Why a Capricorn Man Keeps Coming Back To You

Why Does Capricorn Man Keep Coming Back?

It takes a lot before a Capricorn man will agree to commit to a relationship and even more time to opt-out of a committed relationship.

Before a Capricorn man decides that the best move to make is to leave a relationship, then it must be that the situation is beyond repair.

Another thing that Capricorns find challenging is going back to a failed relationship, mainly because they must have exhausted their patience and efforts on that relationship before quitting.

Hence, there is never any reason to go back into it. However, there are sometimes exceptions that could make them come back to you after breaking up with you.

So, why does a Capricorn man keep coming back?

One primary reason a Capricorn man could keep coming back to you is if you already have a kid for him. A Capricorn man could also keep coming back if they have made many plans with you, and when these plans begin to manifest without you, it does not give them any sense of fulfillment.

This article will explain why a Capricorn man might keep coming back to you after a breakup.

Why a Capricorn Man Keeps Coming Back To You

Reasons That Could Make A Capricorn Man Keep Coming Back

Of all zodiac signs, Capricorn men are the most stoic. When they deeply love you, they will do everything within their means to ensure their relationship with you works out. Capricorn men are mostly always calm and collected but also very ambitious.

They are not the type that will make decisions based on impulse or without considering the pros and cons of the outcome of that decision will be.

If a Capricorn man keeps coming back to you after initially taking an exit from the relationship, then there must be some explanation, some of which are listed as follows.

Sense of Obligation

Capricorn men don’t joke with the concept of family obligation. Once there is the possibility of a kid being involved in your relationship with a Capricorn man, he would find it extremely hard to leave you no matter what.

If the kid were already in the picture, the Capricorn man would never have left in the first place.

However, if the deed has been done before he realizes you are pregnant with his kid, the Capricorn man will always attempt to come back to assume responsibility for his kid.

No matter how bad the situation between you and a Capricorn man is, the moment a child enters into the conversation, he would gladly reevaluate his stance and make more efforts to sort out the situation with you.

When this happens, if you are unwilling to get back with him, it will be better for you to discuss parenting rights and access with him because he will not back down.

He Finds It Hard To See a Life Without You

Despite being the type that analyses situations extensively before taking action, a Capricorn man might realize that he still loves you after breaking up with you.

This reality will probably dawn on him when he starts to live the life he planned for both of you, and he sees that doing it without you makes him feel unfulfilled.

Capricorn men’s ambitiousness reflects in even their relationships and family. They always conceive how they want their family to turn out and will stop at nothing until they achieve this.

Breaking up with you was probably never in the plan, and readjusting might be difficult if he still loves you.

If this Capricorn man believes that there is a minimal chance that getting back with you is possible, he will take the risk and keep coming back until he achieves his goal and live the life he has planned together with you.

However, don’t always stake on this because if the situation is too messy, a Capricorn man will find peace in his reality and conceive a new life for himself.

He Is Lonely

This possibility may be rare but plausible because Capricorn men are known for being the independent type.

However, sometimes, when they have built their whole life around their partner, they may find it extremely difficult to cope without them.

Breaking up with someone they have known for years is not a trivial thing, especially if this partner has been their only friend and confidant for all those years.

Generally, it will be hard for anyone to cope with a situation like this unless they have a sound support system they can fall back on.

In the absence of this, he will most likely find himself wallowing in a state of loneliness, and this could consequently cause him to go back to his ex.

When a Capricorn man becomes incredibly lonely after a breakup, he might swallow all his pride and return to you for restitution.

His Family Wants You

This likelihood is the most viable one on the list because, as stated earlier, Capricorn men hold their families in high esteem and will always strive to please them.

If a Capricorn man had introduced you to his family and they had taken a liking to you before your separation from him, he may find it challenging to bring them to accept the situation.

When this happens, and the Capricorn man has failed in all his attempts to appease his family, the next step he will take is to come back to you.

His family’s opinion sometimes outweighs his own. As such, when you see that a Capricorn man keeps coming back, it is probably because his family keeps telling him to fix things with you.


There are various reasons that could make a Capricorn man keep coming back to you after a breakup, but the most likely options are that he has an obligation to you, he doesn’t see himself living the life of his dream without you, or maybe he is too lonely.

Another possibility could be that his family has compelled him to get back together with you.