How To Get a Scorpio Woman To Chase You (12 Secret Tips)

How To Get A Scorpio Woman To Chase You

Scorpio women are loyal, intense, resourceful, passionate, and jealous. The water sign is mystical and magnetic. If you want her to chase you, you need to meet her high standards because Scorpios don’t settle for less.

Scorpio women are goal-oriented businesswomen, so they naturally love go-getter men. They may play hard-to-get even if they want you, just to see how far you’ll go to get them. They want you to go the extra mile.

If you’re here, then you must be trying to win a Scorpio woman over or keep the one you’re dating. So how do you get a Scorpio woman to chase you?

You need to be crazy about her because Scorpios love intense and passionate love. Be open to her about your feelings and emotions, give her attention, define your relationship and have sex. You read that right.

Below is a detailed explanation of the ways to win over a Scorpio woman.

12 Tips To Get a Scorpio Woman To Chase You

12 Tips To Get A Scorpio Woman To Chase You

The Scorpio woman is a powerful force of nature. She is mysterious, intense, and passionate. When she sets her sights on something or someone she desires, it’s almost impossible to resist her charms.

If you’re looking to capture the heart of a Scorpio woman, you’ll need to understand how to make her pursue you.

1. Look Into Her Eyes

Scorpio women have a very penetrating look, so they love it when you stare at them right back. Don’t look away when she looks at you. Get close to her and look as deep into her soul as you can.

This will ignite a fiery connection between you two, and she’ll feel comfortable around you.

2. Talk to Her About Your Feelings

Talk To Her About Your Feelings And Intentions

Some people hate when a man gets emotional, but Scorpio women love it. Since they’re loyal, they expect you to be honest about your feelings as well.

Do not play mind games with a Scorpio woman, you’re only going to regret it. When you talk to her, add some depth and substance, don’t just have superficial conversations.

Show a genuine interest in the topic instead of only indulging in trying to impress her. She’ll know what you’re trying to do almost immediately.

3. Give Her Undivided Attention

Scorpio women get overly jealous, so the moment you’re not giving her the attention she wants, she’ll leave faster than you can say Scorpio.

If you show her that she’s the only one you’re crazy about, she’ll be crazy about you too. When you wake up in the morning, tell her she was the first person you thought about. She loves the attention.

4. Understand That She Isn’t Materialistic

Understand That She Isn'T Materialistic

Scorpios aren’t like other women that care so much about money. Sure, they understand the role money plays in a relationship, but they don’t really care.

It’s the little things that a Scorpio woman cares about. She values love, honesty, devotion, and sexual intimacy more than money.

They also like grand gestures. They often want you to prove how much you love them. Not by buying them gifts or giving them money. Take her to the first place you kissed, she’ll go crazy.

5. Let Her Possess You

Scorpios like power and control. You have to understand that she’s naturally possessive so let her take the wheel sometimes.

For example, let her call the shots during sex or let her pick where you go on a date. She’ll love you more.

6. Define Your Relationship

Define Your Relationship

Like I said, no mind games with a Scorpio woman. She always likes to know where she stands and where your head’s at in the relationship.

Let her know where the relationship is going and your future plans.

7. Keep Her Guessing

I know this seems like it contradicts the previous point, but it doesn’t. A Scorpio woman doesn’t want to know too much about you too soon. What’s the fun in that?

Of course, she wants your relationship to be defined, but she also wants the element of mystery. When spending time together, don’t overshare.

Let her be intrigued and ask you questions before you share certain things. Be the first to end the phone call or conversation so she’ll long for you.

This doesn’t mean you should be fake though, be as authentic as possible because Scorpios detest dishonesty.

8. Compliment Her

Compliment Her

Scorpio women want to feel appreciated, and they like a partner who doesn’t hesitate to compliment them. Tell her what she means to you or how mesmerizing she looks.

She may downplay your compliment, but deep down, she loves it. Scorpios need to be reassured and encouraged from time to time. They doubt themselves often, so it’ll help to tell her how amazing she is.

9. Be Confident

If you’re not confident, then you won’t last with a Scorpio woman because she’s fierce and intimidating. Confidence isn’t only about appearance and mannerisms, be confident in your beliefs and convictions too.

If you know you’re not naturally confident, be confident about not being confident. That is, tell her how shy you tend to be, and she’ll love you for it.

Honesty is a big deal for a Scorpio woman, so don’t even think of pretending. For the umpteenth time, she hates dishonesty, and it’ll destroy your relationship before it even starts.

10. Avoid Being Clingy

It’s great to be crazy about her but know when to draw the line. If it’s too much, she’ll end up seeing you as a pest. Let her live her life, and don’t rain on her parade.

Keep your distance and let her come to you. If you call her and she misses it, wait for her to call you back. Don’t go sending a hundred text messages, either. She likes to be in control, so don’t try to control her.

11. Make Her Feel Feminine

Make Her Feel Feminine

Buy her steamy lingerie so she can look and dress sexy, Scorpio women love to feel feminine, you know, red lipstick and short dresses.

Take her on romantic dates and open the car door for her. She loves to be taken care of, so don’t hold back on the gentlemanliness.

12. Have a High Sex Drive

Last but not least, express your sexual side confidently to enchant a Scorpio woman. She likes sex herself, so she’ll love when you go wild in the bedroom.


Scorpio women have just a few basic desires, which include but are not limited to attention, care, loyalty, and sex. Do too little, and you’ll drive them away, do too much, and well, you know the answer. Balance is key.