How To Text a Pisces Woman (9 Tips To Get Her Attention)

How To Text A Pisces Woman

Pisces is one of the most romantic zodiac signs. They love fantasy, art, and romance. Sending bland texts just isn’t going to make her attracted to you. A Pisces woman also likes mystery because she’s mysterious.

Pisces is one of the most emotional moon signs. They are very sensitive as they process things on a deep level. Additionally, they have a creative side and are extremely intuitive.

So how should you text a Pisces woman?

When texting a Pisces woman, be the one to start the conversation and be open about your feelings. She values emotional discussions, so instead of being pushy, try to be soft and sweet.

Here’s a breakdown of the qualities you need to woo a Pisces woman over text.

9 Tips for Texting a Pisces Woman

9 Tips For Texting A Pisces Woman

If you’re interested in a Pisces Woman, then you know she is a special woman who requires a unique approach.

She’s an emotional and sensitive soul, so if you want to make her feel truly understood and appreciated via text message, it pays to put some thought into your conversations.

1. Start the Conversation

Pisces are often doubtful, so they may not text first because they’re not sure you’re interested. Take the lead by texting first to assure her you’re interested.

Don’t think too much about your first text. It’s totally fine to ask about her day or how she’s doing.

You might also discover that she cherishes face-to-face interactions, so use texts to set up dates. She’s already a shy person, so be the confident person in the relationship.

2. Show Genuine Interest in Her

The fastest way to make a Pisces woman fall for you is to genuinely express your feelings for her. Yes, texting isn’t usually the right way to connect with someone, but it’s not that hard.

Pisces women are intuitive, so they easily catch signals. They’ll know if you’re not interested in them in a short time.

You can show her you’re really into her and the conversation by replying quickly and thoughtfully. One-sentence messages will make it seem like the conversation is forced.

If she asks how your day was, send the essay, and she’ll read it and send hers. Before texting, though, find out her interests, so you don’t run out of things to discuss.

Maybe she likes reading novels or going to the gym. Do your research on her hobbies so you can converse meaningfully with her.

3. Compliment Her

Pisces women want to feel loved and appreciated, so no compliment is too small or meaningless. When giving compliments, don’t say cheesy things like “nice shoes today.” Since she’s intuitive, she’ll know what you’re trying to do, and she may even get irritated.

Go in-depth when giving compliments, so it sounds genuine. Show her that you’re noticing the nitty-gritty parts of her. Just try not to objectify her in the process.

4. Don’t Lie to Her

Pisces women remember even the tiniest of details, so you’d be wasting your time if you think you can get away with lying to her.

You may think, sure, a little white lie about your hobbies and interests can’t hurt anyone, but down the line, she’ll notice the lies you told her, and it’ll pull her further away from you.

This will then make her have issues trusting you, and it can even wreck the relationship. Be your most authentic self in front of her, and she’ll love you for that. If you don’t surf, there’s no reason to say you do.

But who doesn’t lie over text? You may ask. Don’t forget she has a super retentive memory, so tread carefully.

5. Text Romantically and Charmingly

Don’t be scared to express yourself when texting a Pisces woman, she appreciates it. Send that long, thoughtful text, and she’ll read it with a big smile on her face. Poems might seem cheesy, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

If you’re listening to a song you think she’ll like, you can send it to her. She also wants constant reassurance of your love for her, so don’t be scared to send “I love you” texts. But don’t say it like that.

Add some spice to make it heartfelt. “I love you to the moon and back,” “You take my breath away,” “kiss me under the light of a thousand stars,” etc.

Pro Tip

Listen to Ed Sheeran for inspiration. ;)

6. Be Funny

Puns, intelligent humor, and lame jokes are highly appreciated by Pisces women. Make her laugh, even if it’s over text. If you love memes, then great. That’s a nice way to start getting flirty with her.

Don’t worry about sounding dumb or intelligent, a Pisces woman will match your energy. GIFs and those YouTube videos you find funny will also go a long way.

7. Encourage Her

Don’t be that person who says some dreams are too big to be accomplished because Pisces women dream often. Over text, you might find her talking about things she imagines, experiences she’d like to have, and places she wants to visit. Encourage her and even share your dreams as well.

Dreaming together will establish a strong bond between you both, and she’ll feel more comfortable opening up to you.

8. Reply Quickly

This is an unspoken rule of texting a Pisces woman. To make her more attracted to you, be there for her at all times. Listen to her drone on about how good or bad her day was, chip in your meaningful opinions, and let the banter flow.

A Pisces woman will swiftly lose interest if you’re the kind that takes hours to reply. If you’re busy, you can text her that you’re not available at the moment, and you’ll text her later. But don’t ignore her texts.

If you think you can play hard to get and make her miss you, think again. Pisces women love attention, so if you’re not giving them enough time, they’ll assume you’re not interested in them and return the energy.

9. Be Unpredictable

Pisces women love adventure and surprises. You can text her to meet you somewhere for a date or buy her unexpected gifts. They live for the thrill.

Road trips, movie dates, or even a walk in the park mean a lot to her, and she’ll appreciate you more.


When texting a Pisces woman, really listen to her. Respond quickly and appropriately. Throw in some compliments, encourage her ambitions and be unpredictable.

If you check all the boxes, you both will develop a genuine connection.