Who Is Leo’s Soulmate Sign? (Top Matches Ranked)

Who Is Leo’s Soulmate?

A “match made in heaven” is an expression for people ideally suited to each other and will probably stick together forever. For such a match to happen for a Leo, the other person has to fall under certain zodiacs.

So, who is Leo’s Soulmate?

Leo’s soulmates are those that can match their fire: great enthusiasm, outgoing, fiery bedroom bonding, persona desirability, and little or no attention competition. The zodiacs that most match these traits are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. 

Now we dive deeper, exploring the depths of Leo’s match with each of the mentioned signs.

Leo and Aries: The Best Match

Leo And Aries: The Best Match

Bring these two fire signs together, and you will be igniting an intense and energetic passion. Steamy and spontaneous are the words to describe their bedroom encounter, which is never dulled over time.

When it comes to communication, Aries are known for communicating their sentiments to their loved ones. In contrast, Leos are known for being vocal and plainly expressing their feelings, thus serving as a strong trust foundation for the pair.

The pair’s similar interests are also on par, sharing hatred for mundane schedules and possessing the energy to carry out multiple fun activities, especially those where they get to be the center of attention.


They are both attention cravers which can lead to ego combustion–both roasting the other’s persona. They can, however, overcome this by exercising patience with one another, celebrating each other’s victory, and ultimately avoiding competition with the other. 

Leo and Gemini

Leo And Gemini

The fire and the air sign may seem incompatible at first, but each sign’s talent work to both parties’ advantage.

Geminis birth the ideas (thinking it through rather than relying on gut like Leos) while Leos carry out the execution and Leos use leadership talent to encourage Geminis to carry on when they get indecisive.

While Geminis are probably not as superb as Aries when it comes to bedroom coupling, they are also an excellent fit for matching Leo’s passion.

Geminis are open to trying just about anything, supplying the ideas while Leos provide the creative vitality. Their relationship is often described as exciting, with both constantly seeking the presence of the other.

Overall compatibility is between 7 and 8 on a scale of 10.


A major blow to this match is that Geminis struggle with commitment–they have quite the reputation for being players because they get bored easily.

This, however, shouldn’t be a problem with Leo since they are famous for being creative, passionate, and highly social.

Leo and Libra

Leo And Libra

The bedrocks for this seemingly perfect fire-air compatibility are the impressive understanding between the two signs and, like other zodiacs on the list, the signs’ shared values.

The Leo-Libra duo is the couple you’ll see enjoying the life that everyone dreams of–a life filled with pleasures and things of want–with comfort and self-gratification serving as strong motivators for them.

As for communication, Libra is one of the best matches with Leo. There isn’t that awkward moment where you avoid making eye contact with the other person as you ramble for words to keep the conversation fluid.

If you’re a sucker for figures, the pair’s overall compatibility is between 6 and 7 on a scale of 10.


The good old “mutual trust.” A plausible explanation is that the sun (which rules Leo) falls in Libra.

These signs together in a relationship are known to last about eight years. If they share enough trust and love for more than that period, then they are on track to becoming soulmates.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo And Sagittarius

As a fire-fire match, they share great passion and enthusiasm for life. They will want to express their love, spread their affection, and follow their emotions as much as they can.

The vitality and intensity Leo brings to the relationship overcomes Sagittarius’s reluctance to commit. A particular standout in this match is their intimacy and sex.

In a word, it is liberating, with both parties enjoying each other in a fiery way.


In comparison to the other matches on the list, the trust issue may be more pronounced in this match.

To maintain a healthy relationship, Leo and Sagittarius couples must work on their communication, remain devoted to one another, and show respect for one another. Without this, they might not last long.

Arguments between the pair can also become problematic since neither fire sign will want to yield.


To sum it up, Leo’s soulmate is someone who most closely matches their character. Anyone who desires attention as much as a Leo does is typically not a good fit since Leos are attention seekers.

Leos’s soulmates must have a strong yearning for them and a blazing passion akin to theirs. Additionally, they like a partner whose libido at least comes close to theirs. Those who most match them are born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius.