is Unreliable

He Is Unreliable

Did he promise to see you or take you someplace only to cancel plans last minute or blow you off completely?

If this has happened more than once, he is likely not looking for anything more than just having a little fun with you. If you are looking for a serious relationship, this might not be your man.

7. He Is Not Affectionate

Usually, Aries men are very affectionate towards their chosen one. It is common for men to adjust their behavior depending on the social setting, and they might not show much of their feelings when in public.

However, if you feel he is not very affectionate in general, he might not be interested in a serious relationship with you.

8. He Is Lying to You

If you have caught your Aries men lying to you for any other reason than to surprise you, for example, by throwing you a birthday party, unfortunately, this is one of the most telling signs that he is only playing you.

If he has started lying to you early in your relationship, it is very likely his lies will only increase down the line.

9. He Gets Defensive

He Gets Defensive

If you have caught your Aries man in lies, and instead of admitting it and finding a way to resolve your conflict, he becomes defensive, chances are he doesn’t want to show you his true intentions.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to build a true and lasting relationship if both of you are not honest.

10. He Gets Aggressive Towards You

Aries is one of the most passionate zodiac signs, so it is typical for their emotions to flare up at times.

However, if he begins to express anger and aggression towards you, it might show that he doesn’t see you as a long-time partner.


The typical signs of an Aries man playing you are similar to any man playing you. If you feel disrespected, not listened to, and manipulated in your relationship, it is good to consider if you want to continue being in this relationship.

Leaving a relationship might be a difficult decision. However, it is always better to be single than stay in a relationship where you are used and disrespected. If you approach this mindfully, you can be sure that your future self will thank you!