How To Talk to a Leo Woman (All You Need To Know)

How To Talk To A Leo Woman

Leos have two major sides, which might heavily influence people’s opinion of them. They are fun-loving people who always look to infect everyone around them with their positive energy. Sometimes, they might also come off as braggadocios.

In reality, Leo women are not usually the proud and arrogant type, but they are always willing to share their wins with anyone ready to listen. As such, they are termed as being egotistical. These factors affect how people tend to relate to Leo women.

Possibly, you have found yourself liking a woman born under the Leo sign, and the only question that has been ringing in your head ever since is how do you talk to a Leo woman?

Leo women are impressed by people who have sufficient confidence in themselves. As such, you must be assertive when talking to a Leo woman. It will also help if you give her enough room to talk about herself, as Leo women are known for always wanting to share their accomplishments.

This article will give you in-depth knowledge of the tricks you can use when you want to talk to a Leo woman.

Tricks You Can Use To Talk to a Leo Woman

When talking to a woman, it is imperative to take enough precautions if you don’t want to risk using the wrong approach for someone you like.

One of the most critical factors you need to know is that what worked for your ex or the last date you had might not work for the next woman you will be meeting.

Thanks to astrology, you can now get a glimpse of ideas on how you can approach different women just by knowing their Zodiac sign.

If the woman you are trying to impress is a Leo woman, you can use any of these strategies as a guide whenever you want to have a conversation with her.

1. Let Her Lead the Conversation

Let Her Lead The Conversation

Leos are generally known for wanting to be the center of attraction in every setting. Being on a date wouldn’t be any different for them, and as such, a Leo woman might prefer to be the one who determines the course of the conversation, albeit subconsciously.

When this happens, it will help if you tactically lay aside and allow her to lead the conversation. If you try to drag this with her, she might quickly lose interest in whatever you are trying to talk about and, consequently, lose interest in you.

However, while you intentionally let her captain the ship of the discussion, don’t make the mistake of letting her think of your action as a sign of weakness and timidity. A Leo woman would never want anything to do with you if you have low self-esteem.

Furthermore, it will help if you can take your time to study her expression and tones when she is anchoring the discussion. That way, you can easily pick up the things she likes to talk about and probably the activities that excite her. This information will be handy when you eventually start dating her. 

2. Be Assertive

Be Assertive

One of the qualities that a Leo woman will first notice about a man is his confidence level. If it falls below par, you wouldn’t even have the time to convince her further about other aspects. Hence, it is essential to get it right when you want to talk to her.

As much as Leo women are warm and welcoming to everyone, they have this instinct that makes them want to be in charge of everything every time. If you are not assertive enough, you may not be comfortable being with a Leo woman.

Occasionally, they like being challenged by their partners, and they can easily deduce if you are capable of giving them such a challenge right from their first conversation with you.

There is a way you would conduct yourself while talking to a Leo woman that would make her feel that aura of confidence flowing through you. Doing this will leave a positive and lasting impression on the Leo woman, and she will look forward to having subsequent conversations with you.

3. Make Her Comfortable Around You

Make Her Comfortable Around You

A common misconception about Leo women is that they are tough and solidly brewed. Although they position themselves to be seen in this light by taking up daring activities head-on and boasting about them relentlessly, beneath all the made-up hard surface lies a sensitive soul.

They may fail to show it, but certain situations can make a Leo woman feel uncomfortable around you, and when this happens, she will zero the chances of having another meeting with you.

Thus, it is of utmost importance that you make her as comfortable around you as possible.

You can ensure that you keep the conversation comfortable for her by choosing your words and topics carefully. Pay attention to her reaction when you talk about certain things.

As soon as you notice she is becoming uncomfortable talking about any particular subject, it will help if you change to another topic or suggest that she take over the conversation altogether.


Due to some misconceptions, many people tend always to make some mistakes when they are getting to have conversations with someone they have recently just met. While some use cliches and stereotyping to classify women, others make the mistake of being complacent.

The most common mistake that occurs when people try to talk to a Leo woman is that they get overwhelmed by the woman’s attitude and achievements.

While a Leo woman may be highly vocal about her accomplishments, she certainly doesn’t want anyone to be overwhelmed by them. On the contrary, she is probably sharing it to encourage you to achieve your goals.

The first and most important trick to learn about talking to a Leo woman is to be assertive and refuse to show that her demeanor and accomplishments make you feel less.

Be proud and confident in yourself but at the same time, ensure that she feels comfortable around you.