Why Aries and Libra Don’t Get Along? (Explained)

Why Aries And Libra Don’t Get Along?

A person’s zodiac sign defines them and their relationship with others. Every sign has unique personality traits, and sometimes, these traits prevent them from being able to form proper relationships with people from certain signs.

Aries and Libra are prime examples of such signs. Individually, they are wonderful. They also have no problem making friends with others.

However, they both can’t seem to get along. Any form of relationship between them ends in chaos.

So why don’t Aries and Libra get along?

Aries is a fierce fire sign and way too intense for the Libra to handle. Aries dislike that Libras are very indecisive; they appreciate fast thinkers. People who can make decisions on the go. Libras are also very needy and secretive, two things Aries can’t stand.

Let’s wait no further. Read on to find out what are the reasons why Aries and Libras just don’t ever seem to get along.

4 Reasons Why Aries and Libra Don’t Get Along

Aries and Libra are two signs that everybody likes to be around. Well, not everybody because Aries can’t stand Libra, and Libra can’t stand Aries.

Here are four reasons why these two never get along.

Aries Are Too Fierce For Libras

Aries Are Too Fierce For Libras

Aries is the first zodiac and fire sign, so they’re filled with a high amount of energy. Aries are also very aggressive and fierce. It doesn’t take much for them to blow up, and when they do, things can get nasty really quickly.

Libras, on the other hand, are very calm and stress-free. They hate getting into fights and will do anything to avoid one. Libras fancy a simple life where they are loved and appreciated by friends and close ones.

Libras are also people pleasers, so they know how to contain and live with almost anybody. They can manage and control the Aries’ fierceness, but it won’t take long for them to get tired and irritated.

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Aries are very blunt and like to say things exactly as they are. Libras, on the other hand, are somewhat manipulative. They are very good with words and can twist them to fit any narrative they please. Aries find this trait repulsive because they hate deceit.

Aries Are Too Fast Paced For Libras

Aries Are Too Fast Paced For Libras

Aries love to live on the go. They are fast-paced and generally make decisions in seconds.

An Aries is the type of person to wake in the morning and decide to take a 10-hours trip without prior planning. They are filled with so much energy and love to find ways to expel it.

Libras are the complete opposite of this. Most times, they don’t even know what they want.

Their life is mostly based on the opinions of others, so they unconsciously rely on others for most of their decisions. That’s also why they are so indecisive.

While it’ll take Aries minutes to plan trips or make serious decisions, it can take Libra days and sometimes weeks or months. Aries finds this infuriating. They see Libras as heavy luggage that’ll only slow them down.

Libras Are Too Secretive For Aries

Libras Are Too Secretive For Aries

When Aries is in love with someone, they don’t hide a single thing. They are basically open books that’ll tell you exactly how they feel about things, no matter the consequences.

On the other hand, Libras love to keep things to themselves, especially when they know it’ll result in a conflict.

Aries need someone that isn’t afraid to tell them anything. That’s their own idea of trust. Sadly, Libras are not comfortable sharing everything about themselves. But it’s not like they enjoy being secretive. They don’t.

Libras are just scared that if they share too much, they might reveal something about themselves that people won’t like.

As we’ve said, Libras are people-pleasers that want to be loved by everyone. They’ll hate it if people misunderstand or dislike something about them.

Due to this fear of sharing something that might cause a conflict or hurt their reputation, Libras prefer to keep most things in their life private. Aries respects privacy but hates secretiveness, so the two can’t get along.

Libras Are Too Needy For Aries

Libras Are Too Needy For Aries

One of the core personality traits of any fire sign is independence. While they value long-term relationships and family, Aries doesn’t mind being alone.

They are like soldiers and being the first zodiac sign, they have the ability to live without the help of others.

Aries also have a high level of confidence. They honestly don’t care what people are saying about them. If they believe something’s right, they’ll do it and won’t mind if there’s backlash.

Libras shares Aries’s love for long-term relationships. They want a family too, even though they hardly say it out loud. However, Libras doesn’t have the level of confidence or independence that Aries has.

Libras can’t live without the approval of others. They mostly rely on others to dictate how they behave and can’t make decisions that people won’t agree with.

If an Aries and Libra are together, the Libra will make the Aries the focal point of their life. They’ll want all the attention in the world because they hate being alone.

Aries are happy to be available for their partner, but over time, they get irritated by the neediness and will try to push the Libra into becoming more independent. The Libra might misread this as a sign that they are no longer loved, and things will only get worse from there.

The Bottom Line

Aries and Libras are complete opposites, and while science suggests that they are supposed to attract, these two repel each other.

There are several reasons why these two can’t get along. For one, Aries has all the fierceness that comes with being the first fire sign in the zodiac.

Libras are too calm and generally stay away from things that are too intense. Aries also love to make quick decisions, while Libras are mostly indecisive.

Another reason why the two find it hard to get along is that Libras are mostly too secretive for Aries.

Aries loves partners that can open up and tell them anything. Libras can’t guarantee that. Finally, Libras are too needy, and Aries don’t fancy people who are not independent.