Best Ways To Make a Sagittarius Woman Chase You

How To Make A Sagittarius Woman Chase You

Sagittarius women are honest, brave, and dedicated. These attributes quite explain why men always fancy having a relationship with them. You can gladly open up to them about all your secrets and go to bed every night with the assurance that your secret is safe.

They are highly trustworthy and fun to be with because they love adventures. These characteristics make them a great catch, and you might be interested in how to make a Sagittarius woman chase you.

It can be fun to turn the tables around and let a woman chase you instead of you doing the chasing. This trick may not be easy to pull on a Sagittarius woman because they are strong-willed. To make a Sagittarius woman chase you, you must showcase your intellectual prowess and bring your best flirting game, coupled with humor and adventurous spirit.

This article is perfect for you if you are looking for strategies you can use to make a Sagittarius woman chase you.

Tips on How To Make a Sagittarius Woman Chase You

Tips On How To Make A Sagittarius Woman Chase You

Have you met a Sagittarius woman that has ticked all your boxes, but you are skeptical about making a move because you are not sure if the feeling is mutual?

How about you flip the table around and make this woman do the chasing instead of you?

You can make a Sagittarius woman obsessed with you by using some of the following strategies.

1. Be Extremely Flirty

Most times, people are scared of flirting with someone they have newly met for fear of not going overboard or coming off as a pervert. It’s different with Sagittarius women because they are usually unapologetically flirty.

They love flirting and can never get enough of it. Therefore, you should not constrain yourself when teasing a Sagittarius woman because the chances that she will enjoy it will always be high, especially if it’s humorous.

A little bit of sexual banter can also be allowed, but make sure you observe her reactions as there are always exceptions sometimes.

If you notice she is uncomfortable with you being overly flirty with her, you should tone it down a notch.

But if her response is encouraging, either because she flirts back or she keeps laughing and smiling whenever you hit her with some good tease, you should not hesitate to shoot her with more.  

2. Show Off Your Intellectual Side

The quickest way to make a Sagittarius woman lose interest in you is when you expose yourself as being ignorant and clueless about a lot of things.

These women are brilliant and are attracted to people who can challenge them to intelligent conversations and debates from time to time. They don’t need a man who needs to be regularly schooled by them.

Instead, they need a man that would boost their already vast knowledge.

If you want to make a Sagittarius woman obsessed with you in no time, strive to show off your intellectual prowess constantly. Bring up some exciting topics whenever you are having a conversation with her.

Keep her on her toes and give her a run for her knowledge of things. By doing this, the Sagittarius woman would see that you have a lot to offer her and will always be looking forward to having discussions with you.

3. Be Adventurous

Not many Zodiac signs could boast of being more adventurous than Sagittarius women. They live and thrive on adventures because it gives them an adrenaline boost they can not derive from doing anything else.

They are always open to trying out new ideas, and although they would gladly enjoy doing it alone, it will still mean the world to them if they have a partner that equally loves adventures.

That way, they can go on these exciting trips with their partners.

Thus, if you can tell her about some fun, adventurous activities you have been up to recently, you will successfully prick her interest. It will be even better if you can show her pictures of you on these trips and tell her how much these explorations make you happy.

Like magic, she will be into you in a short time and will chase you if you try to slip away from her.

 4. Unleash Your Humor  

An incredible sense of humor is one sure way to a Sagittarius woman’s heart. Naturally, they are a hilarious set of people who wouldn’t mind spending all the days of their lives making jokes and laughing hysterically.

Humor is life for Sagittarius women, and not only will they appreciate a man who will always enjoy their humor and laugh at their jokes, but they also want a man who will constantly make them laugh.

If you are approaching a Sagittarius woman for the first time, using a hilarious pickup line will at least guarantee you will get her attention, especially if it’s a good one and you deliver it flawlessly.

It will help if you don’t stop with the humor, even after you successfully find your way to her heart. Never stop making her laugh at your jokes, as these are the things that will help keep her fascinated by you and to remain in the relationship for as long as possible.


It is very easy to develop a crush or feelings for a Sagittarius woman because who doesn’t want to be with a woman who is brave, dedicated, straightforward, and ultimately hilarious?

These are the kind of women that would put in all their efforts to make sure the relationship works out well always.

Getting such a person to become obsessed with you might be a little dicey because they are most likely used to being chased.

However, you can make a Sagittarius woman chase you if you give her some valuable motivations, such as being extraordinarily hilarious, having vast knowledge about several topics, and being an adventurous person.