How To Text a Leo Man (The Ultimate Texting Guide)

How To Text A Leo Man

So, you want to know how to text a Leo man? Then, you have come to the right place. Leo men, represented by the lion as their zodiac symbol, have similar characteristics to the king of the jungle.

What does that have to do with texting your Leo man? It is necessary because you need to understand their characteristics to know when to change the approach you text them.

People with Leo as their zodiac sign have warm, bright, brave, caring, and, most significant of all, a protective personalities. The last characteristic works both ways for these zodiacs, meaning positive and negative.

But the best thing of all, Leo men are loyal and can set their pride aside to help you. So, if you find yourself getting engrossed by these captivating traits of a Leo man and want to grab his attention, texting is the starter pack you have.

So, how to text a Leo man?

Initiate the conversation, but let him be the one to play the chase and text you first. Keep him hooked by boosting his ego with compliments, be flirty with teasing remarks, be open and confident, show off your sexy side, and be his support.

Here, we will share some vital information on how each of these points affects the behavior of your Leo man, so continue reading to know more.

How To Text a Leo Man

How To Text A Leo Man

Leo men are known for their fiery passion, boldness, and desire for attention. If you’ve caught the eye of a Leo man, it’s important to know how to text him in a way that will keep his interest piqued.

Here are some tips on how to text a Leo man.

1. Initiate but Let Him Play the Chase

As the king of the jungle represents the sign, when you get to know your Leo man, he will want to play the chase instead of being chased.

So, to grab his attention and let him play the chase, you have to initiate the conversation. It can be a simple greeting or your thoughts about him. Show your Leo man how often you think of him and are interested in him. It will get him geared up to chase you.

He will text you first, and you should let him be the one to strike up the conversation. It will make him feel in control, which is a good sign, as they fall under the most controlling zodiac signs category.

Also, be mindful that you are letting your Leo man have the last text when ending the discussion to keep him interested in playing the chase.

Another thing to remember is the irregularity in Leo man’s texting, so if he doesn’t text back anytime soon, repeat the steps from scratch. Let your Leo man know you care for him and he is the sole focus of your attention.

2. Flattery Is the Brightest Bulb in Your Arsenal

You can never go wrong when flattering a Leo man via texting or in person. You can be as clear as day, but your Leo man won’t mind. People with this zodiac sign thrive on compliments.

So, you can compliment them, but ensure you are honest about it. Flattering your Leo man isn’t a turn-off for him, but on the other hand, people with Leo as their zodiac sign feel more attracted to people who compliment them and find them likable.

Conversely, if your flattery isn’t authentic and is done just for playing around, your Leo man can shift gear pretty quickly. The underlying reason is that these zodiac signs may not seem like it, but they are among the most sensitive ones.

3. Openly Flirt and Tease Him

A Leo man may come across as a stern type who can’t take a joke due to their proud personality, but it couldn’t be far off. Your Leo man will enjoy your humor and try to entertain you from his side too.

Remember to keep the joking on a lighter note and not to divulge into a mocking one.

Also, you can flirt with a bit more suggestive text. It can kill two birds with one stone, i.e., you can guess if your Leo man is interested in you and heighten his interest in you.

So, you can be open about flirting. It doesn’t have to be constrained; you can tease your Leo man about almost anything if it’s okay with you, as he won’t put a constraint on his flirty texts.

To add more spice to this, you can show off your outfits, i.e., your confident and bold look, by sending a picture to your Leo man. You can send more revealing photos if you desire and are okay with it because Leos fall in the category of most sexual zodiac signs.

4. Be Open and Confident

You need to be crystal clear about your feelings and never beat around the bush if asked by your Leo man. Although he likes to play the chase, playing mind games isn’t your Leo man’s thing.

He will give up pursuing you if he isn’t sure of your feelings, so be open about your feelings for your Leo man.

While Leo men love to be the ones to chase their partners, like their star symbol, a lion can be the king of the jungle, but he can never win against the lioness. So, show your confident side in your texts and lead the relationship instead of letting your Leo man dictate its direction.

People with Leo as their zodiac sign can be manipulating and bossy.

5. Be the Support He Needs

You can connect emotionally with your Leo man by being the support he needs, i.e., be his confidante, share his joy and sadness with him, lend him a shoulder to lean on, and show your support by cheering him on in any new endeavor.

But you don’t have to go above and beyond in this case. Your Leo man will appreciate you giving him some space over bombarding him with texts that you are there for him.

Editor’s Note

Leo men love to get involved in a deep conversation regardless of the topic. So, engage them in talks by texting about varying issues and try to share a similar viewpoint.


So, to attract the attention of a Leo man using texts, you need to take the initiative to get the ball rolling. Once that’s out of the way, your next step is playing hard to get, meaning letting your Leo man play the chase.

Also, compliment him often, flirt with him and be open about it, show off your confident self, and support your Leo man in his decisions and wherever he needs your help, and that’s all.