Black Moon Lilith in Taurus Meaning

What Is Taurus'S Dark Moon Sign?

Have you ever heard of a fictitious planet point? If not, then let me share an exciting clue that doesn’t even exist in your birth chart.

Yes, it is the dark moon, Lilith! Lilith is a non-material planet that isn’t an actual celestial body.

The dark moon is a time of mystery and magic when the veil between the worlds is thin, and we can access hidden knowledge and power. This is a time to go within, to connect with our deepest selves and the source of all creation.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Taurus dark moon.

Taurus’s dark moon sign, Lilith, symbolizes the point where people of this zodiac sign can trespass. Lilith’s history traces its origin in Jewish Mesopotamian and Sumerian mythology. It is an exposition of a person’s weak areas, such as fears, tragedies, traumas, and shame.

Let’s explore the nature of this sign and its various impacts on Taurus individuals.

Nature of Taurus’ Dark Moon Sign

Nature Of Taurus' Dark Moon Sign

It won’t be wrong to say that the Lilith of Taurus is rebellious. It exposes the adversity spots and drives you to encounter your grey areas. The turbulent essence of Taurus’s dark moon sign causes a damaging effect on the matters of such people.

The nature of Lilith makes it hard for the Taureans to keep a balance, so they can even go to extremes to express themselves.

Because of this, you can never approach your dark moon sign through logic and reasoning.

Although a person’s birth chart doesn’t show Lilith’s placement, it carries equal importance to the sun and moon sign. Hence, as a Taurean, you must give due importance to your dark moon because it unfolds an entirely different dimension of your persona.

Influence of Taurus’ Dark Moon Sign

Influence Of Taurus' Dark Moon Sign

Let’s discover the impact of the Taurus dark moon sign and how it unveils the weak spots of a Taurean.

1. Piling Up Material Wealth

The dark moon sign of Taurus makes them over-sensual and money seekers. At this spot, a person longs to accumulate the things they see. They sense an intense craving for money which makes them greedy.  

They don’t value the circumstances or resources but want to get the wealth at any cost. They don’t abandon procrastination. It makes their nature much more stubborn. However, such a scenario dismantles their physical and mental energy.

2. Victim Deceiver

The craving for material acquisition makes Taurus people the victim of deceiving others.

They spend their money and energy on unnecessary things, due to which they reach the level of cheating. When they seek debt, the impact of the dark moon sign doesn’t let them pay it back.

They are prone to hacking, anger, and theft. These traits ultimately lead them to jealousy. Whenever they see something in possession of others, they feel emotional damage. Hence, they end up feeling jealous and obstinate.

In most cases, the reason behind such feelings is a lack of attention from parents at an early age.

3. Sensuality and Feminism

It is well-known that the dark moon Lilith comes under the influence of Venus planet. Hence, Venus makes the Taureans sensual and somewhat feminine. But these soft traits remain dormant and passive in the mind of these individuals.

Being an earth sign, the Taurus people focus on wealth and how to accumulate it. This quality dominates sensuality; hence, the defaulted sensuality deeply affects this zodiac sign’s self-esteem and mental stability.

4. Fear of Loss

Taurus’s dark moon Lilith creates a kind of FOMO of negative connotation in them. They find it utterly hard to lose people and things. Concerning wealth, they perceive fear of poverty. So, the fear of loss inclines their tendency toward the darker side.

For Taureans, money is a million-dollar question.

Fear of losing their money and material wealth, they get stuck in greed. After seeking the required wealth, they won’t invest it in relationships but instead in unnecessary purchases. 

5. A State of Absurd Paradox

Under the influence of their dark moon sign, people from Taurus entangle in a state of absurd paradox. Their psychological states and mindsets oscillate between the states of have and have not.

They crave the pleasure of wealth and get rid of it simultaneously. The Taureans wish to get more and more money. But, simultaneously, Taureans think they are not worthy of wealth. It is one of the goofy paradoxes in their state!

6. Feeling of Insecurity

At the dark spot of the moon sign Lilith, these individuals feel insecure. They perceive themselves as uncertain in every aspect, whether fun, relationships, body image, and overall needs. Their perspective of life turns upside down and shifts around the wheel.

The feeling of vulnerability haunts them. So, these people don’t like enjoying life’s charm or expressing blessings. They resist pleasures and feel guilty about them too.

The reason behind the feelings of insecurity may be the hostile environment faced in childhood.               

7. Super Intimate

We can’t deny that people from Taurus are super intimate. It is the effect of their dark moon sign. They are so easily attracted to the opposite sex. The influence of Lilith makes them seductive.

Intimacy instills possessiveness in them. It is a fact that people from Taureans are super possessive of their partners. Their passionate love makes them dominate and control the relationship.

8. Over-Possessive

Tauruses are over-possessive about anything. They lack faith in the world and its people. They think people might steal from them if they share their possessions with others.

Some people under its influence become ‘hoarders’. They end up being anxious, avoidant, and indecisive!

How To Make Taurus’s Dark Moon Work Well

How To Make Taurus'S Dark Moon Work Well

No matter how bad your Lilith affects you, you can make it work well by using a particular plan.

  • Ask yourself about the feeling you get from money. Is it slavery or freedom?
  • Develop a habit of donation and sharing.
  • Remember, you can’t make people your possession.
  • Treat yourself kindly.
  • Bring harmony to your relationships.
  • Understand that money can’t buy happiness.

The Bottom Line

The sensual Lilith of Taurus is material conscious. Such people may prefer beautiful things, but they aren’t able to enjoy the spark of life. Lilith exposes Taureans’ pessimistic and fatal side and labels them as over-possessive, over-intimate, insecure, and victim deceivers.

But no matter how dark it is, there is always a way to make your Lilith work well. Support yourself and bring out all the positivity to overcome the pessimism. I know you can!