5 Easy Steps To Get an Aries Man To Chase You

How To Get An Aries Man To Chase You

Have you fallen head over heels for an Aries man? It may prove to be a complicated ordeal to win the affection of an Aries man if you don’t know what you are doing. People with Aries as their zodiac sign can be a tough nut to crack and an even tougher nut to gain attention.

So, how to get an Aries man to chase you?

There are certain behavioral traits that Aries men are fond of. If you want to make yourself an attractive person vying for the interest of an Aries man, you need to know what makes these individuals tick. From the outfits you wear to the things you say, every little thing impacts an Aries man.

So, keep reading this article to determine the tell-tale signs of an Aries man’s attraction towards the opposite gender. If you want to make a lasting positive impression on your crush, whose star sign is Aries, you have to follow the tips outlined in this article.

5 Steps To Make an Aries Man Chase You

5 Steps To Make An Aries Man Chase You

There are powerful secrets of male psychology that you must know to make them feel crazy about you.

Remember that you have power over your opposite gender, and you have to use this power to your advantage. Never be too easy to get, and always leave an air of mystery around your personality.

This is how you can build an interesting persona, and it works for all the zodiac signs, not just Aries. This game of cat and mouse that you hope to pursue with your suitor should be done with minimal effort from your end, so you have to find ways to make yourself the object of his desires.

Below are some of the steps that you can follow to achieve this goal.

1. Let Your Aries Crush Chase After You

Let Your Aries Crush Chase After You

I know this can be a difficult ordeal for you, especially because you have vied for this man’s attention. If you make yourself available to every whim of your Aries man, he will start to think you are too easy to catch. This can prove to be detrimental in the long run.

The ideal strategy will be to make him wait. Say no to him a couple of times. This will only make your Aries man go crazy. If you are too easy to catch, he will become bored quickly and run after a new challenge.

Remember that men find the game of love a challenge, and the harder you make yourself to get hold of, the more your person of interest will chase after you.

This is why Aries men tend to stay more faithful to their partners with whom they have worked very hard to get into a relationship. There is no specific timeframe that you need to wait for this phase to pass. Simply play hard to get for as long as you think is feasible.

Try and make him jealous by spending time with your friends and ignoring him for a few dates.

Now sit back and watch how he keeps chasing after you. The advances that he will make afterward will be more extravagant as time passes, which will only help you in the long run.

2. Be More Flirtatious Around Him

Be More Flirtatious Around Him

Aries men thrive on physical attraction. If you want to keep him interested in you for prolonged periods, you have to be more flirtatious around him. He may soon give up the chase if you simply play hard to get without backing that strategy up with a healthy dose of flirtations.

So, keep him hooked on you by flirting at every opportunity you get. This will give him a sense that winning your affection may be around the corner. Don’t make your flirts too obvious, and keep a healthy balance as you do not want to give in to his advances too much initially.

I know this sounds challenging, to play hard to get and be flirtatious at the same time, but balancing these polarizing acts will pay rich dividends for you in the long run.

3. Try To Be Funny Around Him

Try To Be Funny Around Him

A great sense of humor is a fundamental aspect of every strong relationship. Women get it wrong that only men must have a great sense of humor.

Women need to be funny too, to keep things more interesting. So, try making your Aries partner laugh at every opportunity you get.

Remember the first tip that you are playing hard to get, so you need more than just a healthy dose of flirts to keep your Aries man chasing after you.

Individuals with Aries as their star sign react more strongly to women who make them laugh, so put on your amusing act and pull out your best jokes for him.

4. Let Him Be Protective About You

Let Him Be Protective About You

Aries men are very emotional creatures, and they have strong masculine tendencies. I know that this tip may be challenging as women are empowered to do everything these days, but you have to let your man take care of you and show his protective attitude.

You have to let your Aries man take the lead in the relationship. Who knows? You may even enjoy his protective tendencies towards you.

5. Give Him Enough Space

Give Him Enough Space

I know this may sound counterintuitive, but if you plan to smother your Aries partner with your love and affection, it may backfire on you. Remember that the goal is to make your Aries man chase after you, so you have to give him enough space to keep him interested and chasing after you.

If you think you have seen too much of him recently, step back and disappear for a short while. This will keep the spark in your relationship and will act as fuel that keeps your Aries man chasing after you even more.


There is a fine line that you must follow to keep the interest alive in your Aries man. Following the tips outlined above will help you in your goal if you are prepared to be patient and play the long game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep an Aries man interested in you?

Aries men love to be active, so plan physical outings like dinner dates or morning hikes. You should also give him enough space so that his interest in you remains in the long run.

Do Aries men like to chase or be chased?

Aries men love to chase after women as they view it as a competition that they must win to prove their manliness. They don’t like to be chased, as that means that the women are too easy to catch, and their interest fizzles out quickly.