The Most Hated Zodiac Signs for Women (Top 7 Ranked)

The Most Hated Zodiac Signs For Women

Have you ever stopped to think about how we can classify people based on the zodiac sign under which they are born?

The relationship between a woman’s zodiac sign and how others perceive her is often overlooked.

If you are a firm adherent of astrology, you would be curious to know how other women might be classified according to their zodiac signs.

No one is perfect in this world. Some people are sweet as sugar, and some are bitter as the sea. However, the attitude depends on a person’s behavior and the influence of their zodiac sign.

Such knowledge helps you figure out the right person for your life ahead. You also get to know whom to stay away from.

So, what are the most hated zodiac signs for women?

Scorpio is the most hated zodiac sign for women due to her power-hungry nature. Geminis, Leos, and Virgos, are also disliked because of the traits like fakeness and perfectionism. Aries and Aquarian girls tend to be too aggressive, making them difficult to deal with.

We will figure out why these zodiac signs are so disliked by those around them. Let’s explore the top 7 astrological signs hated for women!

7 Most Hated Zodiac Signs for Women

7 Most Hated Zodiac Signs For Women

Stars have their own agenda, and we can’t really fight with them. Astrologers have noticed certain traits that make a woman detestable.

These traits are built on natural and influential behaviors. If you find yourself on the list, don’t worry! You can still turn things around by molding your behavior and working on your attitude.

1. Scorpio


The most hated zodiac woman is Scorpio. Due to the influence of the Scorpion symbol, she is short-tempered, decisive, and controlling.

She holds grudges for a longer time. If she doesn’t get the desired way, it’s easy for her to switch from love to hate. Most Astrologers have noticed that Scorpio women are moody.

Some awful traits of a Scorpio lady include:

  • She will be angry and bitter if she doesn’t get her way.
  • She can be manipulative and uses tactics to have people do what she wants.
  • Her straightforward behavior can make relationships difficult.
  • Like a power-hungry leader, she can be too demanding.     
For Example

When you try to plan something on a trip, she lashes out and bossily tells you where you should go, what food to eat, etc. She might say, “You understand nothing; I know what’s best for us.”

If you have a Scorpio woman in your vicinity, you’ll know she gets quickly irritated. It makes it difficult for others to hold conversations with her.

She is over-possessive and stubborn. That’s the reason her relationships face significant blocks.

2. Gemini


The second most hated zodiac sign on the list belongs to the Twins—Gemini.

Geminis are known for having two sides: sweet and cuddly but also cold and detached.

As a result, they often come off as fake and insincere. On the one hand, a Gemini woman may sound delightful, but on the other hand, she has a darker side.

You will always find the company of a Gemini woman irritating. She will keep blasting questions like, “When are you going to get married,” “Why haven’t you got a job yet?” and so on.

It’s hard to understand her because she is inconsistent with her choices.

Specifically, in relationships, the twin lady is manipulative. She will charm you with all her tactics and make you feel like the only person in the world. But, once you are out of sight, she’ll jump on to someone else.

Another trait for which a Gemini girl is hated is her “love for gossip.” She will likely say one thing in front of you and another behind your back.

3. Leo


Leos are notorious for their polarizing personality. Under the influence of the spirit animal lion, Leo women tend to dominate their social groups.

It can put them at odds with some people in their circle. Naturally, people hate those who try to be the center of all attention.

Such an attention-seeking habit makes a Leo woman insecure about her traits. You’ll find her plunging into questions like:

  • “What does this particular person have that I don’t?”  
  • “Why do people gravitate toward them and not me?”
  • “How can I make people like me?”         
  • “Should I change my personality to get accepted?”

Women of this zodiac are arrogant and boastful. If they don’t get the crown, then no one should have it.

Leo lady craves affection. She even builds relationships based on dominance. The confidence of these women comes off as fakeness. That’s why people don’t bother to trust them!

Editor’s Tip

If you are a Leo woman, it’s time to transform your attitude. No need to change your personality altogether! Work on yourself and turn into a more humble version. It will help you gain trust, respect, and love from people around you.

4. Virgo


A Virgo woman is highly pessimistic and gets quickly frustrated. Her unreceptive nature won’t let her catch your humor. Even if you are kidding lightly, she’ll get angry for no reason.

The worst trait of a Virgo woman is that she often cracks jokes about others. But once the tables are turned around, she hates the situation.

Her over-thinking nature makes her question other people everywhere. Whether it’s a friend or partner, a Virgo lady has an “over-obsessive nature.”

She acts as if she knows about everything in the world. If you try to share information, she’ll try to compete by correcting you.

Virgo women are quite disrespectful when giving criticism to others. Their harsh and judgmental remarks do more harm than good.

5. Aries


Arian women are considered the most selfish among the other zodiac signs. They put themselves first in every situation.

If you have an Aries woman around, you’ll be stunned at her straightforward nature. Her blunt frankness can rub people the wrong way.

She seldom gives a positive and polite response. Some people might consider her directness as honesty, but it’s often taken as rudeness.

Under the rule of fiery Mars, she has severe anger issues. Like a volcano, she’ll erupt in a moment and surprise everyone with her outburst.

It’s like someone has flipped the switch and pushed her to the edge. Arian women show no mercy to anyone in such situations.

Picture This

At her workplace, she might get into a heated argument with her boss. “I know the job, and I can do it better than anyone else here,” she would shout out. It’s not because of any professional reason; it is due to her fierce temper.

6. Aquarius


An Aquarian woman is a deadly combo of apathy and impulsiveness. Don’t get into the trap when this lady showers flowery words for you!

She doesn’t show genuine compassion toward people, no matter how hard things are going. The attribute that puts her on the list of most hated zodiac signs for women is her brutal nature.

During the vital decisions, Aqua girl prefers to stay at the fence. It is so because she’s primarily neutral. So, her indecisive nature makes it difficult for her to make connections.

Another thing that makes an Aquarius woman awful is her impulsive nature. She takes action immediately without giving it a second thought. Such wrong choices cost her to suffer the consequences in the long term.

She prefers to live in her head. Due to this reason, she finds it hard to communicate with others.

7. Capricorn


Capricorn lady is the last one in the most hated zodiac signs ranking. Saturn rules Capricorn with the element of earth.

Under this influence, her personality is cold, distant, and unemotional. Even some people say that talking to a Capricorn woman is like talking to a wall of stone.

She can be complaining and boring. But not all the time! Sometimes she can surprise you with her intelligence and wit.

Her way of seeing things is logical, but others often disregard it. People usually don’t take her seriously, which frustrates her.

The Bottom Line

Each astrological sign has two areas, positive and negative. Some are loved, and some are hated based on their behavior. However, not every person belonging to these signs is evil and bitter.

This list only portrays the worst traits of these signs. If you want to make it big with an Aries woman or a Virgo lady, you also need to focus on her positive traits. Manifest the best version of these signs to get along with them and lead a healthy relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular zodiac sign?

Cancer is one of the most popular zodiac signs. It is known for its generous, sensitive, loving, and intuitive nature. Cancerians make great friends and partners. Like the crab, they are loyal and will always stand by your side.

What zodiac signs are good business?

The great team players include Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries, and Cancer. Their ability to communicate with others, take the initiative, and learn quickly make them excellent business partners.