How To Tell if a Virgo Man Likes You (Common Hints)

How To Tell If A Virgo Man Likes You

Attractions are parts of our lives as they can become the beginning of a great friendship or relationship.

Before taking steps towards beginning a friendship or relationship, it is normal for us to look for proof or confirmation that the other person has mutual feelings towards us without directly asking them.

Everyone has a unique way of expressing their feelings for folks they like. If you find a Virgo man attractive or recently met one, you might want to know how to tell if that Virgo man likes you.

You can easily tell if a Virgo man likes you from the way he acts whenever he is around you. He will be extremely shy around you, but this will not hinder him from constantly extending a helping hand towards you, as that is another tip that a Virgo man will exhibit when he likes you.

You will find this article helpful if you are interested in discovering how to tell if a Virgo man likes you or not.

Common Hints That a Virgo Man Likes You

Despite being difficult to figure out, a Virgo man still leaves clues that show they are interested in someone. This zodiac sign has a love language that does not include an emotional declaration or affirmations but acts of service.

Below are some actions a Virgo man may take if he likes you or is into you.

He Is Shy Around You

He Is Shy Around You

Virgos may avoid eye contact, get awkward touching you, and seem self-conscious or timid around you.

Virgo men are earth signs; thus, Virgo men are naturally grounded, competent, and relaxed. Sometimes, they can also be nervous, high-strung, and lack confidence. A Virgo man can be shy when involved in a relatively new relationship.

Virgos are perfectionists, hate coming out off the wrong foot, and will be nervous about doing things the right way if he is into you.

His body language will give his intentions away, and you can also probe by easing him to open up to you because he feels restricted when around you.

He Hints That He Likes You

He Hints That He Likes You

The eyes of a Virgo man also give away his feelings and thoughts about you. He is incapable of keeping his gaze off you.

The longer he keeps his eyes on you, the higher the level of attraction he has for you. He gives up his focused attention to you with a gaze that is usually a tender one and attentive affection.

Naturally, it is normal for a Virgo man to be direct and waste no time making his first move and asking you out. Other Virgo men are also known to tread cautiously while sending an indirect hint about romantically assessing you.

Also, if he is really into you, he will be bold about his comments on his thoughts and feelings about you. Some other hints include him carrying out acts of service alongside romantic gestures.

He Intently Studies You

He Intently Studies You

One of the common signs Virgo men giveaway when they like someone is when they begin to analyze everything about you intently.

A good metaphor would be a new insect discovered by a curious kid with a magnifying glass. That is how intently he studies you once he likes you.

He gathers every little significant fact/detail required for the romantic relationship ahead.

Virgos are intentional about anything they seek to do, and romantic relationships are one of the many things that matter to them. Their reality comes from their perceptions, ranging from checking you out across the room to locking eyes with you as you walk down the hall.

They may gaze at you for a while while they continue to gather details about you. He does all these to determine what he is signing up for before committing to a long-term relationship.

He may come off curious on the first meet if he likes you. Questions such as what brings you here? Where are you from? What’s the day’s plan? Comment on your clothing or fashion accessories.

His observant side will be the one you meet. While communicating, he keeps his gaze fixated on you while he analyses your every move, mannerism, tone, body language, and response to different stimuli.

He is locked in and is all about getting every piece of information about you.

A sure-fire giveaway to him liking you is when he goes about making inquiries about your problems and proceeds to help you fix them.

He is a natural fixer and will look to your family dynamics, past experiences, and inner workings or thought processes.

He Offers a Helping Hand

He Offers A Helping Hand

The love language of a Virgo man is the act of service. He prefers to act to prove his love or affections for you, rather than emotional declarations or affirmations that make him uncomfortable.

He will elbow his way into your life by being useful through his acts of service. He begins to play a role as the indispensable, highly involved friend in your life, a deliberate position to show his affections for you.

He gives you all his support whenever you need it; so long as you are a damsel in distress, he will indulge himself in solving your problems or issues.

From errands to light home repairs (bulb change, switch change, etc.), or watering your plants and pet sitting while you are away on a work trip, hospital, or vacation. These are pure indications that he cares about and likes you.

A Virgo man is intentional about his schedule, routines, and how they spend their time.

A big hint is noticing him being physically around you more often and trying to make efforts to spend time with you. He has prioritized you in his life, and you have all of his focused attention.


The tips above are more than enough to confirm if a Virgo man likes you. His intentions are all in his actions towards you; he always tries to be around you and supports solving your problems.

A Virgo man has no control over hiding how he feels about you without physically showing it.