How To Compliment a Pisces Man (What He Loves To Hear)

How To Compliment A Pisces Man

Pisces men are compassionate and extremely positive. Their emotional and empathetic nature makes them the most sensitive sign of all the signs. But what a Pisces man has in emotions, he lacks in confidence.

That’s why it’s important to know how to compliment a Pisces man because when you make him feel appreciated and heard, he’ll develop a strong feeling of love and respect for you. 

So how do you compliment a Pisces man?

Be sincere and ensure you mean every word you say. Be supportive and acknowledge his accomplishments. Compliment his personality, especially the parts he’s insecure about. Remind him how good he makes you feel and how much you value his presence in your life.

That’s not all, though; we’ve barely scratched the surface. Read on as we give you a thorough guide on complimenting a Pisces man.

5 Ways To Compliment a Pisces Man

5 Ways To Compliment A Pisces Man

Pisces, in general, need all the support they can get, especially from people they care about. They need someone to tell them how important they are and that their kindness is not a waste.

However, Pisces men possess a high level of emotional intelligence and can easily detect any hint of fakeness in a person’s actions.

And if there’s one thing a Pisces man hates, it’s being told a lie or being deceived. This can lead to serious problems or even worse. That’s why it’s important to know how to give them the right compliment.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry much; here are five ways you can go about it.

Be Sincere

To a Pisces man, emotions are everything. They value real emotions and strive to create deep connections with everybody in their life.

If you want to compliment a Pisces man, you’ll have to do well to respect his love for genuineness.

As we’ve said, never lie to a Pisces man. Even if your goal is to make him happy, don’t do it.

Trust is one of the foundations of every Pisces man relationship, and something as tiny as a fake compliment can shake it. Pisces men are emotional overthinkers, and you’ll have them questioning the entire time they’ve spent with you.

So don’t compliment on things you don’t want to or claim to like something of his that irritates you. Pisces men are very good companions, and there are surely dozens of things about them that you’ll like.

For example, you can compliment him on his kindness and caring nature; he’ll appreciate you more.

Try not to overdo things or overly impress. Keep it simple; if you have nothing to say, silence is better.

Acknowledge His Accomplishments

Pisces men are not very confident. They second guess a lot, especially themselves. Even after they’ve achieved something significant, their inner voice screams that they don’t deserve it.

If you want to compliment a Pisces man, tell him how significant his accomplishments are and give him lots of credit for getting there.

Pisces men are very humble and hate to show off. You’ll have to poke into his life before you can see his achievements because, most times, they’ll hardly say a word about it.

Once you’ve found this achievement or milestone, tell him how much you appreciate his efforts and congratulate him on the success. Tell him that he completely deserves everything he’s achieved and that they’re a product of his hard work.

A Pisces man will appreciate that you took out time to learn about his achievements and compliment him. They’ll bore a great deal of respect for you and the words you say.

Compliment His Personality

A Pisces man doesn’t only want to hear about your thoughts on his appearance; he wants to know what you think of him as a person.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compliment him when he gets a new haircut or shirt or smells nice; it only means that a Pisces man will value compliments about his personality more.

Pisces men are low on confidence and self-belief. They are never really sure if they’re doing enough or too much, and that’s why they need someone to remind them of their importance.

Luckily, Pisces men have some of the best personality traits in the zodiac, and you should have no problem finding something nice to say about him.

Furthermore, try making these compliments specific to him. Tell him how much you appreciate his kindness and cite an example of him being kind to you.

If you’re really close to a Pisces man, there are things about him that only you would know. Complimenting him on these peculiar things will send a clear message that you see his efforts and care.

Tell Him How You Feel

The best thing you can ever tell a Pisces man is how happy you feel around him. Pisceans always try to make people feel good, and if you can constantly remind him that that’s precisely what he’s doing, he’ll be very grateful.

Sit him down occasionally and tell him how you feel and how much you value him. This is important because Pisces men tend to downplay their importance in people’s lives.

They spend quality time making sure everyone is okay, but in the end, they feel like they aren’t doing enough or simply doing too much.

Editor’s Comments

If it’s the way he holds you when you’re down or the jokes he tells to make you laugh, show him appreciation. You’ll be doing his confidence a world of good.

The Bottom Line

Complimenting a person is a decent way to make them feel good about themselves. You can make a person’s day with just a tiny bit of compliment.

This is especially true for Pisces men who steadily wallow in self-doubt and low confidence. Complimenting them will not only boost their confidence but also increase the love and respect they have for you.

If you want to compliment a Pisces man, be sincere, and the words you say should come from a place of truth. Remember, to a Pisces man, zero compliments are better than a fake one.

Also, support him and congratulate him on his accomplishments. Compliment his personality and constantly tell him how happy he makes you feel.