Why Are Pisces So Hated? (12 Reasons Unveiled)

Why Are Pisces So Hated?

We all know that Pisces can be friendly, loving, empathetic, artistic, and humanitarian. They always try to see the good in people, and they help others without expecting anything in return.

Despite the plethora of good traits Pisces have, many people hate them because they pack a handful of bad traits as well. So why is Pisces so hated?

Pisces are known to be deceptive, irresponsible, lazy, overly sensitive, and moody. Additionally, they tend to turn to bad habits to try to escape reality, and they’re fond of pushing the blame on others.

Below is a list of Pisces’ most popular bad traits explained.

12 Reasons Why Pisces Are So Hated

12 Reasons Why Pisces Are Hated

Pisces is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood members of the zodiac. Although they can be very compassionate, kind, and helpful people, they often have a tendency to be disliked by many other star signs.

In this article, we’ll explore the twelve most common reasons why Pisces are often disliked by others.

1. Deceptive

Pisces will gladly sell you a facade. They’re good at deceiving people whether they mean to or not. The word is, if they tell you they aren’t lying, then they are.

But Pisces don’t lie for themselves. Most times, they’re only trying not to hurt other people’s feelings. They can be brutally honest if they want, but they’re afraid of what other people may think.

They’re also known to be manipulative. If they really want something from you, they don’t mind manipulating you to get it.

2. Too Impressionable

It’s funny how Pisces can be manipulated themselves. It’s easy to mislead and deceive them because they open up to just about anyone.

If you’re in a relationship with them, you’ll see how easily influenced they are, and you’ll often want to see them think for themselves. People can say whatever, and they’ll believe it straight away.

3. Love Escapism

Pisces become addicted to anything that’ll take them away from a problem. All the water signs have addictive tendencies, but Pisces is worse.

They run from their problems and abuse drugs and alcohol to do so. They spend a lot of energy running from reality by all means necessary, even if it means leaving their loved ones behind.

Pisces love make-believe and tend to get lost in their own made-up world.

4. Irresponsible

Pisces is maybe the most flighty zodiac sign. They’re the least likely to lock in and stay locked in because they tend to chase the next high.

They’re always chasing the next shiny thing, irrespective of whether they finished the previous one. They’re curious and emotionally interesting.

This trait affects their relationships because their partners have to shine brighter than everyone else to keep their attention. They’re elusive, so you need to have a big game to keep their attention.

5. Oversensitive

Pisces are the best at letting their feelings get in the way. You always have to explain why you didn’t mean it like that, and they take everything you say as a shot to the heart.

Words cut deep with a Pisces, so their partners often feel like they’re walking on eggshells.

Pisces also overthink everything. They make decisions based on what their heart tells them to do instead of logic. This brings us to the next point.

6. Illogical

It’s almost as if Pisces isn’t capable of logical reasoning. So with them, you may find yourself explaining things multiple times, and they still won’t get it.

Especially if you’re a logical person yourself, Pisces will wear you out. This is because they’re the emotional type. They make decisions with their emotions, so there’s almost no room for logic.

7. They Never Take the Blame

When something bad happens to Pisces, you see them blaming bad luck, fate, or other people. This is because they never take responsibility for their actions. They blame everyone and everything but themselves.

8. Cruel

I know we said Pisces are friendly and humanitarian, but they have a mean side. Their overemotional nature makes them struggle with resolving differences.

You might expect them to forgive easily and move on, but they do the complete opposite. When you hurt them, they abandon all their kindness and embrace their mean side.

9. Two-faced

Pisces has a confusing personality, and most people hate them mostly because they’re hard to understand. It’s like they have multiple personalities, and you never know what they’re capable of doing.

They have traits from all the zodiac signs, and they tend to juggle multiple roles in their life.

10. Lazy

This is due to their tendency to avoid their problems. Their ability to efficiently execute tasks heavily relies on their motivation. So when they don’t feel like it, they simply won’t do it.

They’re also considered emotionally lazy because they don’t usually put in the emotional effort in their relationships.

11. Slow and Indecisive

Pisces struggle to make even the simplest of decisions. They never want to hurt other people, so they tend to be open-minded and carefully consider different aspects of the decision they want to make.

Even after they make the decision, they can pull out at any time because their heart says so. This is why they love to be in relationships where their partner can make decisions for both of them.

12. Care Too Much

Pisces tend to care a little too much and get roped into unnecessary drama as a result. Some say they have a hero complex; they’re drawn to unstable and broken people hoping to lend them a hand.

This trait makes it easy for other people to take advantage of Pisces, and Pisces worry about other people so much so that they never have time for themselves.

Final Thoughts

People hate what they can’t control, and this is probably why most people hate Pisces; they’re spontaneous. You may take advantage of them because they’re trusting and easily influenced. But they’re usually aware of this, and most times, they’re in control.