How To Text a Scorpio Woman (The Ultimate Guide)

How To Text A Scorpio Woman

Some people avoid Scorpio women because of their fiery and overtly sexual attitude. These attributes sometimes overwhelm people, and instead of finding the proper way to approach these women, they tend to steer clear altogether.

If you are the type that doesn’t get intimated by people, you have no cause to worry when you have your eyes set on a Scorpio woman. The first thing you need to understand is that underneath their fierceness lies an emotional woman who craves to be loved.

Furthermore, your approach helps determine how easy it is to get a Scorpio woman’s attention and eventually win her heart. If you have to go for the option of texting her, there are some fundamental tips you may need to follow. Else you might risk making a mess of everything.

The big question now is, how do you text a Scorpio woman?

Knowing fully well that Scorpio women are bold and audacious, the best and first approach you can use to get her attention through text is being assertive. The message should be short and straightforward, but it should be good enough to show her that you are a confident person.

This article is just the right one you need if you are looking for ways you can text a Scorpio woman.

5 Tips You Can Use When Texting a Scorpio Woman

5 Tips You Can Use When Texting A Scorpio Woman

As much as being yourself is advisable when communicating with women through whatever means, it is also important to note that people are different. You might consider some things to be alright to discuss with people, while others may consider such as turn-offs.

Rather than risk losing connection with someone you like because you do not know how to communicate with them, you can take advantage of the opportunity that Zodiac presents in helping to streamline people’s preferences based on their signs.

If you want to communicate with a Scorpio woman through text, you can engage in one or more of the following tips.

1. Be Bold

While some women may not be big on having a bold man as their partner, Scorpio women consider it one of the top prerequisites for the men in their lives. As such, you must be confident from the first text you send her.

Ensure that the text carries a bold tone that will communicate to her that you are not just some random weak guy trying to waste her time. The saying about first impressions lasting longer is literal for Scorpio women, so you should make sure her first impression of you is compelling.

However, it will also help if you are careful not to cross the thin line between being self-confident and rude. You are looking to impress the Scorpion woman with your text, not to piss her off. So, keep the tone courageous but also in check. 

2. Go Straight to the Point

Another thing a Scorpio woman may not condone is having someone waste her time. Time is of utmost importance to them, and they expect everyone to respect them by not exhausting their time over inconsequential things.

When you get a Scorpio woman’s number and want to initiate a conversation with her through text, your best bet will be to declare your intentions from the very beginning. If you make the mistake of trying to exchange pleasantries first, you might not be lucky to get replies from her.

As such, it will help you send her a greeting message and immediately follow it up with your purpose of texting her. The aim is to keep the introduction text short and simple but let it contain all the necessary information to give her an idea of what you want from her.

3. Keep Everything Real

Dishonesty is one of Scorpio women’s biggest pet peeves. They can’t stand when someone is not genuine about their actions or words. The moment they start to doubt your genuineness, their interest in you will start dwindling.

It gets worse when their honesty radar picks some form of dishonesty in your statements. For this reason, you must eradicate any form of discrepancies in whatever you tell a Scorpio woman. Make sure you only text them the truth because there is a high possibility that they will find out if you lie to them.

This honesty policy also applies to the kind of compliments you give them. While Scorpio women appreciate being given compliments, they prefer when it is genuine and not just an avenue for you to flatter them.

4. Be Mysterious

It is advisable to let out all your intention to a Scorpio woman when texting her, but it is also recommended that you don’t give out every last information about yourself. Let her strive to unravel some things about you, as that will intensify her interest in you.

Create an aura of mystery that would make her intrigued about your persona. Most Scorpio women also don’t like to share everything about themselves. By holding back on specific information, you can match her mysterious gimmicks.  

5. Be Flirty

Generally, Scorpio women have a sexual attitude that is obvious to notice, but their fierceness hinders people from trying to capitalize on this and flirt with them. Scorpio women don’t mind when men flirt with them because they see that as a sign of the man’s confidence.

However, it will help if you are cautious enough to notice her reaction whenever you flirt with her while texting. Although it may be challenging to understand her true countenance because you won’t be seeing her physically while texting, it is still possible to decipher this from how she replies.

If she responds to your flirty text with more flirty text, you can go on and flirt with her more.


Many people may disagree with learning how to talk to a woman because they consider themselves experts at it. However, it is essential to understand that talking to different women requires different procedures.

If you intend to text a Scorpio woman, the first step you need to take is to make her know that you are highly confident. Keeping the conversation simple and short when texting a Scorpio woman is also a critical tip.