How To Tell if a Taurus Is Lying (The Most Common Signs)

How To Tell If A Taurus Is Lying

Lying is practically one of the attributes that every human being can not avoid. However, some people tell lies to get out of difficult situations or avoid hurting someone with the truth. Such lies are referred to as white lies.

On the other hand, some are used to telling lies, and they will do so without any logical reason. Fortunately, you can decipher when someone is lying through their zodiac sign. For example, if you want to know how to tell if a Taurus is lying, you should pay attention to their countenance.

If lying wasn’t hard to prevent based on several situations, Taurus men and women might have just been the people who would live their whole life without telling a single lie. For them, honesty is always the best policy. However, they sometimes lie for various reasons and subsequently have to tell more lies to cover up for the first one.

Thanks to their policy of not favoring lying and liars, Taurus tend to find it hard to tell lies without exhibiting some attributes that suggest they are lying. These characteristics may include them being awkwardly silent and unable to remain calm.

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Actions That Indicate That a Taurus Is Lying

Many reasons could make a Taurus lie, but the most important is that they lie to prevent themselves or someone from being hurt.

A Taurus could lie to themselves and make the lie so believable that it would slowly become the truth. They do this mainly as a coping mechanism to prevent themselves from emotional pain.

Taurus, however, may lie to you for all kinds of reasons, but you can detect if he is lying if he does any of the following.



One of the most common reactions that might expose a Taurus when lying is their inability to remain calm when telling the lies. Lying is not in their nature; as such, Taurus feels extremely uncomfortable when lying.

This effect results from them not being sure if they are acting convincing enough to make you believe that they are telling the truth.

Though, if you are not observant enough or not familiar with how a Taurus will act when they are lying, you might miss out on picking the uneasiness or mistake it for usual nervousness.

Before a Taurus could tell a lie flawlessly, they would need to rehearse the lie over and over until it becomes believable to even them.



Taurus are big on communication and would never hesitate to give you a piece of their mind, especially when they feel wronged by you. If you accuse Taurus of doing something they didn’t do, they will take their time to discuss with you mostly why you think they did it and your reasons for accusing them.

After presenting your reasons and if it is valid, Taurus will once again take their time to clarify and prove their innocence calmly.  

When you notice that your Taurus partner is becoming evasive when you accuse them of something, it’s most likely because they are lying to you and don’t want to risk being caught.



Being silent is another clear indication that a Taurus is lying or about to lie. Unlike others who can lie without blinking an eye, Taurus take their time to cook up a lie because they are brilliant and would always find loopholes in their own stories.

To cover up all these loopholes and make the lie convincing, they would try out many scenarios in their head and pick out the most probable one.

If you corner a Taurus person before they can come up with a lie, they would remain silent and refrain from saying anything that might implicate them.

Taurus are very stubborn, and their ego would never allow them to admit to you that they are lying. Instead, they will choose silence at that moment and eventually come at you some other time when they finally have a credible story.


Everybody tells lies, some for valid reasons and some as a habit. Taurus lies when they feel they are being cornered and their ego is on the verge of being punctured. As much as they are one of the most honest Zodiac signs, they sometimes feel the need to lie their way out of certain situations, especially that which might end up making them vulnerable.

However, if you are very observant and have been friends with a Taurus person for a long time, it would be easier to figure out when they are lying and when they are being honest. Taurus are knowledgeable people, but they find it hard to quickly tell believable lies without taking their time to make up the lies.

If you are swift enough to have them boxed up before they can get their story straight, you will notice the uneasiness in their reaction. Other times, they would choose to be silent, which is another indication that they are being deceitful.

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